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Week 5 M,W,F

by: Audrey Notetaker

Week 5 M,W,F HIST225

Audrey Notetaker
GPA 3.0
Intro to American History
Shaun Mooney

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About this Document

Week 5 of lecture notes and discussions!
Intro to American History
Shaun Mooney
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Audrey Notetaker on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST225 at James Madison University taught by Shaun Mooney in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Intro to American History in History at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
1 05 VI VII Advantages of Factory System producecreate goods that boosts worker productivity give each worker an individualized tasks further reduce costs lower prices efficiency goes up could produce goods more cheaply and quickly because tasks were subdivided systematized work process factories w machinery boosted worker productivity problemhow to balance efficiency and production w workers rights textie allows a person to efficiently spin Why was Textile the 1st to help us interest in manufacturing wider availability of raw materials ex cottoncheapslaves new forms of power supply new labor supply of immigrants from Europeans young females ion farms Debate about the Farm of Textile industry in the home or in factories wage labor goodbad should US sti depend on British imports or not BIG ISSUE HOW TO RECONCILE JEFFERSON S VIRTUOUS AGRARIAN REPUBLIC W DEVELOPMENT OF MANUFACTURING women men children all working together die in large saccidents Samuel Slater s Mill pawtucketfirst example Rhode Island System begun Samuel Slater Slater s mill employed families and kids 712 yrs old combining putting out system w factory system only thread when thread was distributed to local homes to be woven into clothes 1st step toward a fullblown factory system success of Slater s mill led to explain on of textile industry in New England Waltham Lowell System put everything under 1 roof spinning waving finishing cloth mill workers mostly young women During the Shift Democracy in 18203 American began to see economy society and political system as democratic Characteristics of 2nd Party System suffrage vote is expandednonlandowning white males how voting is lone is changed of elective offices expands and increases voter participation expandsmore people votepoor parties are evenly matched existence of political parties 2 party system has its roots 107 Key Words amp Concepts Abolitionism more radical William Lord Gamson The Liberator Nat Turner s Rebellion Moral gag ruler proslavery argument paternalism cotton boom structure of southern society westward expansion interesting frontiers roots of Manifest Destiny What is Reform amp How do we Agree on Reforms in the US reform change revolutions of thought in the mess of the public has an effect after a long period of time and the government sees it is fit to change gay rights woman s suffrage child labor can be good or bad necessarilysully born out of good intention sometimes doesn t end that way complicated to define ll Abolition Focus people who were against slavery would still not support a revolt at this time around 1830new strain of abolition emerges based on belief of racial equality previous to this only abolition arguments were based on labor not equality William Loyd Gamson persuaded many Northern Whites to think slavery is wrong and should immediately be endedused bible moral and ethical reasoning unsuccessful up until 18503 the Liberator an antislavery newspaper he made newspaper made NO compromises Fredrick Douglas abolitionist editor made powerful speech the Self Man Made speech about success asks are we solely responsible or do we owe our success Elijah Lovejoy abolitionist editor Nat Turner RebellionNorth American slave revolt Sarah Grimce and Angelicaanti flave speeches lll Tactics Used by Abolitionist moral suasion biblical argument promoted jobs education skills for former slaves promoted selfhelp and mutual aid societies advocated goods produced by nonslave labor ADVOCATED A NO COMPROMISEquot APPROACHPOLARIZED IV Development of ProSlavery Argument 1780318203 slavery is a necessary evilquot 1830318603 slavery is foundation for southern prosperity and democracy religious grounds slavery is justified in bible scientific grounds blacks are inferior humanitarian grounds slavery is more humane than capitalism 109 Key Words amp Concepts Westward expansion intersecting frontiers Roots of Manifest Destiny Oregon Trail Mexican War Republic of Textas Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Wllmot Proviso free labor Slave Power gold rush Free Soil Party political antislavery Compromise of 1850 irrepressible conflict interpretation of the Civil War needless war interpretation of the Civil War constitutional political crisis interpretation of the Civil War Missouri Compromise 1820 Nullification Crisis 1833 Schism in abolition movement 1840 effect of westward expansion on slavery issue Westward Expansion and Slavery are linked don t have the issue of slavery becoming this national pressing issue as you add states west you create a political problem forces issues constantly slave state need a following free state abolitionist do not help this southerns don t want to compromise want votes Popular Sovereignty American citizens who didn t own slaved themselves bought into propaganda that slaves had a socalled better life ignorance of slavery northerns don t know or care not directly impacted so why should they care ll Demographics 1 of Southerners are large planters 3 are planters 20 own slaves 75 don t actually own slavesfind ways to rent slaves or watch children 3 free blacks lll Northerners begin to say that slavery is bad for the economy have to eliminate it because it creates a system where wage labors will never rise early 19th century cotton boom led southerners to support slavery more vehemently southern society is very stratifiedtop 3 owned pretty much everything won t give that up state of South Carolina was controlled by the same families up until 1860 Civil War completely reorders that Slavery is a horrid and brutal condition separates you from your family death sentence in lower southhappens to thousands and thousands of people offices of slave dealers were familiar sights on the streets of PreCivil war southern cities and towns showing that slavery was not just a social system but a business deeply woven in the southern south IV Alexandria was known as the largest slave trade operation in USoutside of DC center of everything Lincoln Memorial today is where slaves were traded V Northerners being to switch from a don t care attitude to wanting to abolish it photos printed such as handcuffs and whippings Vl Rise of Cotton Production amount of labor to manage massive increase in raw production of cotton cotton boom 18201850requires thousands and thousands of labor create a system of control tough to control becomes very brutal and harsh slave and slave cabins on a prosperous plantation slavery is an issue that takes a long time to come to a head don t go to war against slavery go to war to unite Vll Roots of concept of Manifest Destiny both ideological and political roots sense of America s special or divine mission ideological idea of extending democracy political going to expand whether wanted or not socialeconomic component sense that America s economic system was superior desire for farmland harbors LAND sense that expansion would protect national security protect own national interest widespread racism US has a duty to regenerate backward people of America image Daniel Boone escorting settlers he represents Moses historian to send people westward 105 Slavery discussion Linguistic analysis ex cookie and weaving southern dialect comotations not welleducated Problems of this type of interview white unemployed writers do not know background lingustics biasinterviewer racismblacks resenting whites vice versa agegender interviewer could alter fear of retaliation audience memory rememberaudiencedifferent perceptions calhounflip flops throughout entireconvulsed argument gov t should give liberty vs should control liberty Fizhugh white population superior murder wivescriminalsby bringing them to americadoing a favor slaveowners become lazy have to do work clear about what he believes nonslave owners aspire to be slave owners provides argument w way of life


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