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Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II

by: Jordane Kemmer

Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II ST 422

Marketplace > North Carolina State University > Statistics > ST 422 > Introduction to Mathematical Statistics II
Jordane Kemmer
GPA 3.79


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordane Kemmer on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ST 422 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/223983/st-422-north-carolina-state-university in Statistics at North Carolina State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
l N Qt Lot Y 352 ot Y1 Sample Questions for Exam 1 ST422 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I The ACTUAL exam Will consists of less number of problems WY ho a random samplo from somo donsity which has moan y and 7 varianco T a Show that ELI aX is an unhiasod ostimator of y for any sot of known COD M s n stants 1102 a satisfying ZEI a 7 l h f ELI a 1 show that quotia7 ZIl 11 is minimizodfor a What doos this rosult say about tho rolativo of cioncy of Y I r 7317197 Find a 9000 1 for tho moan ofa normal distribution with T 3 givon tho samplo 33 03 06 09 What would ho tho Con donco intorVal if T woro unknown ovolop a mothod for ostimating tho ratio of variancos of two normal populations by a Con donco intorVal ot Y ho a singlo ohsorvation from a Hn aw distrihution whoro 9 gt 0 a Find a pivotal quantity h Ifso tho inotal quantity of a to nd a 91300 1 of 9 WY quot l i399l92 9 gt 0 a Find a sutliciont statistic for 9 h Show that Y2 is a hiasod ostimato of 492 C Find a numhor r such that 0Y2 is an unhiasod ostimato of 492 d Find a Consistont ostimato of 9 o Find a pivotal quantity of 9 f Ifso tho inotal quantity of o to nd a 9000 1 of 9 s39nlii K lliodi NC Sum Umwmiy aquot 422 tunplo piobimm ioi iamm lll 6 Lot Y E Yquot quot l H2719 Show that Y is a suf ciont statistic for 9 5 2 Suggost an unhiasod ostimator for 9 and Show how Would you stimato tho standard rror of your stimator o lfso tho ahovo pivotal quantity in d to obtain a 1001 aft 1 for 9 3 ls your estimator in h Consistont for 91 Q Show that 2779 is a pivotal quantity 7 Solvo tho suggested problems from the text 300 lccturc slidcs 8 Additional suggostod prohloms from tho toKt 867 8217 8247 8637 8917 8947 940 I strongly I CCOWWUNl you to soer all tlicsc additional probIns Solutions to 70 1 6 probIns will NOT 6 posth on tho incl Houw39m l ll soer tlic probIns in class s39nln K lliodi NC Sum Umwmu aquot 422 lunplv woblmm lo laxani m H mm m mmqonl aulun an LC nmwun snug 3N wpoxn M Ufqu 39uogmqgusgp Z IH u SUL 113ng oggsggugs u 310 aldLuuxa uu aAgf o 39uogmqgusgp Z V SUL 113ng oggsggugs u 310 aldLuuxa uu aAgf q 39uogmqgusgp u SUL 113ng oggsggugs u 310 aldLuuxa uu aAgf u 35JLBIBA LLIOPLIBJ can asaq Kluo ugsfl 39guapuadapu aw g puu Zig lzg guLpaLunssy quotg z l Z39f vfyy 1a 3954 214 P 39zm DU MtgHA 0 gm DUJZA m q 39yZA m B 35JLBIBA LLIOPLIBJ ugmouo up 310 uogmqmsgp up puH 391 0 39 rm 24 IA p1 LPJLISHqBJSJ am mp mau up 310 1IOIJGHS up 5 39pang saw JSJQ JLH 40 Ll J21 PLIHO LIJJL SIZL mp AAJLI 39SLIO1LI 115M 0 PJSH 1 LLAA Ll BOSE JLH 40 11101412 Ll J21 sq 01 LIAAOLDi ll PJBPLIIMS 391 LIBLIJ JJOLLI XL AA SLIBJLLI JIdLLIIZS 0AA JLH JUL 11101412 sq AA HHquOJd JLH JUL 05 U JLILLII1 39ZD JQLIBIBA 390 1 2 LIQAA Ll11211dd 12 LLIOJ U JZS 40 SJIdLLIBS 0AA 40 SLIBJLLI JJIZ PUB K JSOddHS HHquOJd LIQAA AA If 1K LLAA LIJJAHJL SHLLIH JLH Png JZS 40 SJIdLLIBS 40 LIBJLLI JLH A PUB U SIZL Ll11211dd 12 SLUBIqOJd g0 Jaqumu 888130 sqsgsuoa Hm umxa 39IVQLQV BILL Il sausueqs adulatllaqwn 01 Houaupowq gals H UBXH 10 suogsau ayhueg 39 I H mm m mmqonl aulun an LC nmwun snug Am wpoxn M Hinge 39S S UI J 111 5511191110111 911 1055 ULUJIAUH 39I Jih 911 110 P915501 91 H1111 5511191110111 910111 1 81101111105 39sapgls anpol cos 1X3 311 11101 suIaq0Id pagsa ns up mpg 3901 Lsassog 3to IJqLLIHU up 5 gull 105390 0 lunbo Klwau JJA Kgglgquqmd up miwu quotJ39 Xlawmoou JJOLLI 12d Ll PJJ IbJJ SJSSO 40 IJqLLIHLI JLH JLILLII1P JLIO PING AAOH 2 PUB LIJJAHJL AA 1K JUL 1513a 11 sq AA HHquOJd JLH JUL IJPJO Ll PJSSO sq JSHLLI Ll0 12 smug LIIZLLI AAOL Png 01 1BIIbJLI AJLISXqJLID JLH JSII A I LIO1HLI15P ZX A A A As A A I 1 MIL A puu luuuoy 5 J 42ng Amp pomqgusgp Alguapuadapu aw ZDZ A u 1 I g 4 puu 1 NIL uuunssu puu 1 12quotquot 312 112 sawmng guaJaglp 1111 A lgKl Z A 1 6 6 4 1 4 1 quu JLLIBS up Mm pamqgusgp XlluLuJou puu Xpuapuadapu aw fquotquot A H 398 39J39X zgtzz 39X ZX o 39zMZZ 392 2122 392 JZX 39X q 39zH39Z 2Z m 01 Z Z 392 v 35JLBIBA LLIOPLIBJ ugmollo aqg 3to uogmqgusgp aqg puH 39s39l ig aqg y wapuadapu aw s jZ asoddng 39 1 39 PW Zig lK puu 0 39 P ZZ IZ 1a 1 Lsgaqsuq 001 leuxa o sgagtisuq JJOLLI IO 901 q sgagtisuq 05 uqu 55 u ADiBLLI AA OLIS JUL HHquOJd JLH JULIAA EAMMng 01 SJQLIBL LIJAHA 39SAAOJLH JJJ IJL 40 SJ BLLI IJXBId BqlJA iSBq


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