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Probability and Statistics for Engineers

by: Jordane Kemmer

Probability and Statistics for Engineers ST 370

Marketplace > North Carolina State University > Statistics > ST 370 > Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Jordane Kemmer
GPA 3.79


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordane Kemmer on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 370 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/223970/st-370-north-carolina-state-university in Statistics at North Carolina State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
1 The amount of flow through a solenoid valve in an automobile s pollution control system is an important characteristic An experiment was carried out to study how flow rate depends on three factors armature length spring load and bobbin depth Two different levels high and low of each factor were chosen and a single observation on flow rate was made for each combination of levels a Circle the answer that best describes the response variables in this study i low and high levels of the factors i armature length spring load and bobbin depth i flow rate through the solenoid valve iV the automobile s pollutioncontrol system V none of the above b How many treatments are there in this experiment C Is this an observational or experimental study Explain your answer d Circle the best answer describing what type of data the flow rate through the solenoid is i qualitative iicontroled iii quantitative iV replicates e Assume now that the experimenter believes that type of engine 4cylinder 6cylinder or 8cylinder also has some effect on the flow rate The experimenter redesigns the study by repeating the entire study for each type of engine What type of variable is engine type Circle your answer i controlled ii blocking iii response iv both i and ii are correct v none of the above 2 Which of the following is a reason for sampling Circle the most appropriate answer i cost ii destructive nature of the experiment iii inaccessible population iv all of the above v none of the above 3 Consider a data set measured in yards for which the sample mean is 18 and the sample variance is 25 If instead the data are measured in feet note there are 3 feet in a yard what will be the effect on the sample mean and sample variance Circle the best answer a There is no change in the sample mean and variance b The new sample mean will be 54 the new sample variance will be 225 c The new sample mean will be 54 the new sample variance will be 75 d None of the above 4 For a data set with 100 observations the largest observation is increased by 100 Circle the most appropriate description of effect of this change of the data a The mean and median both increase but the standard deviation remains the same b The mean and median stay the same but the standard deviation increases c The mean and standard deviation increase but the median stays the same d There is no effect e None of the above 5 Which of the following are reasons for replication Circle all that apply a To be able to tell trends from flukes b To protect against systematic influence of lurking variables c To group the data based on homogenous blocks d To quantify the amount of experimental error e To better be able to generalize to the population 6 Consider the following small data set 10142213712 a Find the sample mean of these data b Find the sample variance of these data c Give the 5number summary in order from smallest to largest d Construct a boxplot of these data in the space below Be sure to clearly label your axis inquot n npanfwrilethe answerbeiawme question F12 uencv 3 BBB BBB mun iznn SALARV 1a What isthetutal sample size i Around 35 ii Around 50 iii Amund 100 iv More than 100 1b The shape aime distribution is best described as i le rskewed ii rightrskewed iii bimodal iv nane aime above in Which aimeiaiiawingis closest to the median aime distributiun i 5 ii 190 iii 350 iii 1000 iv here is no way a tell d Which statement is true based on the histogram i the mean is larger than the median ii the median is larger than the mean iii the mean and median should be virtually the same iv not enough information is given to determine e How many salaries are between 400000 and 800000 i0 iii 8 iv 16 v more than 20 f Is the answer to the previous question part e immediately above a parameter or statistic


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