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Public Speaking

by: Miss Amiya Witting

Public Speaking SPT 142

Miss Amiya Witting
Monroe Community College
GPA 3.66

Ilene Benz

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About this Document

Ilene Benz
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Amiya Witting on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPT 142 at Monroe Community College taught by Ilene Benz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/223547/spt-142-monroe-community-college in Speech at Monroe Community College.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
Monroe Community College SPT 142 Public Speaking Speak with Researched Sincerity Speech Objectives O To use vocal variety to convince the audience of your sincerity and conviction re a subject you understand well To persuade an audience to think or act a certain way by documenting specific reasons citing sources To understand the mood and feeling of your audience and use that to meet your objectives To use all the techniques you have learned so far 999 Time 6 7 8 minutes Goal 7 minutes Speaking with sincerity helps to move the audience to think or act in a certain way During this speech you should convince your audience to take your point of view on a topic important to you Do this by conveying your feelings knowledge and ideas with strong conviction fact honesty and passion Use referenced sources to back up your plea Be natural respectful and assertive Choose a subject that has meaning for you Your topic should be something you believe in would appeal to a diverse audience and can be supported by documented research Avoid being too controversial 7 it s most difficult to change attitudes and behaviors toward a controversial point of view through one speech Instead choose something that meets the needs of many 7 something that your particular audience would have interest in and with which they would already be familiar andor easily educated about through your facts and stories Be sure to cite the sources you use to persuade your audience These supportive researched ideas can include facts quotes storiesanecdotes interview material etc Be sure you cite where your material came from by including the source information as part of your speech just prior to sharing the material You should have at least 2 3 credible sources for this speech NOTE Wikipedia is not a credible source Examples O According to Webster s dictionary the term conviction as used here means a strong persuasion or belief Q When preparing for a speech use the same advice management consultant and author of The Pursuit of Wow Tom Peters suggests using to prepare for a business meeting the rule of thumb is one hour afpreparaiianfar every minute afa client meeting O The Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics at pediatricsaappublicationsorg in the 2002 Impact of Mandatory Helmet Legislation on BicycleRelated Head Injuries in Children A PopulationBased Study found that the bicyclerelated head injury rate declined by 45 Where legislation had been adopted Speak with con dence You are familiar with and strongly believe in this topic This will enable you to focus on what you re saying This is critical to changing the attitudes and actions of others You want your enthusiasm and con dence to rub off on your audience Use body language to emphasize major points Show enthusiasm and vitality Use body language to demonstrate your conviction Be sure to focus on your material and eliminate mannerisms that erode credibility Keep any props you use simple visible and supportive of your point of view Often it s what you do sometimes more than what you say that persuades Choose your words carefully Paint vivid word pictures that bring the audience to your point of view Give them something to visually remember through your words Be clear and speci c Without llers that distract from your message Articulate each word and speak clearly with varying vocal variety pace volume pitch to increase interest support your point and ensure your audience can understand each word Be positive Bold statements telling the audience what they should do will stir them to action Criticism and excuses will not be motivating in fact it may push your audience away from your point of view Be con dent respectful and assertive Most of all inspire your audience to act Monroe Community College Ms Ilene Benz Public Speaking SPT 142 Speak with Researched Sincerity Speech Instructor s Feedback Speaker POINTS PRESENTATION CRITERIA amp FEEDBACK l Introduced with credibility statement 1 Audience Address 2 Attention Getting Opening 3 OrganizationSupport Open Body Close transitions amp examples 4 Reference Sources Cited 23 required full referenceproper order 3 Body LanguageHandArmFacial GesturesRoom Use 3 Vocal Variety volume articulation pace 3 Fillers 3 points S 2 2 35 1 68 0 9 2 Call to ActionSo What 3 Timing 3 points 6 8 minutes 2 59 1 410 0 outside 410 range Total Score 25 maximum points


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