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Oceanography Lab

by: Ian Davis

Oceanography Lab MEA 210

Ian Davis
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ian Davis on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MEA 210 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/223855/mea-210-north-carolina-state-university in Marine Science at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Chapter 5 Facilities Jordan Hall After originally being housed in Withers Hall MEAS moved into the newly constructed Jordan Hall in 1989 Other occupants of the building include the College of Natural Resources the Water Resource Research Institute and the Natural Resources Branch Library MEAS occupies or has access to approximately 39000 ft2 ofthe usable space in Jordan with a usage distribution as shown in Fig 1 Jordan Hall Teacnlng computer labs Conference roorns l Storage Envlrorlmerltal roorns MlSceHarleous Fig 1 Distribution of MEAS space use in Jordan Hall Much of the teaching space is under university control but used primarily by MEAS Conference rooms are shared spaces used principally by Jordan occupants Research 111 MEAS expanded to rental space in the Research 111 building on Centennial Campus in 1994 The gain of approximately 5000 ft2 of office and computer lab space for meteorology faculty and students fostered the growth of research programs and has permitted close interactions with the National Weather Service which moved its Raleigh office into RIII at the same time The State Climate Of ce moved to R111 in 1996 Varsity Drive storage and staging facility A 6704 ft2 facility was completed in ca 1985 to be used primarily for the storage of oceanographic gear and cruise staging There are 5247 ft2 of enclosed storage space and 1457 ft2 of work area including that for eld electronics preparation There is a fencedin yard for storage of vehicles boats and large gear The Center for Marine Sciences and Technology CMAST The 51000 ft2 CMAST building in Morehead City was completed in 1997 PAMS and principally MEAS has two faculty offices an electronics laboratory and a general purpose laboratory as dedicated space PAMSMEAS is the prime user of wet and dry staging rooms off loading dock machine shop and instrument platform on roof used as a base station for remote data telemetry network Shared space includes a teaching laboratory loading dock with walkin cooler utility room with DI water supply and autoclave and televideo conference facilities Meteorologicalatmospheric science towers and suppOIt facilities MEAS has towers for atmospheric studies at Mt Mitchell 80 ft tall and Black Mountain 25 ft tall The Mt Mitchell tower is in disrepair and unsafe for use A cabin 20 X 20 and two storage buildings 8 X 12 each are at that site The Black Mountain tower and a support trailer 8 X16 are usable The affiliated NC State Climate Office operates 16 automated weather stations which are listed below Station Location Latitude l on gitude Elevation ID Degrees Degrees Feet 201 Aurora 3536232 7671630 0 203 Castle Hayne 3432107 7791611 43 204 Clayton 3566979 7849260 350 205 Clinton 3502218 7828195 166 206 Fletcher 3542721 8255888 2067 207 Jackson Springs 3518782 7968437 625 208 Kinston 3530288 7757306 95 209 Raleigh 3572816 7867981 382 210 Laurel Springs 3640232 8129711 3009 211 LewistonWoodville 3613240 7717552 61 213 Oxford 3630339 7861662 500 214 Raleigh 215 Reidsville 3638152 7969982 858 216 Rocky Mount 3589295 7767996 88 217 Salisbury 3569744 8062186 703 220 Waynesville 3548752 8296768 2755 221 Whiteville 3441347 7879230 89 224 Goldsboro 3537935 7804480 79 Computing facilities The department does not operate computing facilities for research purposes Research computing resources are provided to faculty and students through one of the following 1 University computing center the University Computing Center provides supercomputing resources to individual investigators and students through a centralized scheduling system More detailed description of the Campus Supercomputing facility can be found at httpwwwncsueduitdhpcmainphp 2 College computing facility The college of Physical and Mathematical Sciences maintain computer labs throughout the college including several located in Jordan Hall These computer labs and the Beowulf Linux Cluster are the primary source of academic computing for undergraduate and graduate students Students also utilize college computing resources for research More details of the college computing facility can be found at httpwww hams new A J nhn 3 Individual investigator supported computer labs Some faculty members establish and maintain their own research computers The department has designated Room 115 in Research III as one of the centralized storage facility for faculty funded computers and data storage systems 4 Off campus computing facilities Investigator can also apply for supercomputing resources at national supercomputing centers such as those at NCAR NOAA NASA and DOE The department has one system administrative staff whose is primarily responsible for supporting administrative and teachingrelated computing Investigators who are maintaining their own grantfunded computing facilities provide resources to support