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by: Jordane Kemmer


Jordane Kemmer
GPA 3.79

Spencer Muse

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About this Document

Spencer Muse
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordane Kemmer on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 301 at North Carolina State University taught by Spencer Muse in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/223943/st-301-north-carolina-state-university in Statistics at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
ST 301 Final Exam PAC1 PA PA orB PAPB PA and B PA gtltPB PA I B PA and B PB m quotB 0X WU p 1 J 21 031 f n m inpi m Ix xmx 0 202 m2 p o x H2fxdx 1 wa a qu X ofwx bzoi 2 2 2 my X My GXY 0X 01 0 Tc uo xiz z J2 V J mfi df n l J2 a S dit d dfn 1 J 52 S2 Tel f2it 1 2 dfminn1n2 1 n1 quot2 t S0dfn 1 A t dfminn1n2 1 is2 Name br y a i b residual y 7 n PXk kn k pk pH A X p n Chapter 1 Data and Distributions Pages ALL Key terms individuals variables categoricalquantitative distribution symmetric skewed resistant density curves standard normal distribution Key concepts How to display distributions histograms stemplots pie charts etc how to describe distributions center shape spread outliers how to describe distributions with numbers mean median standard deviation IQR percentiles etc 15x IQR Rule mean standard deviation using density curves especially the normal distributions 6895997 Rule using zscores and the standard normal distribution Chapter 2 Relationships between Quantitative variables Pages ALL Key terms response and explanatory variables least squares regression line positive and negative associations correlation scatterplot extrapolation lurking variable residual Key concepts How to display and describe relationships between two quantitative variables form direction strength how to find and use a regression line using the correlation coefficient and r2 Chapter 3 Collecting Data Pages 192196 218224 232236 Key terms sample population census simple random sample statistic parameter sampling distribution Key concepts what a SR8 is and is not the relationship between samples populations statistics and parameters Chapter 4 Probability and Random Variables Pages 254305 Key terms probability random sample space event disjoint independent random variable probability distribution discretecontinuous random variables Key concepts How to compute probabilities of events using the addition rule complement rule and multiplication rule using probability distributions for both continuous and discrete random variables computing means and variances for continuous and random variables computing means and variances for linear functions sums or differences of random variables Chapter 5 Sampling Distributions Pages ALL Key terms sampling distribution statistic counts proportions binomial setting Central Limit Theorem CLT Key concepts what is a sampling distribution Using sampling distributions to compute probabilities about statistics recognizing and using the binomial distribution including the normal approximation working with sample means including use of the central limit theorem Chapter 6 Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests Tests of Significance Pages 382439 Key terms confidence interval margin of error hypothesis test null and alternative hypotheses pvalue test statistic statistical significance and significance level Type and Type II errors Key concepts Computing using and interpreting confidence intervals setting up carrying out and interpreting hypothesis tests using pvalues Cls and HTs for u when 0 is known Chapter 7 Thet procedures Pages 450465485498 Key terms standard error matched pairs Key concepts Using the basic ideas of Cls introduced in Chapter 6 be able to compute and interpret Cls and HTs for a single mean or for the difference between two means Cls and HTs in the matched pairs setting What procedure would be the most likely one used to address the questions described below Also think about what parameters you would use and what data you would need to collect a CI for one proportion HT for two proportions b CI for two proportions HT for one mean c CI for one mean HT for two means d CI for two means matched pairs Cl e HT for one proportion matched pairs HT v39v39 3amp0 vv k least squares regression I want to know what the average price of tea in markets China is Do more than half of college students drink alcohol on a weekly basis What is the average number of visitors to a web page in a month Is there a difference between gas prices in Wake County and Durham County Do more women take antidepressants than do men Do high gas prices reduce the number of miles driven by NC drivers What is the average change in blood alcohol content for adult women after 2 beers U1 Atom k IO Answers F Q P PF JNT x D39OCD


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