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American Politics and Government

by: Miss Birdie Zemlak

American Politics and Government PS 201

Marketplace > North Carolina State University > Political Science > PS 201 > American Politics and Government
Miss Birdie Zemlak
GPA 3.55


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Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Birdie Zemlak on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PS 201 at North Carolina State University taught by Alston in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/223784/ps-201-north-carolina-state-university in Political Science at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
o purpose of convention 0 occurs every 4 years its purpose is to certify formally the presidential and vicepresidential nominees for each party 0 platform is a document that is drafted at the national convention which cont party principals and philosophies on issues 0 raceethics which party has super delegates Democratic Party votes on an individual basis and does not follow the vote of thei local delegate at the national convention that is reserved for democratic party o icias 0 0 characteristics that people use which candidate they39re gonna choose 0 personal attributes shorter nameslonger names hair race ethnicity relig gender geography and social backgrounds closer to themselves in these categories the want to choose someone who is close to their own beliefs 0 o caucus gathering about a particular candidate that this group wants to supp this is how candidates that represent political parties are selected money amp politics what is a political action committee a private group that raises and distributes funds for use in election campaigns PAC limitations on donations 5000 per year and up to a maximum of 65500 on a peryear basis 108200 from individual donors total lt limit why are they limited on donations gt if a rich person wanted to win they could tl money at it it keeps the field fair and doesn39t give a richer person an unfair advantage 0 PAC must contribute to 5 political candidates 0 0 Different types of interest groups 0 agricultural and business gt like National Petroleum Refiners Association and the American Farm Bureau Federation labor groups gt AFLCIO United Mine Workers professional associations gt American Bar Association American Medical Association interest groups gt The Natural Resources Defense Council The Sierra Club ideological groups gt People for The American Way and National Taxpayer s Union and educationalpublic sectorsgt American Enterprise Institute Harvard University 0 the most significant among these are the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees AFSCME 0 0 know what an interest group is lt an interest group is when individuals organize to in uence the government s programs and policies 0 organizational components of interest groups leadership money an agency or of ce and members freerider problem what is it those who enjoy the bene ts of collective goods bene ts sought by groups that an broady available and cannot be denied to nonmembers but did not participate in acquit them 0 who are typically members of interest groups 0 higher levels of education people with higher incomes management of professone occupations they re have the time and money to spend on the groups it provides them i personal contacts that can bene t their careers 0 0 what are some of the benefits in joining an interest group 0 Material goods services or money solidary friendship networking purposive ai informational newsletters and periodicals done in order to gtto attract and retain members 0 o incumbent o someone who is a political candidate running for reeection someone who is alrealt holding that position and wants to keep it the next term 0 o porkbarrel o legislation that allows a certain unnecessary projects to be funded in a particular di so local representatives can win reeection 0 o logrolling o legislators meet up and decide together whether they are going to vote for or agair bill or policy 0 0 know types of committees and what they do 0 standing committees gt power to propose and write legislature each standing committee represents a major department or agency in the executive branch 0 select committees gt they hold hearings and serve as focal points for issues they charged with considering they do not have the power to present to Congress they highi or investigate a particular problem or issue 0 joint committees gt made up of members from both parts of bicamera legislatur there are 4 joint committees economic taxation library and printing They are permane but do not have the power to present to legislature 0 conference committees gt 3 members from each chamber form a committee to discuss a dispute about a bill chosen by speaker of the house 0 0 0 know how a bill becomes a law more than two sentences at least a paragraph c A bill is first drafted and given a clerk number in one of the chambers of congress then sent into committees and subcommittees and amended if necessary it then 901 a committee hearing then either tabled or sent back to committees and subcommittee a markup It39s then reported out then calendared then goes into a floor reading anc debate on the bill and amendments it could then turn into a filibuster but if it doesn39t i brought up for a full vote if passed it is sent to the other chamber of congress and the process repeats After they have come to a full vote it39s then an engrossed bill and i39 brought to a conference committee vote by houses after that if it39s passed it39s sent 39 the President and if he passes it it39s a LAW if he vetoes it then it can be overridden by 23rd vote by Congress Vetos know the different ones 2 not lineitem for 10 days then it becomes a law veto when the president denies a bill from becoming a law expresseddelegated powers expressed powers are powers granted to Congress and the President listed in Art Section 8 of the Constitution 0 delegated powers are powers that are listed in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitu39 that are given to Congress 0 0 executive orderexecutive agreement 0 executive order when the president issues a rule or regulation that has the effect formal status of legislation 0 executive agreement when the President makes an agreement with another cour that has the same force of a treaty but does not have to have the quotadvice and consentquot 0 Congress 0 o purposes of the VP and the First Lady 0 Purpose of the Vice President pull for the presidential candidate during election is the Senate39s Pro Temp takes over the president39s role if the president cannot perform duties has to do with the campaign 0 First Lady tradition but now she is usually supposed to represent a cause or an organization to make her look like she39s actually doing something 0 0 what is a bureaucracy what does a bureaucrat do 0 bureaucracy the complex structure of of ces tasks rules and principles of organization that are employed by all large scale institutions to coordinate the work of thl personnel o bureaucrats maintain paper for accountability interpret the law and implement ti objectives of the organization 0 0 Different 3 types of classifications of agencies 0 0 Independent Regulatory Commissions regulate some aspect of society like the regulates the broadcast media 0 Government corporation is designed to run like a business and hopefully producs profit like The USPS and Amtrak 0 Independent Agencies exist outside the structure of the Cabinet departments an carry out functions that are too costly for the private secret like NASA 0 0 iron triangles vs issue networks 0 iron triangles are the stable cooperative relationship that often develops among congressional committee an administrative agency and one or more supportive interest groups Not a of these relationships are triangular but the iron triangle is the most typic 0 0 issue network a loose network of elected leaders public officials activists and in groups drawn together by a specific policy issue


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