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Leadership and Supervision in Recreation

by: Gayle Douglas

Leadership and Supervision in Recreation PRT 359

Marketplace > North Carolina State University > Undergraduate Studies > PRT 359 > Leadership and Supervision in Recreation
Gayle Douglas
GPA 3.74

Jason Bocarro

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About this Document

Jason Bocarro
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gayle Douglas on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PRT 359 at North Carolina State University taught by Jason Bocarro in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/223677/prt-359-north-carolina-state-university in Undergraduate Studies at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
PRT 359 Supervision and Leadership in PRTM Exam 1 Review General Information When Tuesday February 20th 2011 1130am 100pm Where Biltmore 3018 Time Frame You will have the whole class period to complete Format 5 multiple choice short answer and essay questions application Weight 75 points This is an exam review which should also act as a resource to help guide your reading DO NOT just rely on class notes Make sure you have done the readings assigned Also wherever possible use examples brought up in class or your own examples from personal experience to highlight points If you weren t in class you will have to rely on those who were Some of the questions will need you to have read from the text or assigned readings Contact me with any questions to highlight points you may not understand Good luck One piece of advice for the examI want you to understand the PRINCIPLES of aspects ofleadershipsupervisionmanagement not IUST memorize aspects So try to apply examples of topics or aspects we39ve talked about in class Learning and being able to apply examples will help clarify points and will help you FORMAT Short answershort essay and longer essay and 5 multiple choice questions Use examples wherever possible to understand concepts Case study analyses similar to what we have done in class may be used to highlight your understanding of the material TOPICS Chapter 1 Hurd et al 2008 Competent Leisure Services Manager Be able to describe at least 2 of the 4 reasonsadvantages why PRT and SMT managers have moved to a more competency based approach What are the quotBig 6 general competency categories in PRTM Do you think PRTM majors are weaker in some and stronger in others Why is that Provide an example of how you would turn a broad interview question into a competency based interview question What is the universality of management give me an example of what it is Chapter 2 IIurd et al 2008 Foundations of t and on leadership on Moodle Understand the history behind management and be able to explain and describe the 4 some would say 5 different eras Be able to compare and contrast these different eras Make sure you have can describe at least 2 specific and pertinent facts from reading the chapter not just from your notes that will help you answer a question related to the history of mgt as a discipline From Chapter 2 and our discussion be able to describe differences and similarities between leadership and management What are trait leadership theories and how do they differ from behavioral leadership theories What did the research say about the 3 different leadership styles from Kurt Lewin s research What are contingencysituational leadership theories and how did they differ from earlier behavioral theories In relation to the Leadership Grid What are the 5 different types ofleaders be able to identify them in relation to the axis concern for task vs concern for people Give an example of each of Kouzes and Posner s practices of exemplary leadership and how you would practice each of these in your future career as a supervisor Tierza Watts discussed issues related to people s personality type Be able to discuss how you might use tests such as these to enable to make decisions in a supervisory role Be able to apply an example from the personality types she discussed refer to handouts from that class that are posted on Moodle Look at the grid related to outcomes based management inputs outputs etc Be able to apply your own example highlighting you understand this mgt based philosophy Your chapter summarizes the work of leadership mgt gurus such as Covey Minzberg Drucker etc and lists 8 key best mgt practices that are key Looking at the list pinpoint the top three that you feel are most CRITICAL Be able to describe with an example why you ve picked those top 3 Ethics pp 161162 and handouts on leadership on Moodle Be able to explain the 4 different ethical levels we discussed in class and the 4 ethical decisionmaking processes described in class and in your text Be able to give a real life example from your own life or one you can make up how at least two of these different ethics levels of ethics may con ict Also be able to apply an example of this similar to the Moodle ethics case studies see readings on pp161162 oftext What is credentialing What are the three types of credentials What are some of the pros and cons behind credentialing Be able to apply that to an example we discussedwill discuss this in class Chapter 5 Organization Structure and Moodle handout Know the different types oflegal entities and sectors Private all aspects public and nonprofit what they are and some basic advantages and disadvantages of each This will include knowing the different types of business structures Understand how each of the different legal entities private public nonprofit attract funding and utilize any profits read the chapter Understand the process behind boards ie ideal composition board responsibilities etc Be able to apply some of the key concepts and justify your decisions What is fiduciary duty Understand organizational structure be able to draw an organizational chart and possibly explain it Know the differences between line and staff positions Be able to identify the four major types of organizational designs as well as when you may use themwhen they operate best read your chapter Issues and problems that could occur with internal communication within an organization give an example and how you might take steps to avoid these issues see Moodle handout by Van Der Smissen and class notes Know and understand the principles behind creating a successful organizational culture Look at some of the suggestions put forward to create this organizational culture hint check out 3 page Moodle handout by Van Der Smissen What is HOME How does it relate to creating an organizational culture Don39t just learn the acronym be able to apply examples behind the acronym hint check out 3 page Moodle handout by Van Der Smissen Trevor Slack s article suggests there are some key and important manifestations behind creating an organizational culture Be able to describe any 3 of these and be able to talk about how you might weave them into creating your own organizational culture What are some of the key ways that you might manage and maintain the culture of an organization once it has been created describe 23 ways you might managemaintain it see Slack s article The following are two examples of the type of exam question Competencybased approaches to managing PRTM and sport mgt agencies are becoming much more prevalent Why In your response describe at least 2 pros of using this approach A good answer would require you to describe 2 of the 4 advantages to using this approach and for you to really explain why agencies organizations are moving toward this approach Through your reading and in class we talked the 4 ethical decision making processes that managers may use to help them come to a decision Describe any 3 ofthese 4 decision making processes and provide a real world example in your description This requires you to describe and APPLY a concept So for example one of the decision making processes was the utilitarian approach generally described as the manager evaluating what decision results in the greatest good for the greatest number However by just describing this you haven39t fully answered the question The next step requires you to apply it to a real life example The case study on pp 161162 has an example but you may want to provide an example that shows that even though a decision you make may negatively impact a segment ofyour customer baseclienteleparticipants you39ve made the decision because you feel that more will benefit


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