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Calculus 1

by: Vernie McCullough
Vernie McCullough

GPA 3.58

Bruce Ikenaga

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About this Document

Bruce Ikenaga
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vernie McCullough on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 161 at Millersville University of Pennsylvania taught by Bruce Ikenaga in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see /class/223529/math-161-millersville-university-of-pennsylvania in Mathematics (M) at Millersville University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
Math 161 671572009 Syllabus Math 161 Summer Session 2 2009 o Assignments marked NOTES Will be handed out in class 0 The homework assignments do not include any of the Writing Exercises or TrueorFalse questions All the problem numbers refer to the problems that begin after the Writing Exercises or TrueorFalse questions 0 Be sure you re doing the right problems7 showing your work7 and doing enough problems to get credit Mistakes in these areas are your responsibility Date June 15 Topics Limits 1 2 Limits 13 Assignment 1 851711715716721731 95157911131523253337394371 20 problems 0 Evaluate the limits on page 95 algebraically7 not graphically or by making tables of numbers Limits 1 3 Continuity 1 4 Limits involving in nity 1 5 Deadline for 1 Tangent lines 211 The derivative 2 Deadline for 2 Computing derivatives 23 Computing derivatives 24 Class Work 1 Deadline for 3 The Chain Rule 215 Trig limits and derivatives 26 Deadline for 4 2 NOTESZ Computing Limits NOTESZ Continuity 25 problems 3 1181737779711713717719727749 141152127313337 16 problems 4 1569721723725727731735 1661757779719723739 14 problems 5 177135791113151729333537 186173757779711713715719721 NOTESZ Problems on Limits and Continuity 34 problems 6 1945791113151719233347 Trig functions 25 problems 23 Log and exponential derivatives 27 2141737779711713715719723727739741 Implicit differentiation 28 NOTESZ Implicit Differentiation 20 problems Deadline for 5 24 Related rates 38 8 324571319232527 NOTESZ Related Rates 12 problems Deadline for 6 25 The Mean Value Theorem 29 23317375717719729737745 Differentials 311 NOTESZ Differentials 15 problems Deadline for 7 26 Review Test 1 Donlt forget your calculatorl 29 Newtonls method 312 10 25217252729314143 o In Problems 257317 you should show all your intermediate zValuesi In Problem 417 you should nd at least one rooti Absolute maxima and minima 312 NOTESZ Absolute maxima and minima 12 problems Deadline for 8 30 Increasing and decreasing 313 11 NOTESZ Increasing and Decreasing ConcaVity 314 NOTESZ ConcaVity 12 problems Deadline for 9 July 1 Curve sketching 315 12 NOTESZ Graphing 6 problems Deadline for 10 o This assignment must be done on the worksheets7 or it won7t be graded 2 Review Test 2 Donlt forget your calculatorl 3 Holiday No Class Maxmin word problems 316 Deadline for 11 Antiderivatives 411 Substitution 416 Deadline for 12 Sums 412 Rectangle sums 413 Deadline for 13 De nite integrals 414 Deadline for 14 Review Test 3 Donlt forget your calculatorl The Fundamental Theorem 45 Area between curves 511 Deadline for 15 Area between curves 511 Inverse Functions Differentiating Logs Deadline for 16 LlHopitalls Rule 312 Exponential growth 7117 7 Deadline for 17 13 31637579715731733 NOTESZ MaxMin Word Problems 11 problems 14 352559113151719232729 40053911315171927 21 problems 15 360135791113151719 NOTESZ Riemann Sums 24 problems 16 NOTESZ De nite lntegrals 380577721723725727729731741747 19 problems 17 39019115171927293547495355 438135711192123 21 problems 18 NOTESZ Area NOTESZ Derivatives of lnverses 194353739 NOTESZ Derivatives of Logs 20 problems 19 NOTESZ L7Hopital7s Rule 58491319 574911131517 18 problems 16 Exponential growth 71 20 57419723725727729731 Inverse trig functions 2 87 411 NOTES Inverse Trig Functions 16 problems Deadline for 18 17 Final Exam Donlt forget your calculatorl Problem Sets 19 and 20 Will not be collected or graded7 but you re responsible for the material on theml 2009 by Bruce lkenaga 4


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