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Educational Testing and Measurement

by: Ebony Nikolaus

Educational Testing and Measurement EDP 560

Marketplace > North Carolina State University > Educational Psychology > EDP 560 > Educational Testing and Measurement
Ebony Nikolaus
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ebony Nikolaus on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDP 560 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/223736/edp-560-north-carolina-state-university in Educational Psychology at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Interpretive Exercises An interpretive exercise consists of a set of data or information which we39ll call a display followed by a series of problems or questions having answers that are dependent upon the information given Interpretive Exercises Displays may include Prose paragraphs Numerical data Charts graphs diagrams or maps Pictures drawings or photographs Cartoons or caricatures Lists of words or symbols Mathematical formulas Musical scores or excerpts Audio or video recordings Poems short stories or essays Articles from newspapers magazines or journals Quotations adages or scriptures Specimens rocks plants animals chemicals art etc Interpretive Exercises The questions or problems which accompany the display may be presented in one or more of the following formats Short answer or completion items Alternative response questions Matching exercises Multiplechoice questions Essay questions Interpretive Exercises Advantages Allows you to test knowledge through the use of media that might be encountered in everyday situations eg charts pictures etc Measure more complex knowledge through the analysis of data Greater depth Interpretive Exercises Disadvantages Difficult to construct Must match test items with instructional goals and objectives Possibly a heavy demand on reading skill Essa items The following are some objectives for which essay items are appropriate WWNP P39PPN pd c Draw warranted conclusions from evidence Interpret a written selection art work etc Decide what information is needed to solve a problem Formulate hypotheses Determine an author s frame of reference Express a reasoned judgment and defend it Compare and contrast methods selections authors etc Identify the assumptions implicit in Integrate knowledge from related areas Evaluate the worth merit utility of Restricted vs Extended Response 0 Restricted limits both the content and response Similar to what can be measured with an interpretive exercise but requires the supply rather than selection of the answer Extended allows the student to select select organize integrate and evaluate information Linn amp Miller on extended response questions Neither a hardline measurement position that rejects extended essays as an approach to measurement nor one that ignores the dif culties of scoring seems to contribute much to the valid measurement of student achievement It seems more sensible to identify the complex skills we want to measure formulate questions that elicit these skills evaluate the results as reliably as we can and then use these admittedly limited data as the best evidence we have available pg 231 Pros amp Cons of Essays 0 Measures learning 0 Difficult to score outcomes that cannot reliably be measured by other 0 Tlme consummg to means score 0 Emphasis on higher level thinking skills lelted sampllng 0 Ease of construction Directly measures writing skills Essay items Specify parameters and limitations In 100 words one page 3 paragraphs etc List the advantages and disadvantages of Describe three reasons why the Nebraska Cornhuskers are the greatest college football team of all time Try for several short essays rather than one large one allows you to sample mastery of several objectives Be as specific in stem as possible If assessing mastery be careful allowing choice of essays from list Don t use essays to measure objectives more easily measured by objective items Scoring essays If it is not in the objectives don t score it Spellinggrammar etc should not count for a course that is not teaching that Handwritingvisual appeal should not count unless it is a design or ergonomics course Score anonymously if possible Score all essay 1 and then all essay 2 etc for consistency Develop a speci c rubric to help you in awarding points 5 points for successfully defining educational psychology 15 points for describing an application of operant conditioning successfully 15 points for evaluating a classroom in terms of Bloom s Learning for Mastery 65 points for listing 5 reasons why Seinfeld was the greatest show ever created Share rubric with STUDENTS before the test Performance Assessment 0 Also referred to as authentic assessment or alternative assessment 0 Process may be illdefined in that there may be multiple effective solutions 0 Best suited for the creation of a product eg model city painting invention Advantages Of Performance Assessment Motivation increases Teach to real life Assessment and educational product are the same External validity Utilize energy Student understanding of their work increases Tap higher level thinking amp problem solving Disadvantages of Performance Assessment Often contrived assessments Increased cost material Increased time More dif cult to score reliably Capture only a small part of academic achievement More things to consider for classroom management and planning Performance Assessment Developing a good rubric is the key to having a quality performance assessment Scoring Rubrics Share With students beforehand Break them into meaningful facetssubscales related to learning objectives Weight each facetsubscale according to instructional emphasis amp desired outcomes Clearly define score points throughout the scale Be able to clearly describe projects that vary from poor to excellent Scoring Rubrics Some common errors in scoring Bias errors scoring is too generous severe or middle of the road Halo effect scoring in uenced by knowledge of the student Logical error scoring in uenced by beliefs about particular traits or characteristics eg impulsive students more error prone


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