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Calculus I

by: Braeden Lind

Calculus I MA 141

Braeden Lind
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Braeden Lind on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MA 141 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/223729/ma-141-north-carolina-state-university in Mathematics (M) at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
7715 3 Review Q I Shbkba meHS 50 Hrs garPace area Aecrcases 0dr L raHL of l CmgWlm fin 4L4 wcuf39e 0 which 4L Aiamder Jeweaseg wAen 114 llama0 5 focm Nah 3 WWW i5 Lb pwmmgo 10 quot S AV39WIRCL area 0 0L Spkefc hert S 1 jamgag ar m Y fadpi 0quot Hun SPKQML WQ r 3 Pom1 PeaQ I39Q i o 0x Cv gu0v cone 5kgpeot mink i7 wHk base realms 3 m anal k65 qm 3p Aja f39er is wwwpr m 0 0LVL 04 Hm i 3 39 9 m yV ln H014 1003 IS 1 LL Wa r ievcl risinj when HM wacr 5 1m Jeep N04 VZEITrFAL f v Voltmm I rajus k rum Suffoge glow are S I anp mj 500 awayA kqlicOPf er 0 MW rm 70 f0 Lx4 helicopjrer sors 17 move V rl ca1y hp wayK a a spiced of I00 10 him ca39Cwack The rah 0 Cka jl of kL Af FADCQ beueem anal A helico f er 01 MinnLes af gw Qe 0w o 9 Tu rad39c 15 Chang 015 140 ah l Ofelfva f39iwy OM Real makes in orJer 0 waxck ne he39iCofavLer a Hub Sa r b Jasan 9 mmM39es a el akboapy ke a soludc max and MM arm a 1 36 maxsvmms In 100w fbdq M351 L i d 7 839 lt39 z a r q 3 3 39 9 I f ig39 t 39 I a b C 0L Q P K 9x E54 3 Rew39ew 200 a 391 0 0 XX 3981 H L absoM E max v m A L w k v M ees VCSQ 7 5 OIL ELI Ll WL W39quot Jr 80 a judm Xr mm 6W mg mm fog on WMUW E323 Cons r lt9 I lt3 wik enX Pam395 3 104 3J aw and gnaw 3 9H The sloFe or 4 kc he CD MCOH nj 4L4 9J4 9L13 ooia lt393 ayqv and 3 H5 395 m 8 Wklc LACW Q W jwanFaes uzmc axisp a m1quot C such LhaF 3ltclt3 anX f cg FI QA OL I QS 1 Suck VIDLM bar C for ack 0 poow nj Punc ons Ignaz lt6 wker e 4A4 unchw 5 Mgreass ry CCVeQ539Oj a focal exr mo4 MULXS qrwz WINS where 4 uncutam I5 Omane beXoKq a rm7554401 Po n3 9 fx ix quot1 2 70 lzg0UXLl zOz I I 9 CalCumfe Lxe VQULQquot of 70 Heidi17 I m45 M56 Z H8507R5 i rm 1e when PPrOO rqe 9 lim Km ix q 11m X K 1quot 1 age and X39Wquot 2 Wquot 1W 103521 1m ks h ilj 1 7 K 3ao elm ZN239 g I C05 W2C ZgtDQ I X l 5n 77k 7738 3 Review Pa 3 M L M m I I CON39HAM XgtI le 9 lm 3571065 C cxgt jwh X sjnx X O X397O L3 1 1 X gt X jwm 9 11px COS x 2 70 1 7 0 r l l Cw 6L any avg 30 6 50 x 9 C 391 574027 a we mumbcr Skck VJ 4Lu junV1 04quot iu number 02111 5 revfroeal CMLC 395 A Small 15 0 53ch 39 lxg M is CiOSes m4 m Pasw mm but y 0 k Ofl39grlL I D A V cqndlt win base on Hm 1 4 has i f s upper I a VCr Hceg on M cuvvz H 1 I Final A2 maximum PermmmLe o smcL a Padange Apldcuc wHALf Bomus skew Whi w 1 h 1 In x a mi m are