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by: Kristyn Notetaker

ch12.pdf 005

Kristyn Notetaker
Penn State
GPA 3.84
No professor available

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About this Document

Chapter 12 notes taken in class
No professor available
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kristyn Notetaker on Thursday December 18, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 005 at Pennsylvania State University taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 87 views. For similar materials see PSYCH 100 in Psychlogy at Pennsylvania State University.


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Date Created: 12/18/14
M32 mgtmm PD E A T J 7 Tmammmn 09 xmTm o mmm U T mamp M W x Ecm m 9 wcEmm ES gtm2m 3L pw p I lt2 3 0k m3 o 16 xm aomc3 mmmn mEmm m Bwommg o Emocoo mu9n 9 HA M vZamp h 2 m 0 0 T pj 9 V h 3 H H m M 3 9 Asa R N m 4 H O 0 s xm 3 r H L a 2 va 9 phi n W J J 1 M AVvCJV Lvm C wur Ii uw1I I IIII Ln 1 A u A mTomlt m mgmo 335 wommg 90 mm mi mmgtmwogv mm mam vmu m m o Em mmgtmmoi ommmvc mmo 2 2mmmm gtmommn mm ma cmo gtgtO mmmu gtmommg Loam mwE gtgt n gtmcommg 50 Q m9mE mgtgt omEo amTcommn O w so m om 9v mgtmmn E 63 TmEmm H 0 Cl C O s gtmowwn A N o gtHmommn 6 wwom t Q WJ xmmm TV mMm y 0 T i P p aq I b n e 65 Em HEH gtmmaswwamlt 0 g 33 3 3 5 a 3 5 3mqH Cl kw zd VvQu3mw Ji ya 5 k u Ogt c awmammOi n a 15 A sTmamEno gtmo mxmmoTugtmm 3 mmmmww cMa EmEoomgtmnzumomon A E k 59 J lt1gMAju m E R 4 5 wmcmmwa ma kCo cm xw mmwmw im m A Z k T A uu32EE a m UxA roE oo m on oQ ocV wmmicm sm 035305 mEgt mgmfoqmao 9 mm mmTmaT 9u mToTuw8 cm FOmEOn oommm i W m mx 2 w3 wmm 50gt E J T mToTom W5 3 Emj E5 mm o mumgtommTmV mcooEm momu w om mQ mm H mm wmwwmm miomEom 30 mmmmu mnmEmoomc so 50gt momn TA En 0 3amp3 z p omEm m E 5 m5 Eum B mmEm mcmQ1 isMwmwF agamp P 4 a o EmEnomgtmo E mmmr mimm cm 2 mctmgtm Homwmmm 9155 p R 0 mwmwmam E E0 mEmoS mm2 cTomwm mm mEmo m amgggmgougg 2 m oom 3 E mgtmgtgt mEmEm u 2 mCuF my EQJ 3 2 0n a e N T 35 w 2 Pn P Ewm3 a n 2 w a h K P Q3 33 2 mmmw EH Emmzmasm Em 2 9 En m AmE 2 J Tmzoiwgoucs om woumoo Sam I 3amp3 e E 3 E mi m 4 R z W Em Haw m mw mmDH 1 nun I141 3 m I H EwEw G H he amptmm Lsmx o0O B macaw 3mommaogtmmn omtw mommgxm 50 251 o P am i Ia 4 1 E mm q 2 3 2 zF mz wmu mEmm mgtcmoomoomu p J 0 p T V fyax zmT 5 mu 3 gtmEoJ mmxo L 4 P n f P 3 v3 39 39 mLaAult um p 2 P p B m p p qx mnamp mw g a mw 3002 mmn mo lt Ems m M 3 Ea s E moowoo mgtomoQ V T mo gtm m 9o5 5 umu 3 umLvu3w w mnomz z Qmxm Emo C3wIC wmL9E Emoaomz mm WnmH ummmrtom ummuoo3 wmmawm9mlt mmwm mUQ mgtmuE mEmoon u mwTgt4onm mnmmc mmmmwo mmm 9muv umTmwmToEmuimo0 Nl AmoEwgtcoo new mm B Esoo E wgtTmmo mmLowmmmwnO p k z 2 2 zltmooEgt Qm mg ag a Qgt i j iL mU m a4WuVq TT c qatmmm Hmzw o 3 gm 2 Em 502 gm h Pk W k pMd M Pvf H e k P6f lh 0 j P8i c g U 0 h 1 a m V T h i g E we moEoo we d 1 1 y d H mmm mgtwaamp Emmam two 0 Bgtmmu 6 we new 9gtm 6 mgmym E mcooj w gtmE3 B noon me 8 E95 gm m5w wETmEn mE wmmE was m cum mommMmdSm IwW H3232 EmmElt Q mBoa mm m comg 2 gtomuc2 EmE mgtm mmEI o Em 0Z L Eggs E59 comm momE gtmcE8 EmEogtm mmm mo8 2 ozlt Egtmmn mu wamaaMmaa8amwmm O 3 a m5umm tm lt Q V V aw E mmm 30gt n mea muo muEwEEgtm HEMP E8E gujmsom mj s m E 00 momoEm cm Son m 32 m 9 mE m oEmuwamplt umEimE 3 2 30 3 EE in 223839 32 E 3 5 mltomamp w mg 0 ESWE Emmg gtEmoEmm mgtowou f rM p u J 5 7 H 9 u w guilt I x p r M F T fwd nw M muuwM Wm an M m g M lt 4 x xrfmxux an 1 L t E 3 W T N H L fat pV K A 1 p f 0 T ngtgt 9 0 m PE 0 8 x U ToHmiTgtTE mg mm mgtumEO m p P comgtmmgO v mu carmw20 Hgtgt gt uFW mg 42 ampE emT am 9 kmSmwm zwmcsout mmm 3mommn E mmm mgt E Emmmmmlt amommn neamHnuHA mw ca oomm EmommLu we mt 9


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