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Statistics by Example

by: Jordane Kemmer

Statistics by Example ST 101

Jordane Kemmer
GPA 3.79

Thomas Reiland

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About this Document

Thomas Reiland
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordane Kemmer on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 101 at North Carolina State University taught by Thomas Reiland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/223946/st-101-north-carolina-state-university in Statistics at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
had alarm systems deZ a naabmncn players and alarm systzms a Whntxs une pmbabdxtythat ane annese cars selected ntnndam hadnenhex my player nna an alarm system 7 b What as me pmbabdny that a car had a CD player unpmtected by an alarm system 7 e Axe nayang acD play1 and an alarm sysmn smnt even39s 7 Lhayate bxukfasnhz mmmng nuns slxvey Resnns are as fa aws a Whans me pmbabdny that annaanay selected smdmns arennev b Whansthe pmbabdny that annaanay selected mutant at huskfas e Whans me pmbabdxtythat annaanay selected sludznnsfemale and at huskfas a Gwen that a selected studennsfemale whalxs me pmbahxhty thatch student at breakqu e Gwen that a selected student at neakrase Wham en pmbahhty Lhanhe mdemxsfemal r Daes at appear Hutubathe ax mat a student at breakfasusmdependent nuns smdmt s genaean A typical saeaa seeamy number as 575324444 Hawmmy saeaa security numbers are nassmev Haw many saeaa secuntynnmbus are passabxe arms ms dlgt cammbe zem 7 am Wevuiy 39 011 thwmd Humtmvgevs uney aayemse that yvu can have ambugusZS ways If uney uffer ea39san aman mustaml naexaes 1emaee tamam mawmmse andxehsh as men clmm cmxecW u1 nn mzz p Towmdsfowymvrold boy Twa puns W111 um dawn A1113 an m m pxzzas chums mymppmgrup m ve from 1 111 of r pmgsj Pm m op 01 D a W11 Bunchef have m pxck the sametappmgsanuchpxzx N01 Fouvrymvrold with m Then the pasabdmes 111 111111155 Customer What an yau 11111117 Fwe p111s ve 111 ten Mark W Scrbbl scnbbl Actually mm 111 1n42576 pasabxhues Customer Tenwasjustaba puk gure 01 m y V11 gal um nqu Chump dnffexence 1117 11mm 11111 1 11m 111111 14179me 111111 1111 11y Haw my 11y 1111 Wu 111111 1 mmzwpng 11 271pp1ngp1mv 1mm 112ws 1 y m MA 1111 511111111 11 um c7410 1 11111211111121 m 11 1111111quot ham 1nd 111 secmd 111111 15 peppemm 15 1113111111 Flam 1n ardex when the 1151 p11 15 pizza 1111111quot Flam n tappings 1101 1101 1102 1101 110 1105 in on 2 mam Du W11 age 111111111111 11111111111150 7111 111111 11111111111 afpasabxhuesxsmzocx 1110 1n24523776 5248nn Tm 1111111 11 chaasel chaasel tappmgcamb erent mamamwm tappxgg


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