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WK 2 9

by: Mariah Swisher
Mariah Swisher
GPA 3.016

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About this Document

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One Day of Notes
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This 6 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Mariah Swisher on Friday January 2, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to a course at University of Pittsburgh taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views.


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Date Created: 01/02/15
WK 2 99 1215 1157 PM Theo es Research methods in developing theories Humans ability ltd in soling problems Everything has its flaws Human beings at times see things differently research bias gets into interpretation we do research interpret 3 methods to research a official statistics b self report data c victim data or victim studies Official Statistics Stats gathered from official sources criminal justice agencies Stats acquired from police depts Everytime crime is reported data collected Age sex description ethnicity FBI has ability to get stats from all depts Uniform crime report UCR Widely used form of stats Dif columns ages type of crime of males UCR People under 18 involved in 17 percent of all arrests Police dept are reaction agency 0 28 percent of all arrests for index crimes rape robbery burglary Crime is saying young persons activity more crimes than adults and greater of worst offences Property crime 16 yrs peak Violent offenses 18 yr avg UCR problems a If crime isn39t reported it doesn39t get factored in Dark Figure Data Looking at stats don39t know whats not reported If no arrest is made for persons who commited crime then we wont have info about perpetrator Only 20 pert Of all reported crimes result in arrests b How much data you get about the perp Collect age race gender height Don39t get info about socioeconomic background psych history dependency neglect abuse Generally shows that crime is lower socioeconomic urban phenomenon minority areas Viewed that crime was bc poverty Police dept policy may impact if arrests happen they cant enforce every crime 0 What crimes are imp enough to enforce Self report Bc of flaws in official stats created Self report data questions interviews questionnaires Benefit gets rid of dark figure data Benefit be able to compare criminal and non criminal observations cross sectiona data Direct comparison gets you more info Tries to get to link behavior to why Whatever researcher wants to put in mind Can create a false positive Self report studies show Breaking laws is an equal opportunity behavior Support that official stats have real prob with dark figures Honesty of response no investment in saying yes Bias honesty PROBLEMS Victim Data Studies that focus on who is victimized National Crime Victim Survery Questionnaire self report also get info 0 Are people more prone then others 0 What was nature of offence This shows the flaws in official stats 0 50 perc of victims who got violent crimes never report it o 70 perc of property crimes never reported Flaws with victim data No info about people who commit the crimes Honesty Biased false positive Who is more statistically vulnerable to be victim of crime Young people Gender higher victim rate Males Aquainted with perp or not Aquainted During day public or at night in private During day in public This is danger of stats Just numbers Create false impression of reality People look for the most vulnerable victim ALL AGREE CRIME IS A YOUNG PERSON ACTIVITY Implies as people get older commit less crimes Known as aging outquot o Theories behind aging out Responsibility Mature Deterrence worked already been there Earlier onset of antisocial or maladjusted behavior chronic persistant offender 0 will continue to commit crimes these kinds of kids are target of efforts maybe people want to go back to where they39re familiar 1215 1157 PM 1215 1157 PM


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