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Animal Behavior

by: Michaela Crona

Animal Behavior PSY 390

Michaela Crona
GPA 3.68

William Zingrone

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About this Document

William Zingrone
Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michaela Crona on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 390 at Murray State University taught by William Zingrone in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/223585/psy-390-murray-state-university in Psychlogy at Murray State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
Ch11 Antipredator Behavior Shut up hide run play dead ght back but above all don t get eaten Two forms 0 1 Detection avoidance 2 Encounter behavior Avoidance 1 Blending in becoming cryptic by hiding and camouflage beach mice color variation 0 2 being quiet Gulf toadfish 13 of the dolphins diet reduce their calls only to dolphin hunting sounds 3 Safe habitat nesting away from predators Principles afAnimal Behavior 2nd Ed FIGURE 114 Cuttle sh camouflagl ng Copyright 2009 w w Norton amp Company V Principles ofAnima Behavior 2nd Ed f f toadflsh Copyrigm 2009 W W NononampCompany I Dolphin whistles and pops I Dolphin pops alone 140 I Dolphin whistles alone ISna in shrim o s 3 120 PP g pp P 2 5 100 0 0 T 80 E 5 60 L 40 20 7 0 Before During After playback period playback period playback period Principles ofAnImal Behavior 2nd Ed FIGURE 116 Gulf toadflsh becomes Sllent Copyrigmozoos w w Norton amp Company Encountering Prey Fleeing Most common response Flight initiation distance Size and speed of predator Foraging mating less predator response Distance to refuge Prior experience Principles ofAnimaI Behavior 2nd Ed 119 Fleelng Copyright 2009 W W Norton amp Company Principles ofAnimal Behavior 2nd Ed FIGURE 11 11 Predators that feed on treefrogs Copyrighl 2009w w Nonon amp Company I Clutches under 100 wasp predation I Undisturbed clutches 393 10 5 E E E 1 b0 b0 8 3 1 E 01 m 1 C LE 43 001 I 0001 7 00001 l 4 5 Age days Pr39nc39 les ofAn39m B h 39a2 d Ed FIGURE 1112 Wasp predation and development time CoLyri h1 zoo9NaV NnIampr00rrlpany A B 10 10 U 39U U CL A L U U E E E 05 E 05 5 395 D D O 0 E00 500 39567891011 39567891011 Age days Age days C 10 390 OJ J U s C I 05 5 D E D 00 quot 4 L 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Age days Principles of Animal Behavior 2nd Ed FIGURE 1113 Snake predation and development time Cupyrighl 2009WWNononampCompany Approaching Predators Fish birds mammals Approach boldness inspection Thomson s gazelles lt 10 to gt 500 individuals in herd Approach lions and cheetahs not hyenas and wild dogs short chases vs stamina and coop Approach behavior increase with group size Principles ofAnimaI Behavior 2nd Ed 1 Gazelle antlpredator behaVIor Copyright 2009 w w Norton amp Company gt 10 09 08 07 06 05 Probability of group approaching 04 O 100 200 300 400 500 Gazelle group size Principles oIAnimal Behavior 2nd Ed FIGURE 1116 left Approach behavior in gazelles Copyrighl 2009WWNo10nampCompany Distance cheetah walked before resting m U FIGURE 1116 right Approach behavior in gazelles 4000 3500 o 3000 2500 400 600 Gazelle group size 800 1 000 Principles of Animal Behavior 2nd Ed Cupyrigh1 2009 W W Nonon amp Company light and time of day 1 habitat type and I degree 0f crypSIs am 0f cover 1 hunger and other stress r I 1 a patch quality 39 1 territory and mate defense amount morphological Of food defenses quot distance to refuge I x group PREY physical size D FLIGHT 4 condition DECISIONS ablllty to escape T reproductive state predator speed redator size predatory Size p effects sex directness of attack datort e x age pie W V prey temperature startlngdlstance experience predator Intent predator density number of predators sequential approaches Principles ofAnimal Behavior 2nd Ed FIGURE 1110 Fllght InItIatIon distance Copyright 2009 W W Norton Br Company Feigning Death Tonic immobility most common in insects payin possum Mimic appearance and SMELL of a dead animal 1 Lips drawn back 2 Saliva foams around mouth 3 Foul smelling fluid secreted from anal glands 4 Stiff muscle tone tonic immobility 5 Involuntary physiologic response 6Regain consciousness in minutes or hours gt 30 25 20 15 10 Deathfeigning intensity 5 log 05 FIGURE 1120 top left Selection for death feigning Males Q 39 I Generations Principles ofAnimal Behavior 2nd Ed Copyright 2009 W W Nonon amp Company B Males 6 Long duration line 1 5 Long duration line 2 17 Short duration line 1 3 cu 8 4 Short duration line 2 3 J9 gt E 3 ov quot gr 2 o LL Q 1 o Q 3ho h gh 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Generations Principles of Animal Behavior 2nd Ed FIGURE 1120 top rlghl Selection for death felgnlng Copy ght 2009W w Norton ampCompany Signaling Toxic monarch butterflies and coloring 0 Tail flagging white tailed deer Snorting Warning conspecifics Notifying the predator of health fleeing awareness Principles ofAnimal Behaviar 2nd Ed 5 Monarch warning colors Copyright 2009WWNononampCompany Principles of Animal Behavior 2nd Ed 1122 Tailraising event Copyright 2009 W W Nonon amp Company Fighting Back 0 Chemical defense in beetles vs ants spiders and toads two reservoirs glands which mix and produce violent explosive chemical reaction can be aimed in direction of attack 0 Mobbing behavior birds Principles ofAnmal Behavior 2nd Ed FIGURE 1123 Bombardier defenses Copyrighl 2009WW Nononampcompany


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