their own system administration personnel Analytical facilities MEAS analytical facilities are housed in Jordan Hall Funds for support are derived primarily from research grants and secondarily from contract work They include Biogeochemistry Laboratory N Blair J3135 4104 Equipment includes Thermo Delta V IRMS interfaced to an elemental analyzer for C N O and S isotopic analyses of solid samples and a gas chromatography combustion system for compoundspecific C N and H isotopic measurements The laboratory also houses gas and liquid chromatographs and sample preparative systems for natural abundance 14Cmeasurements In conjunction with the Sedimentological laboratory Leithold J1113 there is joint management of a Nicolet FTIR and a BeckmanCoulter particle surface area analyzer Phytoplankton Ecology Laboratory D Kamykowski J4121 Instrumentation here is used to study phyoplankter behavior biochemistry and ocean color Equipment includes an Expertvision Motion Analysis System for video recordings of moving objects so that they can then be analyzed for individual and population velocities and interrelationships among the objects an Iatroscan MK 6 hybrid thin layercolumn chromatography system equipped with ame ionization and ame photometric detectors for biochemical analyses and Satlantic HyperSAS and HyperPRO shipbased optical instruments for hyperspectral ocean color analysis Radiochemistry Laboratory D DeMaster J4108 4112 Used for the measurement of natural abundance radionuclides eg 21OPb 234Th this facility has a perchloric acid fume hood for HF total dissolution studies plus conventional hoods The radiochemical counting laboratory has a B39counting system with 4 detectors an xcounting system with 8 surface barrier detectors and germanium well and germanium planar ydetectors Stable Isotope Laboratory W Showers supervisor J4105 4153 Principal assets are a MAT 251 IRMS with a Kiel Autocarbonate prep device a Delta XL with peripherals for isotopic analyses of C N H and O and a Lachet Quickchem ow injection analyzer for NH4 N0339 PO4393 SiOz and Cl39 measurements This is the only analytical facility in the department that has statesupport for a technician X ray Diffraction S Stoddard supervisor as of 506 M Kimberley current J2128 The MEAS Powder Xray Diffraction Laboratory houses a Rigaku DMaXB Series Automated Diffraction System with a computerized library Future space and needs Jordan 11 addition The approximately 40000 GSF Jordan addition currently under construction should be available for Fall semester 2007 classes MEAS space 8200 ftz in Jordan II includes wet instrument and computer teaching laboratories Jordan I has no wet teaching lab space and thus courses such as the Introduction to Oceanography Laboratory MEA 210 which currently uses Paleontology teaching space will benefit greatly The instrument lab space was designed to meet the needs of meteorology and oceanography for next generation instrumentation dry lab courses The larger meteorology computer lab in JII will significantly ease the enrollment limitations experienced in the current Jordan I space The current space J6124 which serves multiple sections of MBA courses 213 214 313 314 422 422L 443 444 493 can presently accommodate 30 students The new space in Jordan II is planned to handle 50 MEAS will also have a classroom 60 seats and three research laboratories Current plans are for the consolidation of the Biogeochemistry Blair and Sedimentology Leithold laboratories in that space Jordan 11 will have a lOOseat auditorium which is much needed on this side of the campus Flex Building At this time MEAS is to acquire 12000 ft2 of space in the Flex Building at the comer of Avent Ferry and Varsity Drive when it is vacated after the current Bond construction cycle in 2008 Flex currently has office and highquality laboratory space Present MEAS plans are to move Research 111 inhabitants over to Flex to release funds paid for rent The Field Instrumentation lab currently in the Varsity facility will be moved into Flex to provide higher quality better secured space for more users Because of the easy access to the labs and their quality MEAS has proposed moving fieldwork intensive environmental chemistry labs into this space Jordan Hall back ll WRRI space and The Teaching Commons Approximatelyl500 ft2 will be freed in 2008 when the Water Resource Research Institute moves from the first oor of Jordan to the Flex Building This space has been requested by MEAS to be used as a commons area for students and teachers There is currently no space available to MEAS in Jordan Jordan 11 or Research 111 for this purpose and we believe the community spirit of the department suffers because of its absence Current unmet needs Despite the excellent longterm prospects for muchneeded space gains there are immediate issues that haven t been addressed adequately The most general involves the replacement of retiring faculty who in many cases haven t occupied much space because of reduced research efforts by new faculty with more substantial needs The most significant problem at present is the lack of adequately environmentally controlled space for highend computation


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