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by: Braeden Lind
Braeden Lind
GPA 3.93

Jeffrey Scroggs

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About this Document

Jeffrey Scroggs
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Braeden Lind on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MA 591F at North Carolina State University taught by Jeffrey Scroggs in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/223688/ma-591f-north-carolina-state-university in Mathematics (M) at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Our mpm j b 15 Financial Barnumes dea gum1U arms 1 The func on of different of ces an example of Energy Trading mm a team ufew nanma mdustry pmfessmna s r bespnke Search and 52mm Echmques and m Quanmawe Ana ysts Sa es Peume 9lt Brukers s Traders 2 The different parts 0ftrading rm cur trading Expertise Envers the fDHDW markets nnsrury rrssrury hide Furslw armies letlr rxr n r s We Ynlgvlsl or menu Rate Tums viiNil kale Derivatives may mu c Cl u musr cm mumm mam cur Enverage includes 2min derivatives pnrt jhn management market making and Executlun trading 3 My Course Plan lwill focus on Math course and programming course lwill nominate financial math in the mandate courses Besides the Time Series course Stochastic process PDE course like numerical solution for partial Differential Equations are Very useful I will have to learn cm SAS pearl etc such these popular programming so mms lfl have other credits available I will mainly focus on Statistics I may pursue aStatistic Minor or I could nominate some Law or MBA courses butl don t think they are useful for my stage I could selfstudy them after work ifneeded 4An Example of Quantitative Investment Analytics Recruitment Ad Major Asset Management firm in NYC is seeking a Quantitative Analyst to join their Investment Analytics team The successful candidate will develop new products create new analytical investment models and build web based investment tools with a focus on Retail High Net Worth clients Successful applicants must have knowledge of portfolio optimization techniques asset allocation methods mutual funds trusts multiple asset classes and tax issues Candidates should have 5 years related experience preferably in asset management posses strong project management skills and an advanced Quantitative degree 5An Example of Developer Recruitment Ad Senior Algorithmic trading Developer JavaCC FX trading A top tier Investment Bank is seeking a superb Senior developer to joint their top Algorithmic group FX Responsibilities Hands on Senior Developer System Architect focusing on program and algorithmic trading for the FX business line System architecture and infrastructure including connectivity to market data sources and external execution platforms Program trading including eCommerce strategies such as a crossing engine smart order routing TWAP Algorithmic trading including developing proprietary algos consistent with trader speci cations and supporting Algo Traders and their personal developments Follow corporate change management release management andY project management procedures and use standard SDLC practices Document processes and procedures for level 1 support staff and provide appropriate knowledge transfer Provide level 2 support when necessary BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE Working knowledge of programalgo trading for any product line Working knowledge of the Foreign Exchange business Working knowledge of a vendor algo platform such as FlexTrade PortWare Athena ideally Apama Required Advanced knowledge of Java development Develop Java based solutions from user requirements Analyzedebug complex java applications Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Unix Intermediate to advanced knowledge of SQL Oracle Analyzedebug complex queries and stored procedures Develop basic queries from user requirements DesiredPlus Knowledgeexperience with C C Knowledgeexperience with TIBCO messaging Knowledgeexperience with MQ messaging Knowledgeexperience with m and XSLT Production Application Support experience At least 10 years development experience At least 2 years development experience within the programalgorithmic trading space Great 1 39 and r J 39 For more information or to apply please contact Avi Zelig at azeligitmmicom 6 An example of Quant Researcher Quant Researcher to work at New York Hedge Fund Option to transfer to Asia New York United States of America quot 39 hiring for a who win 39 39 I with new trading ideas for quallLimLiycly 39 39 39 1r A 39quotk 39 L I 39 Lu ucm e Luulcil future My client is a well respected and veteran Quant Trader who will be able to help you to optimise and make the most of your trading strategy You will currently be working on researching trading ideas ideally at a buy side firm and be looking for an opportunity where you will eventually be able to run your own book Candidates with a proven track record will also be considered Requirements Experience of researching a high frequency equity or medium 39equency futuresFX strategy Strong quantitative skills including data analysis and statistics PhD or MS in Computational Finance 39om a leading University Team working and collaborative style of working Interest in the Asian markels If 39 quot an Uppulwllily 39 39 39 39 on year no me last6yrs enu yuul 39 Tanna immediately for consideration SalaryRate 150000 350000 Benefils Job Type Full Time Term Permanent Start Immediate 7 Websites Jobs websites http j obs e nancialcareers WWW j obsinthemoney com http WWW guantfinancej obs com http wwwrecruitassociatescom Famous Career website wwwvau1tc0m Quant study websites


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