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Financial Management

by: Bethel Graham

Financial Management BUS 320

Bethel Graham
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bethel Graham on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS 320 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/223673/bus-320-north-carolina-state-university in Business Management at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
BUS 320 Company Analysis Project General Notes 0 Use multiple sources 0 Use different kinds of searching in the same sources at different phases of the search 0 Understand the difference between free resources and those the library pays for o A lot of financial information from a single source may be repeated in multiple databases verbatim in some cases 0 The databases are not perfect ABl ticker example 0 Your analysis is going to be based on a synthesis of all of these different kinds of information coming together CConverter1nput9hecasURW7doc er Page 1 Author Stephen Mey Last updated 7212010 BUS 320 Company Analysis Project Search strategy I III CConverterInput9hecasURW7doc Author Stephen Meyer Obtain general information about the company a financeyahoocom i Note the ticker symbol right away ii Take a look at the financials available keep in mind what is missing for looking in other databases iii Look for the competitors b Hoover s database i Not indepth so read all of it ii Get a list of the people iii Read the bio and company history iv Note the competitors are they different from the ones yahoo listed c ReferenceUSA i See the company s corporate structure through parentsibling relationships ii Obtain SIC and NAICS codes Getting more specific financial data on your company a financeyahoocom i Look at the Financials section for the Income Statement Balance Sheet and Cash Flow b Mergent Online i Company Financials Tab ii Custom Reporting features and export to a file that can be opened in Excel c Standard amp Poor s Net Advantage More of the same like Mergent but different interface d LexisNexis i Obtain plain text versions of the financials Finding specific information news and events to analyze your company Finding info on news and events to gage how the company is performing Page 2 Last updated 7212010 BUS 320 Company Analysis Project Recommendation develop a good news search for information on your company and then write it down Recreate the search every couple of weeks throughout the semester to find the latest news on your search This works well with LexisNexis which has many small news briefs and announcements a Mergent news tab b ABIInform i Allows you to search for information by the ticker symbol EXAMPLE Step 1 Go to the Libraries website home gt research resources gt research guides by subject gt business and management gt industry research and analysis Step 2 Select GOVERNMENT SOURCES FOR STATISTICS Step 3 Select the link for NAICS Step 4 Enter textiles in the search box to find the broad classification NAICS code for the industry Results Go into ABI Inform and search on the company name and the NAICS code c LexisNexis i Search will be stopped if more than 1000 hits ii Limit to a more reasonable time period iii Do the following Simple Search EXAMPLE Step 1 Business News Step 2 Business and Finance Step 3 Culp in Company Name and challenge in Full Text Step 4 Previous 5 years Results The firs two articles are general The third though is a quote of the company s CEO discussing challenges the co will face d Business Source Elite CConverterlnput9hecasURW7doc er Page 3 Author Stephen Mey Last updated 7212010 BUS 320 Company Analysis Project Exercises for the class Hoover s Company Capsules Which is larger for Nike s Philip Knight his salary or his bonus How do these numbers compare to his counterpart over at Reebok How did you find this information ReferenceUSA What are three subsidiaries of the Limited Brands Inc How did you find this information ABI Inform Can I search for articles using SIC codes CConverterlnput9hecasURW7doc er Page 4 Author Stephen Mey Last updated 7212010 BUS 320 Company Analysis Project Google search strategy for ticker anomaly culp cfi changed ticker OR symbol httpwwwgreensborocom97top50changeshtm quotCqu Inc switched from Nasdaq to the New York Stock Exchange effective Dec 31 1996 The High Point textile company changed its stock symbol from CULP to CFlquot CConverter1nput9hecasURW7doc Page 5 Author Stephen Meyer Last updated 7212010


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