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Advanced Microprocessor Systems Design

by: Miracle Jaskolski

Advanced Microprocessor Systems Design ECE 463

Miracle Jaskolski
GPA 3.75

T. Conte

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About this Document

T. Conte
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miracle Jaskolski on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 463 at North Carolina State University taught by T. Conte in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/223886/ece-463-north-carolina-state-university in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Highlevel View 0 Outof order pipeline 0 Tvvu decuupled plpellhes retehulspateh ahu lssueexeeute o F39lpellrles decuupled by buffers Marry harhes reservatlun statlEIrls lssue queuesbuffers seheuullhg queues ltgt lhstruetluh Wlhduw out at amr sums51 m Gunny Kama s cm Drpx am New IMVDJW Early dynamically scheduled machines 0 CD0 6600 O Centrallzed cuntrul CDC scurebuard o Marry repllcated turretlerral uhlts o All values pass thruugh the r O Stall cm W RWAWhazards 0 IBM 36091 Tomasulo s algorithm 0 Dlstrlbuted cuntrul eglster hle reservatlurl statlurls 0 Several fullyrplpellrled ruhetlehal uhlts equlvalenltu replleatlng ruhetlehal uhlts 0 Values bruadcast tn Waltlrlg lhstruetlehs ahu reglster hle lh parallel Via the Cummun Data Bus 0 lntruduced regrsler rerramrrrg handles WARWAW hazards Wltheut stalllhg sums51 m Gunny Kama s cm Drpx am New IMVDJW CDC 6600 MIPS version 0 FourStages after fetch Q Dlspatch Check fur structural and WAW hazards o structural stall lrl ulspatch stage lYFU buS ovavv stall lrl ulspatch staeerrarr uutstarrulrr lrls1rucllurl lrrthe scurebuam wrltesthe same uestlrratlurr reel er 0 Enter lhstruetluh b u errhlh lh ear and net uepehuerrees o Ruute lhstruetleh te arree FU Where ltWalts uhtll data uperarlds are avallable 9 issue 0 Walt fur uperarlds tEI beEDme ready 0 Scurebuard signals when eperahus are ready 0 lrstruetlur reausreelstersrrumthe regl erlllel c then lssueslu FUVurexecullun 9 Exec Q erte result 0 Check rUrWAR hazard Stall if an uutstandlng prlo lhstruetleh tn the scurebuam reads the same reglster belrlg Writterl and the read has hetyettaxeh place sums51 m Gunny Kama s cm Drpx am New IMVDJW Warning HampP naming O HampP uses different names than what we will use OWe Dispatch They Issue OWe Issue They Read operands OWe Execute They Execute QWe Write result They Write resut sums51 M am my 4 cm Drpx am New Mme m CDC 6600 MIPS version Scormoad mraiiaaus camiiaeius sums51 m ammo Karma 4 cm Drpx am New name in Scoreboard 0 Three data structures i instruction Status 39 NH 0 Stage the instruction i5 in 2 Functionai unit Sta us I Busy rFU is busy executing an instruction oo awhat instruction istne FU ousyWitn F rdestination register an rsource registers oquot ok 7 functionai units producing src regs R R 7 ags indicating src regs are ready 3 Register resuit status vvnicn FU is going to Write eacn register sums51 m ammo Karma 4 cm Drpx am New name ws Running example 0 Example used for CD0 and Tomasulo L50 F5 34R2 LD F2 45R3 mun F0 F2 F4 5mm F0 F5 F2 DIVD F10 F0 F5 22000 F5 F0 F2 sums51 m 5mm 2mm 2 cm Drpx am New Wm M CDC 6600 example What happens when the mat mslrucllo l5 dlspatched sums51 m 5mm 2mm 2 cm Drpx am New IMVDJW wx CDC 6600 example 1 mmW L n sums51 m 5mm 2mm 2 cm Drpx am New IMVDJW w CDC 6600 example 2 Onthe nextcycle the mstr lslssued Whatelse happens sums51 M am balm 1 cm Drpx am New quoton uv w CDC 6600 example 3 mumman xmwmum mmmmm sums51 m am balm 1 cm Drpx am New Mow uv u CDC 6600 example 4 mumman xmmnmmum EEIIJEE INDEED m sums51 m am balm 1 cm Drpx am New Mow uv n CDC 6600 example 5 mumman xmmnmmum Emmmmcm m m m sums51 M am balm 1 cm Drpx am New quoton uv n CDC 6600 example 6 xmwmum mmmm m m sums51 m am balm 1 cm Drpx am New Mow uv u CDC 6600 example 7 mumman xmmnmmum mania CHEESE m A sums51 m am balm 1 cm Drpx am New Mow uv n CDC 6600 example 8 quotquotquot quotquotquot quot n n n sums51 M am balm 1 cm Drpx am New quoton uv ls CDC 6600 example 9 mumman xmwmum mmmm m m sums51 m am balm 1 cm Drpx am New Mow uv w CDC 6600 example 10 mumman xmmnmmum mmmm m m m sums51 m am balm 1 cm Drpx am New Mow uv u CDC 6600 example 11 MULTD about to write result scams51 M em Karma e cm Drpx mm mm mvrnw iw u CDC 6600 timing diagram u nmemeummuuemeenm MunExavamavnaMimwmanl2 i m inmmimmm m lmmmiavmcmssnn rr mu mum pmuarrmquotgummm xuanlm A quotmumDIN xuannnnnl l sxuannnnnlnnnunm scams51 m tilrm Karma e cm Drpx mm mm mvmw