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Design and Analysis Of Algorithms

by: Jaden Jakubowski

Design and Analysis Of Algorithms CSC 505

Marketplace > North Carolina State University > ComputerScienence > CSC 505 > Design and Analysis Of Algorithms
Jaden Jakubowski
GPA 3.94

Matthias Stallmann

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About this Document

Matthias Stallmann
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaden Jakubowski on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSC 505 at North Carolina State University taught by Matthias Stallmann in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/223814/csc-505-north-carolina-state-university in ComputerScienence at North Carolina State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
CSC 505 Spring 2005 A Search A Practical Variant of Dijkstra s Algorithm page l of The generic Dijkstra plus fudge factor77 algorithm is often referred to as A search De ne d u du and assume that the RELAX algorithm is rewritten as RELAxu v w newCost lt7 du wuv 7 if d v gt newCost then d v lt7 newCost u lt7 u endif end RELAX Now we want to prove the following assume 0 where t is the desired destination and let 6su the total cost of the shortest path from s to H d u 7 2 68 u for all vertices u E0 If d u lt 00 there is a path from s to u with total cost d u 7 and u is Ms predecessor on that path 3 If u E S in the current tree then d u 7 6sul These three together imply that when t E S the algorithm we have found the shortest path from s to t The rst two items are easy to prove inductively using the same arguments as for Dijkstra s algorithm For the third item consider the point in the algorithm when u is chosen to be added to S iiei it has the smallest d u value among all vertices not in 5 As in the proof of Dijkstra s algorithm let P be an arbitrary path from s to u and let Pij denote the part of P between vertices i and j Then wP wPs wzy wPyu where my is the rst edge that leaves the set S 2 d m 7 wzy wPy by induction iiei using the fact that d m 7 68 1 S cost of an arbitrary path from s to z 2 d m 7 wz y 7 this will be true as long as 7 is always a ower bound on t 6 total cost of a path om y to u as for example when Euclidian distance from 2 to t 2 d y 7 because d z 7 wz y was a pos sible value for newCost when I was visited 2 d u 7 hey we chose u as the next vertex to add to S of course u and y could be the same vertex Important this proof works as long as for any pair of vertices u and v 7 is either a correct or an underestimate of 6uvl 080 505 Fall 2001 Notes from 16 NOV 2001 M 3136 1 of 3 pioo Team guts D Inva aMs r quottree gamma gamma Prim s Magusd b 3ksms A SH mat wquot 8 a MS nun me wuss pctoet 5 s wwmms We nu moot as v wk v 1 M MM Mons wvlt Ota ksha st ol l39h 50 time t a he 0ng 3quot arcs QT egg 2 2 s 2 39ErwmrcL m Equot k k a D FS LGLK ProWR 5 a U 3 Coo39139 59W L verfoc Ts 0M3 beiwm 39s 9mnkkt5 3 CSC 505 Fall 2001 Notes from 16 NOV 2001 page 2 C3 Remus ovx ndmcmm K E ltE E K N Wm 39em Min nd N 2 B M 534M MM 5 U 5 W K E KE K3 E K mt Walks S m KL OJ 2mm ob Ts 90 but 5 4quot 39 W 9 Amam w quotKE K 0K Marc E K quot MA m quot stuesm ex acb u of smut vd39o m Solu w C a 2 smdM x j 1 080 505 Fall 2001 Notes from 16 Nov 2001 page 3 C 6 Shine pmpelh es Gupk G 5 smC VQCj QA 1 P o The ciag 035 S CC s has CL wdwlf CL We erfh CQSbMe V HcKS 06 we SCC 3 each 0m lt9 3ch MiGSQMS cm SCC 0 xjogfgs vm C SemlcmnededL agt Me was a 9ch M MM QM veri es quotIn W 30 13 Suepose M s 0 Suck pamomi let P bake paxkof the Sec MW the Mosf Vefh ces Let X be a vafcx MT M PM 21 xe sec mswgi 5 6 X Lu Y be aka as We at cande M3 ewesscrws 03 x Mot E be we rst fm39ex 4RQCDMK MV 6 M SMQSSMS Them YX amLXZ Musk be 813618 of he scc ampagcmtmamp ivw chow of 9 as Nutmeg we km Hwai Y amt Z extsk because 3 ts Smlcomedesi CW3 ve x muS r am he a pmcsassm or successorof Q m hem We SCC 65m 6 actgotta If 6amp3 WW cmutcLCvxeA both de W Successors mam mucug acacia xwudutvu6 X awk ai W Extsfmce sf VCLH L IS G SemCmmed fL This pad Cs ens 1390 amp0 dimd g Choose M5 podf 0 Ierftcgs u Miv ML at CK MAL CV he air Scds 1 Cw CV quot33 11W bf namtsa If CK Qrece39oles CV on m Ja y muffmes obvimgo Oka M mo V In 5 mamp vice verm7 Cy wade Cw g


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