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IDL Programming for Adv ESCI

by: Cordie Miller

IDL Programming for Adv ESCI ESCI 386

Cordie Miller

GPA 3.65

Alex DeCaria

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About this Document

Alex DeCaria
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cordie Miller on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESCI 386 at Millersville University of Pennsylvania taught by Alex DeCaria in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/223518/esci-386-millersville-university-of-pennsylvania in Earth Sciences at Millersville University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
ESCI 386 IDL Programming for Advanced Earth Sciences Applications Exercise 6 1 Create a procedure called PLANCK that will have the following characteristics I Input arguments A 3element array with the following characteristics I element zero is the minimum wavelength in meters I element one is the maximum wavelength in meters I element two is the number of wavelen hs o A oatingpoint value that represents absolute temperature I Output arguments 0 An array of wavelengths in gm 0 An array of blackbody monochromatic uxes for each wavelength in w Hr2 um l The monochromatic uxes are calculated using Planck s Law shown below where the constants are given by c1 Z hC2 C2 hck h is Plancks constant and k is Boltzmann s constant F C1 i B 15 expc21T 1 If you run your procedure with a minimum and maximum wavelength of 10 10 and 10 3 meters respectively with 20000 wavelengths and a temperature of 300 K and then plot the ux versus wavelength on a logarithmic x axis your result should look like the picture below WM W r r 10quot and 103 metersxespecnvely wnh 20000 Wavelenth points Notes Inyourplot statementmse xrange 0 1 1000 o mayoftempemturessuch osr 100 0 3000 1000 0 60000 and men use o for loop to loop from 1 0 3 possmg T 1 to your procedure each Itemnon The plot statements should be In your mom pxogmm not In your procedure You shouldn t be changmg 0x edmng your procedure at on Pmnck Function m DUK Pmnck Func on for 300K m u 30 Y um r v y 20 E E W5 10 n 01 10 mo 1000 m on 01 10 mo 1000 m on n on Pmnck Function m mow Pmnck Funcuon for 5000K sm m axm mmr i 5x107 v E 4 7 g x soxw zxm n n mo mnn 1000 n n mo mnn 1000 on on ESCI 386 IDL Programming for Advanced ESCI Applications Exercise 8 Linear Equations Dr DeCaria Write a main program that will solve a system of user supplied nonhomogeneous linear equations of up to 20 X 20 and return the solution to the system of equations The program reads the coefficients and right hand side of the equations from a data file The format of the data file for equations of the form a1xb1yclz m1 a2xb2yczz 1112 a3xb3yc3z 1113 is 1 171 01 m1 2 b2 02 m2 3 b3 03 m3 with either commas or spaces delimiting the data fields Notes Display an appropriate error message if the equations are homogenous Display an appropriate error message if the coefficient matrix is singular Program should automatically determine how many equationsunknowns based on the input file The user shouldn t have to specify this Program output should be of the form Variable l XXX Variable 2 XXX Variable 3 XXX


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