be mx Pa c rn rm 35 co p n o Poswm erWS MIX exPmn I a 2a 13 29s AER m 4065 00 auxL 0 ha 6 quotA39f ej f j Ju POSJHVC Fined EXam Ratquot9W P05quot 725 Ll MMLVMI 0quot 4 3 5 A X q X G S x 4 9 V4423 M 2L5L 3xa 3 9 Six LX Hslk 3 knowm if J t quot X a a law a I m c k X 16 COS X 1445an gi xx g Ax x3H CD km A Fina EXAM Relaw p054 Te Ll sovn 43 Q S 1 5 m J36 Costs 139 5 9 wz ztsccB m m z Jaka o x secc9 lain2T l ckcw 55an I C Iquot W7 bown H x J an 1138 MA 15669 0 1 5 1T 9 T g x 41 J sec O w x539 31 4 g 56c C9 4quot 4 sec Jung9 g 41 o 3911 g lt L a 1 2 8 an 65 Cay t 0 56C 6 g lt 11quot w 1 quot 1 s S fan lt9 H I 95 1 90 5 0 loot Ma a g M Mquot a O l g u aul3bukall4 o O at 5 3 I 7 5 3 39 1quot 933433 ili 4 S 3 a 1 339 3 XX 45 3 lt vans 39gt jx5 c an gt seem on w t gt 3 Secg 1 DR cu r IUa m g ranQ l R quotNFLI A t 6 amp Jec Q an 95 474 20 an 9 014 sec g quotp 50 acv cmo 0 he Qz g M fang I l1 6aquA k 409 L secg Mm 09 6L 56c 15 Vania Sec 185 Fl 0quot 26 we so KNOW ii l 1739 14 Ax Mafia i xtq E i Ll3 Ha xknx XHWX39HJ i Mam 7M 1L A E m Bow 39 xHMx M 7639 HM 0 13 X HX2 z A MM 8 0 namerah must Le eim 01 Ha 3 gt 336 Agtca BCKH UHBLX 01A43933 gt 1 AB 67 ampAE 7AB 5LB 4 01AB EL B gt I g 239 A gzy l I a gm N LVVX i xm Hg X l xa 1 l 1 39 quot0 5 1 Ax S S Ax 6 9 Zeal A wawwg m 1 lamquot J I If n 0M I w a alX H Ffn lxal C Cased nd RCWCLJ so u HOn 393 4 J 9 539 X 4H x3l A I3 Car 1 RePaM M x xl Xquotlb x quot I39LWG 7Mmrc Mu A015 no paohr AJ gt J M 1303446 CxH ka39 2c x m Runeradon gym A 3 BU WM 0th AX3 BXL 168 x3l ka Acx381gtzl Weak 41023 b39x3Lltxlw8x39 AC S 5 36 539 gtc2 BDH aw L BD IbAzHg 3 A3 IbB3gt 7 8 O 3 a 5x Hx we 33 3 4 2 ix x J z x m lam kence 3 R bx rtix H8 x 33 AX S63 4 2 Az3 Ax Xlxa39l x x3 Xe lt31 1393Ax 36 A 53 x 2 gm 31m Ix axquot g ax AX 39 xllb XX 3 8 x32 W 121 u x l A Axdx n axquot 4 J 1 6 mm M 739 3 l x 31QlXI x 4 hatl 3 tan 39C m a 1 m a i hv A v Ra EXAM Keviem SDU Hon IL cos x g T Ax Id u51nX HInx Au aux L J l u I 39 m m m V quotaxl in i39l39l39ejf nJ r L q Sally4 A H A 6454 H r 2 Y 2quot r5 cos 9 Jury r3316 H 9 Hang H A k A I 4er r 12171 Jo xl OIZ Jigx3 T 6 sin l 3 39VllaCosla H059 X LlSiAG 5 44 Hun9 gt 13 139 d9 LI 056 9 5amp5 gower Hquot 10 X 14548 JD 0 152 nt9 0 osm9 gt 90 of r ta 4 1 45mg 3 Jingtigt9l a 910 lquot 3 g V b X AX quot g H6058 L COSB o 0 KW 47571 4X 14 1 l 0 g C05 8 39A F C0519 3 G s29 0 5319 7 i 08 a8 Iu SM a ICosw 9 1r 5 90 as 18319 6 n4 W 2 M W Final Exam Raw 50lui0 uzga 40L Al icoslg 0149 11 2 g R 40 I COS KCDS 1919 0 I v 70 39 ismaegt 39igcosuolbt 9F 3 39 39 aswesww b 1 quot1 3 8 O f39 5Sin0gt 5 quot2 czo gigo M 5330143 I l lt3 g A J Q lk X1H 2axu x H 39 L 43 800nm 23 za 392 A X a BCXL A XaL BXAs xx a 3 Xaltx a gt Awe X HHx a Hl 003 5 