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Exercise Concepts In Special Populations

by: King Monahan

Exercise Concepts In Special Populations EXS 310

Marketplace > Murray State University > Health Sport And Exercise Science > EXS 310 > Exercise Concepts In Special Populations
King Monahan
GPA 3.78

Jeremy Erdmann

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About this Document

Jeremy Erdmann
Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by King Monahan on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EXS 310 at Murray State University taught by Jeremy Erdmann in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/223594/exs-310-murray-state-university in Health Sport And Exercise Science at Murray State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Acquired Immune Deficiency 13 Syndrome AIDS 37 J J Leslie Tate Overview o Is a disease of the immune system caused by HIV 0 37 Million people are infected with HIV 0 Several modes of transmission Uncureable but Manageable Transmission Of HIV 0 Direct contact with body fluids from HlV Most Common Routes 0 Sexual Intercourse 0 Sharing of hypodermic needles 0 Childbirth 0 Breastfeeding Symptoms Positive HIV test 0 Inc risk or occurrence of infections 0 Upper respiratory Infection 0 Pneumonia 0 Flulike O Fever 0 Sweats 0 Swollen glands o Weakness 0 Fatigue 0 Weight Loss 0 Diarrhea Immune System Response to HIV CD4T cells are attacked HW cell entry 0 Leaves system weak amp vulnerable to infections Decfood consumption 0 Causes muscle tissue weakness Progression amp Eventually death 3 Stages of HIV Stage Asymptomatic amp infectious Stage 2 Early symptoms of HIV amp moderate decline in CD4 cells lt350 mm3 Stage 3ADS induced by low CD4 count lt200 mm3 Exercise Response 0 Stage I No Limitations Most measures are in normal range 0 Stage 2 Reduced exercise capacity Reduced VOZmax Reduced VOZPulse amount of 02 body uses for energy production per beat Reduced HR reserve Reduced breathing reserve 0 Stage 3 Max graded test may not be possible Severe V02 limitations Altered neuroendocrine response Exercise Training Enhances protection from URI Inc lean body mass Enhance EX capacity Contributes to inc in coping skills amp mood Stage I Inc in CD4 cells delay of symptoms Inc in muscle function amp size Stage 2 smaller inc in CD4 cells dec in severity of symptoms Stage 3 unknown CD4 cell counts Management amp Meds Nucleoside Analogs inhibit replication of HIV can cause anemia Protease Inhibitors reduce viral load fight infection amp inc of CD4 cells 0 Transcriptase Inhibitors restrict HIV replication 0 All used at different stages amp with 0 Nutritional therapy 0 Behavioral modi cations 0 Regular primary medical treatment Recommendations for Ex Testing 0 Complete medical exam 0 Medical clearance to exercise 0 Aerobic 0 Cycle ramp protocol I7 wattsmin 0 Measures ECG HR BP RPE 0 Endpoints Serious dysrhythmiasT wave inversion with ST change Fatigue Endurance o Min6 min walk test 0 Based on time amp distance traveled O Ex Testing Cont Strength lsokinestic or Isotonic exercises measured by lOl2 RM amp max voluntary contraction o Flexibility Sit amp Reach test 0 Neuromuscular gait analysis balance and reaction time Recommendations for Ex Programming Should be implemented ASAP after diagnosis Individualized Exercise or activity over 90 mins should be avoided Aerobic Large Muscle groups 6070 HR Max 5060V02Max Inc aerobic capacity amp work 36 months Strength Free weights or machines Inc of reps 36 months Flexibility Stretching ampYoga Inc ROM Inc Neuromuscular function Special Considerations 0 Fatigue is common 0 Can present with muscle wasting and weakness 0 Assess individual weekly to determine if exercise is appropriate 0 Reassess regularly Article SelfManagement of HIV 0 Literature review 0 Chronic illnesses require selfmanagement o Lifestyle changes 0 Psychological functioning 0 Social relations 0 Helps patient make medical decisions along side doctors Results 0 Enables indivWith HIV to substain long term changes in behavior 0 Peer support amp education provided advantages of prolonged life Article 2 Ess Info providing quality care to HIV patients 0 ReviewArticle Nurses care to HIV individuals 0 Described basic techniques and methods to handle the HIVAIDS patient as well as basic information about the virus 0 A physical exercise program of 30 to 45 minutes 4 or more times a week is recommended to increase lung capacity endurance energy flexibility and improve circulation Article 3 Moderate Intensity Exercise Training 0 Determine effects of moderate aerobic amp resistance exercise for HIV infected patients 0 40 patients 6wk Program Completed 30 mins 2x week for aerobic and reSIstance training Results 0 AIDS patientsVOZMax was 25 agepredicted values 0 lnctime from fatigue 0 lncV02Max 0 Dec HR rest 0 Control group had no changes in condition Article 4 Effects of Progressive Resistance Training 0 Systematic review 0 Determine effectiveness of pharmological intervention cardiopulmonary body comp and psychological outcomes in adults with HIV 0 Results 0 No dec in HR 0 No dec inVOZMax 0 No significant inc in EX time 0 Inc in body weight Article 5 Effect of group Aerobics ampTai Chi on Function amp QOL 38 Subjects 3 groups 0 EX 2xs week for 8 weeks 0 Measured QOL functional capacity flexibility and endurance as well as psychological changes 0 Results 0 TC amp EX improved functional outcomes amp QOL 0 Groups provided psychological amp social support 0 Sets stages for further studies bases on long term effects References 1 Swendeman D Ingram B RotheramBorus M Common elements in self management of HIV and other chronic illnesses an integrative framework AIDS Care serial online October 2009211013211334 Available from Academic Search Premier Ipswich MA Accessed November 18 2010 2 Hand G Phillips K Dudgeon W William Lyerly G Larry Durstine J Burgess S Moderate intensity exercise training reverses functional aerobic impairment in HIVinfected individuals AIDS Care serial online October 20082091066 1074 Available from MEDLINE Ipswich MA Accessed November 18 2010 3 O39Brien K Tynan A Nixon S Glazier R Effects of progressive resistive exercise in adults living with HIVAIDS systematic review and metaanalysis of randomized trials AIDS Care serial online July 2008206631653 Available from Academic Search Complete Ipswich MA Accessed November 18 2010 4 Galantino M Shepard K Krafft L et al The effect of group aerobic exercise and t39ai chi on functional outcomes and quality of life for persons living with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Journal OfAlternative AnaI Complementary Medicine New York NY serial online December 200511610851092 Available from MEDLINE Ipswich MA Accessed November 18 2010 S Sherman D Essential information for providing quality care to patients with HIVAIDS Journal ofthe New York State Nurses Association serial online September 19993028 19 Available from CINAHL with Full Text Ipswich MA Accessed November 18 2010


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