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by: Sienna Shields

Chemistry CH 201

Sienna Shields
GPA 3.54

Alton Banks

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About this Document

Alton Banks
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sienna Shields on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CH 201 at North Carolina State University taught by Alton Banks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/223992/ch-201-north-carolina-state-university in Chemistry at North Carolina State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
You should be able to assign oxidation statesnumbers to an element in a compound or ion Consider the following half reactions Describe the reactant as an oxidizing or reducing agent and decide itquot the reaction is an oxidizinu or a reducinu reaction D I C m a Crs 9 Cr aq thAJCM an 439 flquot 3 b Asll3g 9 Ass zincquot 1 nd mdZIn PC4476 U1quot C V05 aq 9 V39itaq 0 c a7 n rltdu 3 7 ranch m 34 399 7 H29 39 balance an oxidation reduction equation HLS A S 4 2 H r107 7 ac Balance the following equation in acidic medium 31 ll H I39l e H33 Aaq CrzO 339 aq S s3r aq 1 7 3H19I4H6 5107 9 3 H 0 given an oxidation reduction equation be able to identify 3 3 c H 1 20 7 2 o r substance being oxidized 1 3 0 substance being reduced 8H Qr o quot 3 5 l 2 Cr 7 H10 0 oxidizing agent 0 reducing agent For the reaction in acidic medium H38 aq C5072 aq 9 S 9 rquotaq a What substance is being oxidized 3 b What substance is being reduced Or 1071 2 c Which substance can be classified as the oxidizing agent C V107 d Which substance can be classified as the reducing agent H15 0 O 0 2 39 calculate the voltage of a standard galvanicvoltaic cell given appropriate reduction potentials Ea E Cquot Ea 7 Calculate the value of E cell for the follmving reactions Decide if each is product favored in quot n yd 1 3 the direction written 0 o 5 o 0 DOT 4 5 ya 12 V0 2 535 a Zn aq 2 l39 aq 399 Znts 135 EQtlla 397 3 39 3s Ef u P a un tn p Lrd 475 b Znt39s N1 aq gt anltaq NiSE 3 quot 25 07L 3 E w gt o PR0D1 R using the provided Nernst equation calculate the voltage of a cell under nowstandard conditions quot quot Calculate the voltage delivered by an electrochemical cell using the following reaction if all a dissolved species are 0 2 nd39l nd r l F E l 037739 2 Fequot aq 21 aq 2 Fe aql llsF 9 Gun 51 quot 02quot Q 039 0quot zao n 1439 1qu 535 lsthlsxotigcgrcatcrth39tnor cssttanttc cc 7 535 O39DaqL01W 39 given a Table of Reduction Potentials decide if X can 39 ce Ya39z 3 Q 0 ozqah g Consider the following halfreactions 7 o 391 7 Clztg 2c 2Cl aq 1 36V 135 2c gt 21 aq 0535v 0 53 5 V sz taq 2c39 gt Pb s A0126V v aq 2c39 gt Vts l18V s U 21 Which is the weakest oxidizing agent in the list l b What is the strongest oxidizing agent Cl c Which is the strongest reducing agent 139 d Which is the weakest reducing agent Cquot c Can l bs reduce V2 aq to Vts no f Can I39 aq reduce Cl g to 1 aq 7 S 1 C 39 using Faraday39s concepts calculate 3 o mass deposited by a current of i amperes llowing for a period ol time x A current of 150 Amperes is passed through a solution containing silver ions for 150 l 56 minutes What mass qf silvs r in grams is deposited fit Cttllldc3950 A L 05 l50 min 2 M o quot39 tAs 9 tom 5 i 177 t t m x W1 3 quot5 t O o current r qt red to depostt massn In perio A m gnaw M 7 W fro 3995 3914 w m MK L w w a nahA msmmwkmm mm mm mmmmmm WWW mm H m a any whammnm mm WWW nmmmwuMm gm WWW Wm m mu rmvwrmEquuHHwqu mm mm mman v 4 quotmy in arg u yma quot 1 W W IV ra Yummnurwru 4 quotanN ixylV m AHIHHKAxxAnln m wwww wvw vw y wu g V CI 3 ma W M uh nqu M r A 5 Wags m if 12 133quot 2x quotx k um I 3 31 u mumhmmrnprn mm mm m v w W n anquMmu m hw W m m 1ltmumm mww mm m w mtwm mm 5 mmmmmn mnm rr39uumm a mm


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