mu Remaining bottlenecks o CDC 6600 does a good job ofdynamic scheduhng around RAW nazards Remarnmg performance nmrtatrons muuntuf instructiumevei paraiiehsm iLP rn tne prugram O E nut E an N daarin ndent uperanuns VlhEr ahead 0 3 e uuk aneae 0 Number and type at funcnunai units regrster puns Etc tmcturai naza 0 Am and mum depen enee Dynamr scheduhng expeses mere WAWWAR nazares because eany ooo wnzes are pessrme WAR made Wurse m one due in latereads read uperands wnennnauy rssumg o WAW handied We a stmcturai nazare m mspaten scams51 m tilrm Karma e cm Drpx mm mm mvmw W Tomasulo s Algorithm 0 Born of necessity QUsed ll i lBM 36091floattngrpotntuntt 0 Many longrlatency operattons narntosoneduttng rntttgatetongstatts o lSA speotrted only4 rtoattngebotnt regtsters Need regtsterrenarntng thn onlyA registers WAWNVAR nazards pop up gutotltty ltgt Esbeotatty tn oattngebotnt code toobs by definition cause repeated Wl lteS to sarne regts ers ltgt Renamtng recogntze and gtye untque names to dtnerent dynarnto tnstanoes oftne sarne register sbeotrter sums51 M am Karma cm Drpx mm mm mvmw ttm Key aspects of Tomasulo s Alg t Read regtsteroberands at dtsbaton stage 0 tr uperands are available tne data ts bmered atetng With the tnstmcnun tn reservattun stanuns 0 cm unly butters tne tnstructtetnt att uperands are readrretrn regtsterrtte wnen attdperands are ready uperands read at tssue stage 0 cm etate reads Tumasulu eeany reads earty reads nelp WAR etndtttetn 2 Unayattabte regtsters are renarned at dtsbaton stage 0 vyatttng instructtuns replace registerspectners wttn a tndtcattng tne pruducer tnstmcttun o Registerspectners are used unly unset atdtspatcni o Renaming ettrntnates WARWAW nazards a suooesstye Wntes to a regtster o ontytast etne ts actually usedtet update regtster nelpsWAW etndtttetn 0 cm statt tn dtspatcn unttt WAW nazard gdes away sums51 m 5mm Karma cm Drpx mm mm mvmrw ttm Other differences with CDC 0 Distributed control OResenatton stattons yersus scoreboard 0 Results broadcast to both registerfile and functional units OResult bus called tne Cornrnon Data Bus CDB QDon t naye to Walt forvalue to go tnrougn regtster rtte t e t use bypasses QFuncttonal Lll iltS don t contend forregtsterftle ports sums51 m 5mm Karma cm Drpx mm mm mvmrw ttm 36091 FP unit MIPS version scams51 M am Karma e cm Drpx mm mm mvrnw m Tomasulo s Alg MIPS version 0 Four stages a er fetch Dispatch ltgt Checkfurstrumurai hazard o Siaii m dispatch 51mgiinuiieeveservaiiun aiiun ltgt Read registerfiie o Read daia upevandsiiavaiiabie 0 Read tag ii data upeiand unaaiiabie a iag isihe ieservaiiun 5131mm numbei UHhE pinducei ins1mciiun ltgt Ruute instructiun pins data ur tags in reservatiun siatiun Where itvvaits untii aii uperands are avaiiabie 0 issue 0 Wait mm uperands became avaiiabie Elri the CDE mam ODE tag againstuperandtags 0 Grab uperands frum ODE and issue in FU e iffrEE Execut 0 Write resuit o Emadcastresuit ta in aii reservatiun stamina stare buffers and register iiE Via me ODE o Oniy Write register ie me ODE tag matchesmetag iri me scams51 m 5mm Karma e cm Drpx mm mm mvmw ms Four stages cont 0 Notice OSame fourstages as CDC but read register We at dispatch stage and repiace registerspecifiers With tags 9N0 WAWWAR checks using tags eiiminates these 0 Again HampP uses different names than what we will use QWorse HampP Specifies oniyihree stages forTomasuio om anydynamic scheduiing inhereniiyhas dispatch issue execute Write resuit scams51 m 5mm Karma e cm Drpx mm mm mvmw um Register renaming 0 Consider simple example with register reuse n n W O Dataflow graph with both true and false dependences 39 rumammunitiin ouonmmomm mm 0 All instructions execute serially 39 quotH39p39mm m39m 0 Due to reuse of F0 by the loads a J upquot maintin 0 Use different names for2 instances of F0 ramsm M cm Karma s Cm Drpx mm mm ammo mi Register renaming 0 Same program segment with F0 renamed o Tomasulo Alg usereservation station number tag of producer instruction eg ioad buffer1load1 o This guarantees unique names for unique values a 7 m m2 7 m 7 f m n O Dataflow graph with only true dependences 0 Re m39 moves output and antidependences o Parallelism is expose m nvnanu rmmum m opmm rmt rm ramsm M cm Karma s Cm Drpx mm mm mmo m How Tomasulo renaming works 1 ramsm m comm Karma s Cm Drpx mm mm mmo mu sums51 M am balm 1 cm Drpx am New quoton uvn 6 Second load completes 1st sums51 m am balm 1 cm Drpx am New Mow m sums51 m am balm 1 cm Drpx am New Mow uni


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