numerm or s e704 I39 I 40 80 AX AA BxaB Ana a3 4sz hhs Aggro 7 AtB AA 33 1 3 23 343 gt Lugg 5 81 I t q 4 39 50 H q ConHAM Mk Pow F l39ru EX am Review SoIMHoN gt I A n c S l x Li q A x 39 x x x39amp 4 H a lxal XCI 39 0 0 J 1n2ampl Inlzalj C L LT39jnIE lJrc 3 a 39 ID x Z 7 Ax m 45 0L 1amp su sf u un 9 am 4m SALSIquotW A L CHLL but Work lg n xl f la axlx J 3i LVW 0094 3 3L 71 VIM a 7 H 3 34 l 3 I ax i d Lb 39fC 39 MA 141 002 REVIEW SHEET FOR TEST 2 Take the practice test at www4ncsuedulaku1tz141html Ignore the Extra Credit 28 The Derivative as a Function Know the de nition of a derivative box 2 on p 155 You will be asked to write this down precisely Make sure you can use the de nition to nd the derivative of various functions p 166 19 23 25 amp httpwww4ncsueduNlakurtzDe niti0nDerivativeWSpdf Find where a function is not differentiable p 167 31 34 29 What Does 1 say about 139 Be able to look at a graph of f and tell whether f X f Xgt0 or not Be able to look at a graph of f and tell whether fX is increasingdecreasing and if f Xgt0 or not Examples p 173 1311 31 Derivatives of Polynomials and Exponential Functions p 191 357913 32 The Product and Quotient Rules p 198 371121 34 Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions Know the chart on p 216 Be able to nd the derivatives of tan sec csc cot using the quotient rule 35 The Chain Rule p 228 719 23 27 41 43 36 Implicit Differentiation Be able to nd an equation ofatangent line eX p 238 15 17 19 p 238 1 51113 37 Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions p 245 35 Be able to use logarithmic differentiation eX p 246 27 31 33 35 MISCELLANEOUS PROBLEMS p 255 Concept Check 12 COMMON MATH KNOWLEDGE TO KNOW FOR THE TEST sin cos of 0 pi2 pi 2pi etc Sin2XCOSZXl MA 141 Test 3 Review Sheet Test 3 covers 3846 Section 38 Linear Approximations This WILL be on your test 0 Know the linear approximation of f at a p248 0 Examples p 252 5 6 15 17 Section 41 Related Rates 0 Try both of the related rates worksheets 0 Examples p267 ll 13 25 Section 42 Maximum and Minimum Values 0 Examples p 275 3 4 37 Section 43 Derivatives and the Shapes of Curves 0 You should be able to find the domain of a given function find its intervals of increasedecrease find its maxsmins where it is concave updown its in ection points and be able to draw it 0 Examples p 287 19 23 29 30 Section 45 Indeterminate Forms and L Hospital s Rule 0 Be able to find limits of indeterminate products powers etc 0 Before using L Hospital s Rule you will need to verify that it applies 0 Examples p 303 5911 25 35 37 Section 46 Optimization Problems 0 Examples p 311 9 l2 and problems we worked in class


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