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General Physics I

by: April Ferry

General Physics I PHYS 121

April Ferry

GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by April Ferry on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 121 at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/223638/phys-121-new-mexico-institute-of-mining-and-technology in Physics 2 at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
YOUR NAME 7 PHYSICS 121 rInterVal Test 3 of3 39 A SI mills A General slgny lmnt ngs1fyt7u r1220 g an Earth ytm may use 100 mS to savz tlmz Constants G 667x10quot SI units Material Constanm Young s modulus ior steel cable YM 20x10 Nm2 Young s modulus ior Nylon rope YW 10x10g NwB Astronomical Constants Masses MEW 597x10 kg MMm 642x1023 kg Radu Rm 6380 km 12Mm 339nm Ram 60km Pen39ods lyzar 315x107 s Distance between Earth and Sun Rmm 150X10 m Part I r CONCEPTUAL AND SHORT ANSWER Approx 4 points each crzdlt can only 172 glvzrl lfsomz workls shown ofthe p1anet As a resu1t which ofthe following changes in the properties ofthe object take place Mass increases weight decreases Mass increases weight remains the same Mass remains the same weight decreases meagoc n 8 n 0 2 Q rm E 2 n 2 Ma s dec Mass increas s w s Mass remains the same weight remains the same 2 The value ofNewton s universal gravitationa1 constant G is quoted in 51 units the ones we have used for the entire course at the top ofthe pa at ARE the correct 39 or G in terms of seconds newtons kg m joules watts radianssec etc 39 39 an at A 1 39 circ1e ofradius 251 m Give an answer in radians and another in degrees The ang1e 9 through which abike whee1 turns is given by 9t o bt2 a of 9 is in radians fort in seconds 39 not changing 4 where a b and c are positive constants such that t 39L 39 39 L eiueit o eel Express answer in terms ofa b c etc equal to zero circ1e any that app1y lUUms zndaduse a Acumetufmassm 231 mm Whenxnuchzs uphelan m Mmth slawedta v zn m Whansthe mm mm kg m an elliptical urblt aruund the sun has a velunty uf a appmanh d m m manna Rm 5 IX mm af39he camelfmm mg mp R Mm 7 7 Justify m une sentence what physical pnnnples alluwed yuu m an the calculatmn m the prsvmus pmblar A gum ladybug mugs m a large merry gamund as Shawn c n 39 a a lt E a E Fmthenexnhxeepmblems assume um the merry gm mmd was mud w by an actwe mm mm n attuned a can mt muum rate af 12m rpm 2 wmmu bugshmu velacny a m direcan andmagntude mum bung mm mm mmm 9 wmmu menyrgarxvund39s angu ar velacxty I m anecth and magnum when m bugxsmthepasmm mammalng Fxgure use 111 tam cau Mechans Part 11 40m ANSWER Us the mkarabmewated iSEEquot me39had use UP AT LEAST A HALF PAGE or PAPER FOR EACH PROBLEM 1 7 5mm Where waded not allpvoblem weed mum MW vwmbles and target vmmble Wm not obku 4mm equnnom and specmlue m problem at hand quot51 750m algzbmmly for mga vwmbles nqu number and arme um mmem nl answer when posnble Your answer MUSTmcmdepvopa unit quot52 7 Wave 5 no 52 10 20 points After the merrygoround above has made a few revolutions the giant lady bug lumbers off and a child takes its place Assume that the lady bug s departure did not affect a The child hangs off the edge and drags his feet in the sand to slow down the merrygoround After 3 seconds the merry goround has slowed to 25 rpm a What is the direction and magnitude of the angular acceleration Assume the angular acceleration amp is constant b How many radians does the merrygoround rotate in the first 3 seconds after the child starts dragging his feet c What is the magnitude of the TOTAL linear acceleration of the boy at t3 seconds d The mass of the merrygoround is 80 kg and the mass of the boy is 45 kg What is the moment of inertia of the merrygoround boy system e What torque must the boy apply to the merry go round to cause it to decelerate as described above 11 10 points A ball on Mars is thrown straight upward at a speed of 20 ms What is the maximum altitude it reaches before falling back to the planet 12 10 points Derive Kepler s third law for the case of a circular orbit from Newton s Universal law of gravitation and the properties of circular motion Show work 13 10 points A nylon rope used by mountaineers elongates by 3 meters under the weight of two 70 kg climbers The rope is 5 mm in diameter How long is the rope 14 10 points A uniform solid disk of mass M and radius R is pivoted about a horizontal axis through its center A small pointlike object of mass m is g to the rim of the disk so it won t fall off The disk is released from the position shown at left and allowed