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Comp Concepts & Applicatns Lab

by: Burley Haley

Comp Concepts & Applicatns Lab CMPS 1013

Burley Haley

GPA 3.94

Tina Johnson

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About this Document

Tina Johnson
Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Burley Haley on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMPS 1013 at Midwestern State University taught by Tina Johnson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/223512/cmps-1013-midwestern-state-university in ComputerScienence at Midwestern State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
Discovering Computers 2008 Fundamentals Fourth Edition Chapter 7 Operating Systems and Utility Programs System Software What is system software Programs that Two types are control or maintain operating systems operation of computer and utility programs sometimes called the platform coordinates all activities among computer hardware resources p 250 252 Operating Systems What are the functions of an operating system start the computer provide a user interface manage programs administer security manage memory control a network establiSh an schedule jobs and mon39tor Internet connection configure devices provide file performance management and other utilities p 251 Fig 71 Operating Systems What is a crossplatform application gt Runs identically on multiple operating systems I Operating system that computer uses is sometimes called the platform Application Operating System Operating System Operating System Operating System Platform A Platform B Platform C Platform D p 252 Operating System Functions What is booting gt Process of starting or restarting a computer I Cold boot w39 PHquot l0 6 am as C 61 h Win 1 5w L lti quot at Ema EC arch b 6 en p d quot39quot quotm quotl39 MW 39 Fiat3 nt Items I u 11039 I hIJ allgr 139 wmluvj Corrupt Vt I Warm boot Restarting computer that is powered on Hatam litrmcctTn performs 3 Switch 39Jzzr warm IJOOt Em LG Cr Luck Default program FEEEran All Progrmns Help and 393uppnrl Elccp Shul Dawn puts computer In a low power consunmtlon state p 252 Fig 72 Operating System Functions What is a user interface gt Controls how you enter data and instructions and how information displays on screen gt With a commandline interface a user types commands or presses special keys on the keybOard to enter data and instructions p 253 Fig 73a Operating System Functions What is a graphical user interface GUI gt User interacts with menus and Visual images such as buttons and other graphical objects to issue commands gp 253Fig 73b Operating System Functions What is single user multitasking gt Working on two or more programs that reside in memory at same time I Foreground contains program you are using I Background contains programs that are running but are not in use p 253 254 Fig 74 Operating System Functions What are other program management features of operating systems Enables two or multiprocessing more users to run programs 39 l simultaneously I Can support two a or more processors L running programs at same time I 39 Has duplicate components such as processors memory faulttolerant computer and disk drives Continues to operate when one of its components p 255 fails quot Operating System Functions What is memory management gt Optimizing use of random access memory RAM gt With Virtual memory VM portion of hard disk is allocated to function as RAM p 255 Operating System Functions What is a driver p 256 Program that tells operating system how to communicate with device With operating system automatically configures new devices as you install them Operating System U llty Programs What is a utility program gt System software that perfonns maintenancetype tasks 39 Also called utility gamma Operating System Utility Programs What is a disk defragmenter gt Reorganizes les and unused space on hard disk s0 programs run faster fragmented disk disk after defrag mentation process p 261 Fig 712 gbewaiaim quot stmam J lf w g2 u y What is a screen saver gt Causes monitor s screen to display moving image or blank screen if there is no activity for a speci ed time p 261 Fig 713 StandAlone Operating Systems What is Windows XP gt Fast reliable Windows operating system gt Available in ve editions Home Edition Professional Edition Tablet PC Edition Media Center Edition and Professional 64bit Edition p 262 263 Fig 715 StandAlone Operating Systems What is Windows Vista gt V p 263 Fig 716 Successor to Windows XP containing a new interface and new enhanced features Available in several editions grouped into Home and Business categories StandAlone Operating Systems What is Mac OS X gt Available only for computers manufactured by Apple gt Macintosh operating system has been model for most GUIs p 264 Fig 717 StandAlone Operating Systems What is UNIX gt Used by power users because of its exibility and power m r M gt Most versions offer GUI gt Available for computers of all sizes p 264 Fig 718 StandAlone Operating Systems What is Linux gt Popular free multitasking UNIXtype operating system Opensource software code is available to public Both a standalone and a network operating system 7 7 Red Hat provides a version of39Linux called Red Hat EnterpriseLinux p 265 Fig 719 Embedded Operating Systems What is an embedded operating system gt Found on most mobile computers PDAs and other small devices gt VVVV p 266 267 Fig 720 Windows CE is scaleddown version of Windows Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Palm OS for Palm Embedded Linux Symbian OS StandAlone Utility Programs What is a Virus gt Potentially damaging computer program gt Affects computer Without user s knowledge An unusual message or image is displayed on the computer screen An unusual sound or music plays randomly The available memory is less than what should be SIGNS OF available VIRUS A program or file suddenly is missing INFECTION An unknown program or file mysteriously appears The size of a file changes without explanation A file becomes corrupted A program or file does not work properly System properties change p 267 Fig 721 StandAlone Utility Programs What is an antivirus program media and incoming les gt Identi es and removes Viruses in memory storage gt Must be updated frequently Qpnn thakmdate QuilmnsV Normquot Pmtecllorl Center Status Norton AmNIrus Stags symamec Norton AntiVirus p 268 Fig 722 StandAlone Utility Programs What is spyware gt Program placed on a computer without the user s knowledge that secretly collects information about the user gt Often enters a computer as a result of a user installing a new program gt A spyware remover is a program that detects and deletes spyware adware and similar programs p 268 StandAlone Utility rogra39ms What is a le compression utility gt Shrinks size of les to free up room and improve perfbrmance gt Compressed les are sometimes call zipped les gt Two popular utilities PKZIP and WinZip 3933 Winlip Pro Examplezip F e Acton Vgtew Jabs Options Help 439 1 1 gr39 37 fa g I l u 6 9 511 v 0 it 91 New Open Favontes Add Exhact Enuypt View Checkout Wizard View Style 11525 11 v1 1E1 a F 2 X Na Type Modi ed Size Ratio Packed 11 Example zip 1Q Folder 6132007 731 PM a Downloads My Documents Folder 121312007 730 3 MY Documems Bubblesbmp amnap Image 312 5 2007 3 30 PM 2 121 135 328 A1Macmhlpkex 103 F115 5102007 12 5s 11955 74 3144 ilpea 5269212111glf GIF Image 2292007 901 AM 31627 1 31 267 Reapes in Rexxpdf Adnbe Acre 1171512007 102 535411 42 312549 ajsalesFleccu39clsxlsquot McrosoftE 921120078155AM 1674240 78 369294 Seiected 0 les 0 bytes Total 20 les 6939K El


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