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BSC 101 Helms Week 8 Lecture Notes 10/5-10/9

by: Daniel Hemenway

BSC 101 Helms Week 8 Lecture Notes 10/5-10/9 BSC 101

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Biological Sciences > BSC 101 > BSC 101 Helms Week 8 Lecture Notes 10 5 10 9
Daniel Hemenway
GPA 3.93
Concepts in Biology
Dr. Helms

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About this Document

I am an Elite Note Taker and I will be posting notes each week, along with study guides for exams for BSC 101 (Helms), ACC 131 (Seipp), and ECO 105 (Goel). Give them a look and refer your friends ...
Concepts in Biology
Dr. Helms
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniel Hemenway on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BSC 101 at Illinois State University taught by Dr. Helms in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Concepts in Biology in Biological Sciences at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
BSC 101 Helms 105109 Chapter 14 Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 131 Asexual Reproduction offspring genetically identical to the parent process of mitosis Also call vegetative reproduction reproduction by any part of the plant that is a vegetative organ roots stems or leaves Results from Mitosis Results in Clone genetically identical to parental organism Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 132 Saguaro cacti Found in Sonoran Desert Flowers are small and white They are bat pollinated Live for 150 years or more Begin reproducing at 3550 years old Their reproduction shown in this diagram exemplifies sexual reproduction Create seed via union of sperm and egg fertilization Seeds are genetically unique Sexual reproduction creation of genetically different offspring than parents via gametes fertilization Five basic steps of sexual reproduction in flowering plants 1 Sexual organs produce gametes 2 Pollination Delivering male gamete to female part 3 Fertilization Union of egg and sperm 4 Embryo must grow and develop create seed 5 Dispersal getting the seed away from the parent Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 133 Plants time their flowering Photoperiod amount of light and dark in 24hour cycle Longday plants Plants that flower when the light passes a certain critical period Shortday plants Plants that flower when light is shorter than a certain critical point Temperature Hit a certain temperature then the plant can flower BSC 101 Helms 105109 Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 134 Floral Anatomy Sepal Outer most portion of a flower protective Mirrors the number of petals in most plants Petal modified leaf can help attract pollinators Stamen Anther and Filament Male part Filament Holds up the Anther Anther Where pollen is produced Pollen Grains Structure that carries male gamete to female part of the flower Carpel Female part Stigma pollen must stick to it for pollination to occur Style Positioning of the stigma Ovary Ovules Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 135 Pollination Transfer of pollen grains from male anther to female stigma Various means Animals wind When a pollen grain lands on a stigma there is growth of a pollen tubes Inside of pollen two sperm cells are created The eyes on a coconut quotscarsquot where pollen tubes grew into the ovary Pollen provides sperm cell to ovule which contains the egg cell Fertilization 1 sperm cell unites with egg Zygote Egg Ovule matures into seed Ovary matures into fruit Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 136 Animalpollinated flowers Inflorescence The floral display of a plant Often supply pollinator with nectar reward Adaptive because they attract pollinators through shape reward and color reflect the needspreferences of the animal that is the pollinator BSC 101 Helms 105109 Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 137 Windpollinated flowers 10 of flowering plants No or very small petals Don t have to attract pollinators No nectar needed No scent needed Make A LOT of pollen Capture large amounts of pollen Doesn t need fancy flowers Very small flower Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 138 Double fertilization two sperm nuclei from the pollen grain unite with two cells in the ovule The first sperm Egg fertilization gt zygote gt embryotic plant The second sperm fuses with central cell endosperm Endosperm nutrition embryo needs to grow and develop Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 139 Fruits grow and develop from flowers ovaries specifically Fruit ripened ovary develops from flowers contains seeds aids in dispersal Seed everything that surrounds the embryo Vegetable from vegetative structure not part of reproductive structure Ethylene Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 140 Fruits are adaptive for seed dispersal Animal dispersal Fleshy Taste good Brightly colored Stick to animal Wind dispersal Light weight and small Water dispersal Must float


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