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Transportation Systems Engineering

by: Jermain Lindgren

Transportation Systems Engineering CE 501

Marketplace > North Carolina State University > Civil Engineering > CE 501 > Transportation Systems Engineering
Jermain Lindgren
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jermain Lindgren on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CE 501 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/223742/ce-501-north-carolina-state-university in Civil Engineering at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Transportation Systems Analysis mpur DiSCRIPYKDN AND spzcmcnmN o 5v TEMS METHODOLOGY Collective inquiry for decision making Interdisciplinary team Steps de ne problem identify objectives synthesize systems analyze systems optimize decide plan mmcr AssEssMENr o TPUY 595w chmrznpnmnuu mu mnmzmnr ERR hi hm RN 5 m5 92x NR0 mwsxxhrk x33 fin 5 D Q itvuktxn D R n w Mnnn Main NxLJYF m u w ww 3 09wlzbw lt r u fin ASLSSTbJ lt u 7330 lt mAltPrr1J ZOLA WXTO gnlLdL men cptzu WWOICJMFW 11gt M irh Yggmk 1m A8293 82 r 02 n lwnw W Sgt5 Pw Il39 quotOSCLmWI ADOSLSLDV am Er 73 r 001 1 an Il39 93th T lt14 193 fcsp 9 a f sm 737950 has to ra 3 LN p 1 D D hs nvkrer ltueoOOltmW oo 39ltwwgn row 3 V GEL 2 006 ii 19wa 0 T3quot ITUD n 392333 0 lt0bnx w Abqnlnh Lo got v 9M t 0 2 forqngxrmd r gm w kWh NNR QQRYKV at 3ampnn ksiwko MYU kuw k0 v 4 0 0 b 93 AVVBBSJ knyfA tmqf VO DKKL P y v 5 1 2 1 9ampQF W N w WWQD mlt lt u hxonvo l Dnv I DO MMLES ow 3 lt n 5 ltr o N W rrw N ESSRPV ovp r xme WWW 99gtbo vhsn D ouboiwquot O nu W0 Umkr 0 99V pa HCSH u MM 0 w v lt r0F7N Txxmm kuzxurrf uch 0 00004 WJ h m MFVVOvn p a Th 90 3414 M WIioOuh nm ozh DSKPPLJN Fembw v ACFSKJLA iv m0gt1w w u 3 4 km A55g742m 3 I E 39mr Mo Ls M S D MKsr 4 L 3 S quot Pamsvgwapwye ma Ma Gquot Aff U w k39mz 1 3 44944 375 For 0 TMSFO CL W 5y 5 a 5 a w Dab Service 3 VA au39 9ucAw CleAKwtl MC LQOMs Wus opossi h SofiaInmJ be 1411erer EeVQV C an SYS I39 kAK CM he SEMMhLQ T Ae gt11er we roWLeJ a Slumll sys39l39M assuweg Sewice ct AeMOwcf luvs cnzuql 4Mspor7L Lom ysgt4ws aw WALL more 043 M cho fls Amclrccs S4 7 vaf ex quot ff LvDem op mow rm 154m Ml USEQJ Aevmmcl gateA hIlt 443 74 W Jerur39cn 5 H u g 2ng f f M 3m


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