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Humanities in the Modern World

by: Ms. June Rohan

Humanities in the Modern World HUM 212

Marketplace > Murray State University > Humanities > HUM 212 > Humanities in the Modern World
Ms. June Rohan
GPA 3.81

Kelly Paul

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About this Document

Kelly Paul
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. June Rohan on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 212 at Murray State University taught by Kelly Paul in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/223607/hum-212-murray-state-university in Humanities at Murray State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
FINAL EXAM THIRD UNIT STUDY GUIDE Terms 0 Romantic Period 7 a complex artistic literary and intellectual movement that originated in the second half of the 18Lh century in Europe 0 Absurd 7the clash between the human tendency to seek some inherent meaning in the universe and the impossibility of nding any 0 Angst 7 dreadanxiety negative feeling arising from freedom and responsibility 0 Byronic Hero 7 a hero with a tragic aw o Existentialism 7 modern man s con ict with selfownership and awareness existence before essence o Anaphora 7 a repetition used for effect often found in poetry 0 Utopia 7 an ideal community society 0 Joycean Epiphany 7 exposes illusion and reveals reality that disrupts what one considers as truth 0 Deontology7 ignores consequences when considering right and wrong focuses on the act 9Kant s theory 0 Consequentialism 7 divides right and wrong based on outcome 0 Magical Realism 7 mystical elements blended with a realistic atmosphere 0 Ethics 7 the philosophical study of a moral action 0 Political Allegory 7 characters represent things to convey a political message Characteristics of Modernist Literature 1 Breakdown of Norms 2 Disillusionment 3 Product of metropolis 4 Dislocation of meaning and sense from its original context 5 Rejection of history and the substitution of a mythological past 6 Valorization of the despairing individual in an unmanageable future 7 Overwhelming technological changes of the 201h century James Joyce After the Race What is Jimmy s epiphany and when does he have it As the sun comes up he realizes that not only has he run out of time but he will also never be truly a part of this group James Joyce Araby What is the young boy s epiphany and when does he have it As he s looking up into the darkness at the very end he realizes that not only has he failed in his search for the perfect gift but also that he has failed in his search for some sort of higher power he is completely alone James Joyce Eveline What is Eveline s epiphany and when does she have it When she s about to get on the boat and suddenly can t she has realized that mentally she will never be free from her family and the obligations that are associated with those people lVIill s Utilitarianism l Utilitarianism is a theory based on the principle that actions are right in proportion to their tendency to promote happiness and wrong as they produce pain or displeasure 2 Mill de nes happiness as pleasure and the absence of pain 3 Mill argues that happiness is the sole basis of morality and that people never desire anything but happiness 4 Mill argues that this unrecognized standard is the principle of utility the greatest happiness principle Shirley Jackson s The Lottery The villagers do not even know why they continue to do the lottery except that it s tradition What does this say about them They are avoiding the struggle to make their own decisions They aren t enlightened because they refuse to question if this is the right way of doing things LeGuin s Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas Why are people unable to accept happiness Because pain and evil are exempli ed by those a1tistic people who feel that those things are interesting Why do the few people who choose to leave Omelas do so They are enlightened They understand that this is wrong and are searching for a place where people would not accept this cruelty to one for the greater good Seamus Heaney s Punishment How does Heaney deal with the concept of a scapegoat The speaker s viewpoint and admittance that his silence is as hurtful as a cast stone are what really make the woman a scapegoat It is even suggested that perhaps the speaker and those damning her have participated in such activity but they choose to punish her alone instead of everyone Immanuel Kant 3 Categorical Imperatives 1 Every action must have universality 2 Every human being must be treated as an end not a means to an end 3 Always behave as though you have the moral authority of the universe Barbara Neely Spilled Salt The spilled salt can represent several things What are some of them Tears a mistake bad luck Why did the mother leave the son She couldn t accept what he had done She kept trying to gure out what she had done wrong and couldn t match the image of her little boy with this heinous act Allende And of Clay are we Created What does the title mean We are molded like clay by the experiences in our lives What is the function of the president in this story It points out that those who can do something in this world generally don t and those who want to generally can t Edgar Allan Poe Annabelle Lee Why does the narrator blame heaven for the death of Annabelle Lee He says that the angels were coveting the love that they shared Sartre Existentialism is a Humanism What does this mean Basically because eXistentialism focuses on humanity as a whole it is a form of humanism Albelt Camus The Guest Why doesn t Daru want to make the decision for the prisoner Because than he would be responsible for the consequences Frankenstein How are Walton and Frankenstein alike They are both driven by their thirst for knowledge What is the effect of Shelley s use of letters in the story It gives the reader an outside perspective to view Frankenstein s actions with and also a more realistic setting to see those same characteristics featured What is the quality of Victor that eventually leads to his downfall His obsession with knowledge and power is his hubris What is the signi cance of lightning throughout the story Not only does the lightning set an overall mood it also is a not to the lightning which first started Victor s journey to creating life Tim O Brien The Things They Carried How is weight signi cant in this story It is a metaphor for the burdens they carried What are the things they carried Literally they carried many different things but guratively they were carrying emotional baggage due to the effects of war Yusef Komunyakaa Facing It Why can t Komunyakaa walk away from the monument but the lady with the shimmering blouse can Since he was there in Vietnam Komunyakaa is sucked in by the wall into a vast array of old memories We Never Know What is significant about the speaker turning the dead soldier over It shows reverence and compassion for the fallen man He thinks the man deserves to face the sky Anne Bradstreet The Author of Her Book In what way is Bradstreet s poem like her child It is something which she created and which has parts of her but it is also something of which she now has no control To My Dear and Loving Husband Why did she write this poem In an obvious way she wrote it to tell her husband that she loved him but it also has hints of her questioning her religions strict rules Verses Upon the Burning of our House How does her inner con ict with religion show up in this poem It s as if she feels that she has done all the right things and cannot understand why she would be punished She also although she admits these possessions are God s seems to care a great deal about everything that she lost Sarah Orne Jeweett A White Heron How are Sylvia and the hunter alike and different They both clearly admire the animals but Sylvia loves them for their life and beauty while the hunter simply wants the trophy and the knowledge William Stafford Traveling Through the Dar The theme of this poem reiterates the con ict between what and what The needs of the many versus the needs of the one or few Elizabeth Bishop The Fish Why doesn t the sh ght back He s done with ghting He did that before but now he s accepted whatever fate is going to throw his way O Connor A Good Man is Hard to Find What is signi cant about the Grandmother s nal act of reaching out to touch the mis t s face She s too late This is O Connor pointing out that far too often people turn to God and prayer as a last resort when it really should be their first Good Country People Characters JoyHulga changes her name to something ugly for herself doesn t like it when her mother won t call her that name but doesn t like it when the other woman does Mrs Freeman is free in the sense that she is a servant not a slave but she is still trapped by her possessions Mrs Hopewell Hope all is well uniquely named daughters wants them to stand out but they re not very classy Manley Pointer phallic imagery


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