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PSY 202 Lecture: Substance Abuse

by: Julia Gladding

PSY 202 Lecture: Substance Abuse 5094

Marketplace > California State Polytechnic University > Psychlogy > 5094 > PSY 202 Lecture Substance Abuse
Julia Gladding
Cal Poly
GPA 3.9
PSY 202 - General Psychology
Ryujin, Laver

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About this Document

Notes on Dr. Robert's lecture. Contains all the information you need to know for the test.
PSY 202 - General Psychology
Ryujin, Laver
One Day of Notes
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This 5 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Julia Gladding on Monday December 15, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 5094 at California State Polytechnic University taught by Ryujin, Laver in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 173 views. For similar materials see PSY 202 - General Psychology in Psychlogy at California State Polytechnic University.


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Date Created: 12/15/14
Wednesday November 19 2014 PSY 202 Week 9 Wednesday Lecture Addictive Behaviors at Cal Poly Dr Hannah Roberts I The Addiction Continuum lnctuslng tummy and maquoncy ol drinking gt with tiara 5 uoammomouau mueoununnu Primatypnvnnlioa Foclihhd 5 nidmductlun ms 21 y A How is the substance affecting the person s life B Use the addiction continuum 1 Abstinence 71 a 25 at Cal Poly do not drink 2 Risk drinking 21 a Binge drinking 4 or more drinks in a setting for women 5 or more drinks in a setting for men Wednesday November 19 2014 1 Why are there gender differences Bodies are made up a little bit differently women tend to have more fat men more muscle b Across the nation college students tend to drink in a more high risk way Harmful drinking abuse 5 Dependent drinking 3 Chronic dependence body is so familiar used to the substance body is dependent on the substance 1 C Risky drinking 1 2 Frequency of drinking Motivators reasons for drinking a Coping mechanism b Using to go to sleep could turn into dependence c Peer pressure d Perception younger individuals tend to believe everyone else is using and everyone else is drinking more than they are e Expectancy substance use is going to something for me 1 Social facilitator 2 Helps us relax 3 Alcohol helping you sleep 4 Sex makes it easier to make it happen D Diagnosing Harmful Drinking 1 How many consequences you re having using despite consequences dependence Blacking out Throwing up is the body s first response when its trying to get back to a nontoxic level a Peope s body gets used to the level of toxicity Wednesday November 19 2014 Parts of the brain shut down lose balance coordination judgement decision making Shuts off memory center to conserve energy gt blacks out Shuts off respiratory system or heart Cal Poly Specific Alcohol Data A Binge Drinking 1 2 One or more times in the past two weeks 4382 Three or more times in the past two weeks 1368 B Drunk Driving 1 2 Driving after binge drinking 324 Riding with a driver who has high or drunk 1121 C Number of students choosing not to drink 1576 D 974 of Cal Poly students HAVE NEVER consumed alcohol E Cal Poly Specific Other Drug Data 1 2 3 4 Marijuana 2571 Water Pipe 1062 Cigarettes 1036 Psychostimulants 840 a ADHD medication b Increase stress hormones to the point that they can focus c If a person doesn t have ADHD but takes psychostimulants increases stress levels 1 Messes with appetite 2 Interrupt sleep cycle 3 Increases irritability Cocaine 220 Wednesday November 19 2014 a Stimulant F Effects of depressants alcoholmarijuana 1 Sluggish 2 Sleepy a Use to fall asleep but impairs seep wake cycle lll Cal Poly Alcohol Effects Have a hangover symptom of dehydration 5561 Forget where you were or what you did blackout 2798 Do something you later regretted 2677 A B C D Get behind in schoolwork 2124 E Argue with friends 1412 F Engage in unplanned sexual activity 1515 G Miss class 856 H Not use protection when you had sex 737 I Damage property 522 J Got in trouble with the campus or local police 207 IV Risk Reduction A High Risk 1 Drinking to get drunk 2 Blacking out 3 Continued overdrinking despite negative consequences B Low Risk V Recovery A Inpatient Residential Treatment Wednesday November 19 2014 B Intensive Outpatient Treatment 1 Individual amp Group Counseling often with drug screens C Outpatient Treatment 1 Counseling oncampus off oampus 2 Groups on oampus off oampus D SelfHelp 1 12Step AA NA E Family Support


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