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Water in the RiseFall of Civ

by: Mattie Hartmann

Water in the RiseFall of Civ ERTH 140

Mattie Hartmann

GPA 3.91


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mattie Hartmann on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ERTH 140 at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/223643/erth-140-new-mexico-institute-of-mining-and-technology in Earth Science at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
Transparency number 57 Figure 1 Percent sand Overhead transparencies to accompany GablerSagarNVise Essentials 0 Physical Geography 59 Saunders College Publishing Soil Air Organic Matter Miners Matter Sui Water Jam 8 Michel Adapted from Buol at at me Juma N 1999 The pedosphere and its dynamics Salmon Productions Edmonton Alberta Canada Pore Space AW 20 3 Water 20 3 era 45 rganm 5 Soil Solids Capillary Fringe est thickness Soil Range in Depth Avg Sands 03 in 2 in Silts 05 5 ft lt12 in Clays 510 ft lt60 in ll Saturation Saturated Soil Field Capacity Wi ti ng coef cient Hygroscopic coef cient t J 3975011d4iipore Space i Field Saturation K Field Capacity v3 Wilting Point Water Content J o volume 701 701 033 710 10 15 730 7100 Soil Suction Bars FIGURE 36 Soil water and soil suction relationships to eld capacin wilting pnim and plum available water E 60 1 n rquot I I v 1 g 3 Field Capacity 3 oo It Inflection Points in 5 Depletion Curve D I I E 30 39 1 139 39 39 Ir O 1 I I 0 as i I 39 5 I I i 5 39 E 0 l 39 i m 0 5 10 15 20 Days after Soaking Rain FIGURE 37 The elusive nature of eld capacity Soil Water Content 1 00 Saturated Zone Transition Zone Depth j m 3 fl 3 U m a 3 N O 3 CD Wetting Zone Wetting Zone FIGURE 311 The in ltration zones of Bodmzm and Coleman Based on Bodman 03 and EA Coleman 30139 Sri Sm Am Pram 7 lo IZZ 943 O Organic A Mineral Mixed with humus dark colored E Horizon of maximum eluviation of silicate clays Fe Al oxides Solum B Horizon of maximum illuviation of material C Zone of least weathering accumulation of Ca amp Mg carbonates cementation etc R Transparency number 58 Figure 105 Surface Loose leaves and organic debris Partly decomposed organic debris Dark color rich in organic matter Zone of Light color zone of leaching of eluviation colloids and organic matter True 7 Absent in mollisols soil 1 Transitional to B but more like A than B so mm Transitional to B but more like B than A Zone of Calcium carbonate or gypsum in muvia on mollisols deeper colored zone of maximum accumulation of colloids Transitional to C Weathered I parent quotGlelquot layer In bog and meadow souls material Underlying rock Overhead lransparencies to accompany GablerlSagerWise Essenlials of Physical Geography 59 Saunders College Publishing Water Water Infiltration Infiltration Moderate coarse Rapid Sand Silt 8 gt Coarse Sand 18 Slow Silt Cla Moderate F39l e sand y Silt slow Silt Clay Dark Gray Luvisol Orthic HumoFerric Podzol Orthic Black Chernozem Fig 111 Profile of soils belonging to three different soil orders Juma N 1999 The pedosphere and its dynamics Salmon Productions Edmonton Alberta Canada Angular Suban ular Granular 39 BIOCEY Blocky 390 39 I I I I 10 mm 1 0 mm 1 0 mm Prismatic Examples of Different Soil Structure Classes Platy I 10mm 10mm Clay ShrinkSwell Capadty dry wet O O r l l I 0001 002 mm mm 0 to 20 times Size Bgnrgon ae Jury WA WR Gardner and WH Gardner 1991 Soil physics 5 h ed John VWey amp Sons Inc New York Figure 46 Calculated and measured soil water pro les for airedry Hesperia soil al lowed to wet at 0 0385 um3 am After Davidson el al 1963 Soil depth cm l Calculated for 97 mm o a o o o 0 Calculated for 286 min o o o o Calculated For 482 m n 01 02 03 04 Water content cmalcma 05


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