to rotate freely until the small mass has reached the position shown at right a What is the angular speed a of the disk when the object reaches its lowest point s own b Calculate the magnitude of a at this lowest point if M is 30 kg m is 3 kg and R2 meters 15 10 points The Martian moon Deimos is so small that you could probably jump off it so fast that you never came down The density of Deimos is about p 17 g cm3 The radius is quoted above Deimos is more ofa potato than a sphere but you can pretend it is spherical for purposes of this problem a What is escape velocity from Deimos Mastering Physics 30 Tips and Tricks by RSonnenfeld 82008 1 Help on Mastering Physics The MP website has a student guide that is quite helpful And Help is available on upper right of screen at all times Try reading it if you find the software difficult to understand What follows are the most common problemsquestions I ve seen students have but are not intended to cover all the material in the online manual 0 Wav to approach the C 1 quot39 or spiral notebook is strongly recommended Work the problem in your notebook at least up to the part where you may need a hint Then take it to the computer Keep the full solution in your notebook for review It will help you 0 Numerical Answer Precision Mastering Physics assumes 2 accuracy for numerical answers This corresponds to three significant figures I recommend using four figures in your calculations then rounding down to three figures at the end 4 Numerical ConstantszThe first question you are likely to have about this is what value to use for g We often say in class g98 m 52 but the software uses the more precise value g981 m s2 How would you know Click the constants button in mastering physics Whatever value they use for a constant there is what you should use in your calculations U Submitting Answers Most questions are multipart After each part click submit Once you ve got it right go on When you ve finished the ENTIRE PROBLEM click the bigger submit button at the bottom You need to do this to get credit Don t forget C7 Coming back and finishing later You may have to leave after finishing one entire problem It doesn t hurt not to but then I don t think it saves your answers and you have to retype Finished problems are saved So if you had 9 problems to do you could do it in 9 separate sessions if you wanted to Vectors and Unit vectors The way MP wants to see the following AV 30i 48i 701 typed is vecA30hati48hatj70hatk gt1 8 Some more examples of formulae formatted for Mastering Physics VX Vi sqrtvX 2v7y 2 or v7XA2v y 2A05 or V7XA2V YA2A12 COS acospi2 jAZ B2 ZAB 0030 sqrtA 2B 22ABcostheta R Sonnenfeld 9 Trig Functions atan10785 not atan145 Why Because the trig functions in MP all work in radian mode not degree Likewise to take sin3012 really need sin30180pi H O Browser problems MP Works decently in Netscape for Linux For Windows and Mac it works in Firefox Netscape and Internet Explorer However it works best in Internet Explorer If you find that you can t see some of the problem a window seems to be cut off or the like try it in a different browser Internet Explorer 11 Help on Symbolic Answers Your tutorial should have taught you how to enter symbolic values but of course you may forget If you forget click the help box next to the answer box It brings up a summary of the formula rules Scientific Notation Please note MP does not accept 314E3 unlike Excel or some H 0 programming languages You must type 314 1 10A3 13 Grading Algorithms As I have it set up now you lose 3 for each guess If you get the problem on the 5 1 guess you still get an 85 I may tweak this as you all get better If you don t ask for any hints you get 1 for on the problem for each hint you didn t need You can thus get more than 100 for the problem I encourage you to ask for hints if in doubt There is no harm in using them If you start the problem but never get a right answer you get 0 If the problem is a 4 part problem you can get from 0100 for each part Your net score is the average of the 4 subparts 14 The After Problem Survey That gets to be annoying after a while You never have to fill out a single one of them I don t care whether you do To get rid of them just click next problem when you re done You don t need to fill them out to get to the next problem You MAY of course fill them out Any comments you make are emailed directly to me I do my best to respond to these comments if they include a request for help or clarification Page 2 of 2


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