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Preparatory Chemistry

by: Sienna Shields

Preparatory Chemistry CH 111

Sienna Shields
GPA 3.54

Alton Banks

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About this Document

Alton Banks
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sienna Shields on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CH 111 at North Carolina State University taught by Alton Banks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/223993/ch-111-north-carolina-state-university in Chemistry at North Carolina State University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
CH1 1 l Nomenclature Worksheet Provide namesformulas for the following substances as requested Also indicate whether the substance is expected to be ionic or covalent in its bonding Compound Compound Bonding M Formula ioniccovalentboth l potassium bromide 7KBr 7M7 2 7lithiun1 oxide7 LiZO ionic 3 sodium nitride 7Na3N7 ionic 4 calcium chloride 7 CLC127 7 m 5 7 calcium sul de 7 CaS 7 m 6 aluminum iodide 7AlI37 7 m 7 aluminum phosphide 7AlP7 8 sulfur trioxide 78037 covalent 9 diphosphorus pentoxide7 P2Q57 7covalent7 10 7nitrogen dioxide7 27 7covalent7 ll 7ironIII chloride7 7LCI37 7 M 12 dinitrogen pentoxide 2Q57 7covalent7 l3 gallium carbonate 7GazC0337 7m 14 hydrobromic acid 7HBr7 w 7 15 tinIV acetate 7SnCzH3Oz47 7m 16 7sulfuric acid7 7HzSO47 7m 17 copperII sulfate 7 CuSO47 7m 18 7IronII nitrate7 Feg N03127 both 19 calcium nitrite 7CaNOzz7 7m 20 7 sulfuric acid 7 7HzSO47 7 Yes 20 is a duplicate of 16 NOTE ANYTIME a metal is present the bonding HAS IONIC CHARACTER If the anion ion is polyatomic then BOTH IONIC and COVALENT bonding are present Activity Sheet on Lewis Dots and Molecular Shapes Molecule Number of Number of Lewis Dot Electronic Molecular groups on atoms amp Geometry Geometry central Number of atom lone pairs CH4 7 1 r r A 4 4 alam 11 1 H vi 1 Viv 41 Q j P I l r idleLil NH 4 5 Jam H a H 71534 A Pimmkjg l d P H he m H S r 4 K a 2 2 43 is H k HQ levx l 39 l l 39 G c 2 P H he V I HF I new 3 W4 near 5 y 39 m cw H 2m l7 C02 a Z a mxg A a 4 W O iP 99 lungm linear CH3C1 4 d ri L iYM39 W 9 m 4 7 m Al O 12 HquotC l lleclml M dml m L H m C cm lt1 CHsocrh a 4 c Ayn H w 5 pm Cmkcclml a P l l 1 39 d u H 1 5 l a O l7e n l D Al 039 Hug H ago H


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