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ST 810A

by: Jordane Kemmer
Jordane Kemmer
GPA 3.79

Marie Davidian

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About this Document

Marie Davidian
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordane Kemmer on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 810A at North Carolina State University taught by Marie Davidian in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/223939/st-810a-north-carolina-state-university in Statistics at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
M Grants An Introduction ST 810A Spring 2005 I NC STAYE llNlVEHSlTl39 ST 810A Spring 20057127 Why M Facts of life 1 A statistician in academia has multiple responsibilities demands on time 5 Collaborative research teaching service consulting e Methodological research But career advancement and personal satisfaction often come from success in methodogical research Reason 1 For yourself 6 Grant funding allows one to buy time for research 6 Success is a form of peer review I NC STME uNlVEFlSlT i ST 810A Spring 2005 r p 32 Outline M 6 Why From whom How What to write What happens G G G Miscellaneous I NC STAIE umvEHSlrr ST 810A Spring 2005 r p m l Why M Facts of life 2 Most universities and other institutions do not run solely on tuition endowments gifts appropriations etc and there are bills to pay 9 Salaries infrastructure supplies staff administration graduate student funding 6 Although a major although not the only objective of a university is to promote research funding for this is inadequate computers equipment travel time Reason 2 For your institution 6 Contribute to support of the institution and its research enterprise I NC sm umvrnsni ST 810A Spring 2005 7 p i2 Why Why M M Facts of life 3 Continuing innovations in statistical Result Most of the funding to support research activities methodology are essential to advances in science within a university come from outside sources r New complications data structures questions I GRANTS Reason 3 For scrence Free time to do research allows contribution to advance of knowledge srmmsmmmrysm srmmsnmmrysm From whom How Luckily Agencies and organizations offer sources of Submit a grant application A grant application is a funding to support statistical research for example document describing r Federal government National Science Foundation r A research problem justifying why it is important how NSF National institutes of Health NIH its resolution will advance science why the approach is Environmental Protection Agency EPA sound and what the impact will be a Private agencies and industry Sloan Foundation The qualifications of the individuals submitting the Howard Hughes Medical institute Health Effects application institute Burroughs Weilcome Fund A plan describing the research and how it will be carried out including a timetable need for personnel and their responsibilities g A budget request for funds to support the research activities and how these funds will be allocated srmmsmmmryrm srmmsnmmryam ill STATE ttll l1 How M Mechanismsfor submission 8 May be in response to a particular research initiative of the funding agency eg Request For Proposals RFP Request for Applications RFA Program Announcement PA r RFPs and similar requests are generally posted on web sites and in publications of the agency have specific guidelines deadlines The agency may also support investigatorinitiated research investigator chooses topic r investigatorinitiated applications may be accepted on a regular cyclic schedule posted by the agency How Preparing agrant application r Administrative stuff e The research planproject description Administrative stuff first M STATE llll l 39i Sixt ynrqi rysm smrmsmmmy um How M General structure of an application Usually agencies have specific forms to complete and requirements on how the package is to be organized 2 Principal lnvestigators Pl Abstract or summary 1 Personnel including CVs of all key players research assistants graduate students 2 Budget details on other research funding Signoff by university officials grants are awarded to the university not to you 9 THE RESEARCH PLANPROJECT DESCRIPTION sr m r maer How M Budget Direct costs are the funds that go directly to support research activities 9 Funds to support a portion of salary to free the faculty member from other responsibilities 2 Fringe benefis social security health insurance r Travel supplies eg books equipment eg computer 9 Research assistants consultants m sum ftiUt r srxrmsnn my 2m How How MM Budget Facilities and Administration FampA costs aka lnternal processing Ind39rect costs overhead 5 Application must be approved by the university L Su ortforinstitutionalinfrastructure buildin s phg es copying libraries postage network tgmon H is the budget correct Are forms flied out correctly Application must go through processing and be signed 5 Typrcally calculated as a percentage of drrect costs by an authorized of cial excluding certain items such as equipment tuition Percentage is negotiated with the agency NCSU s rate R Agency deadlmes for SmeISSIOU are m m Stone 50 is 46 must allow adequate trme for unrversrty to process smrmsmmmryrw Sixt ymy ryt In How Whar to write That s the easy part General considerations Almost always a strictly enforced page limit leg 15 pages for NSF 25 pages for NIH The important Part The research planproject description Must describe background context for Why research is important and the research itself within this limit 2 AS USUAL clarity logical flow organization accessibility completeness lllElAiEttl ll malignancy ram whim mud n Sixt ym my on Whar to write Whar to write MM Research planproject description Format and specific How much detail Depends on the agency eg requrrements vary by agency but In general must 5 NIH grams excruciating detail 5 State the specrfrc objectives and expected srgnrfrcance N SF grams can be more vague r Provide background place the work in context of the current state of knowledge and explain how the work will advance it t Describe results of previous grants relevant work already done by the Pl qualifications t Lay out in detail what will be done should be the main focus of the plan srmmswmmrynm srmmsnmmryrwn Wharhappens Wharhappens Evaluation of applications Just likejournal articles grant Vlihat makes a fundable application Main criteria apphcat39ons are peerrewewed a NIH Relevance to real problems no theory for A Sent to individuals familiar with the area who read theory s sake Smelt a reVIeW mg a score NSF 9 NSF Theoretical computational advances more A review panel of experts in the discipline is identified general members are assigned to review a subset of applications write reviews and assign scores discuss at meeting NIH NSF r Generally two three main reviewers per application i Review criteria depend on agency minimum Sle milj ry m whim mun l smurst mrym in WI llll l i Wharhappens M Decision Agency awards grants to applications receiving the highest scores NIH formuladriven small chance for special consideration r NSF Program directors have latitude on how to distribute the 4 Number extent of awards limited by available is All applicants funded or not receive reviews score Good idea Get to know Program directorsofficers a Can sometimes help in borderline cases swimsuit mryzvn Wharhappens M Progress Most agencies require annual reports of accomplishments budget expenditures changes in plans changes in personnel explanation for unused funds Next time Success in obtaining one grant is not guarantee that future applications will be frnded r Some agencies require new applications r Others allow renewals which must compete like any other application Sixt ywqmrym Wharhappens W Grant award if good news 3 University Pl are notified agency sendsfunds a An internal university account is set up funds dispersed into categories eg salary travel equipment r Pl must determine how to allocate and spend the Some changes in budget allocations are allowed must be approved The university mustjustify and document all activity to the funding agency rwswrrrrrwy r s rxrmsnmmrym Miscellaneous M Opportunities There are numerous grant programs available e Ordinary research 15 Pilot studies new research area 5 Trainingfellowship 4 Conferences imiblil ttlUt l mmqu mryz m ll 5W ll ll i Miscellaneous M Nowadays Obtaining outside funding is strongly encouraged in almost all academic settings 5 As university budgets shrink faculty grants become more and more important 2 Soft versus hard money in some academic settings grants are the main source of finding eg medical schools schools of public health Miscellaneous Summary Success in getting grants is aform of peer review 2 Success in getting grants allows faculty time and bargaining power Grant writing is hard work but is a wonderful way to focus one s research ideas smrmsmn myzfm Sixt ywqmrym Mi Mi Whil quotr Miscellaneous Advice for new faculty The best place to learn about grants is from someone who has been successful at getting them is Ask a senior colleague for help 9 Obtain and study successful applications note writing style level of detail r Visit agency websites Sixt yrmmrym


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