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Week 7 Lecture/Reading Notes

by: Hannah James

Week 7 Lecture/Reading Notes Philosophy 341

Hannah James
GPA 4.0
Contemporary Moral Issues
Dan Hausman

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About this Document

These are the lecture and reading notes from week 7 of Philos 341 (Marquis, Thompson, and Paltrow).
Contemporary Moral Issues
Dan Hausman
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah James on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Philosophy 341 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Dan Hausman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Contemporary Moral Issues in PHIL-Philosophy at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
Week Seven Readings Marquis Why Abortion is Immoral 0 Most abortion debates rest on the argument of whether or not the fetus is a person 0 Both sides of these arguments run into difficulties 0 We must ask what makes killing normal adult humans wrong 0 Killing deprives someone of a great many good things that are contained in typical human futures 0 It is wrong because the killed person loses his or her future I This argument can defend why it s wrong to kill babies and people who need help but also does not condemn euthanasia 0 It is the most logical 0 The argument is this 0 An action that deprives something of its future if it is the future of a human being is equivalent to murder 0 Abortion deprives a fetus of the future of a human a future like ours 0 Therefore abortion is equivalent to murder Thompson A Defense of Abortion 0 Most opposition to abortion is that a fetus is a human being 0 The development of a human from conception to birth to childhood is continuous and choosing a point where a fetus becomes a person is unreasonable I Thus the fetus is a person from conception 0 Thompson says that this conclusion does not follow ex acorns are not oak trees 0 Opponents of abortion rely on a slipperyslope argument 0 Agree that a fetus becomes a person well before birth 10 weeks already has a face appendages and brain activity 0 But a fetus is not a person from conception an ovum is like an acorn not a tree 0 But what will be discussed in this article is how even if we allow the premise that a fetus is a person the conclusion is made that abortion is impermissible 0 Opponents of abortion assume that because the fetus is a person and people have a right to life that that right outweighs the mother s right to decide what happens to her body 0 But this is not so Violinist with a kidney problem is attached to you so that they can live their right to life outweighs your right to your body 0 Or for opponents who make exceptions for rape why do those babies have less right to life than other babies 0 The View that abortion is wrong even to save the mother s life is the extreme View 0 This View is often argued that abortion would be directly killing the child but if she were to die the mother would simply be dying O In this case there are two people involved one who is threatened and one who threatens I Neither does this on purpose and while because of this it may be wrong for a third party to intervene the person threatened should certainly be allowed to do something 0 But the woman owns the body and this should allow a third party to intervene like if two men were freezing and fighting over a coat but one man actually owned the coat I But a third party doesn t have to act on the man s behalf to get his coat back or perform an abortion only he may or someone else may 0 When abortion does not concern the mother s death then many people argue it should be legal because of the baby s right to life 0 But allowing the baby to live infringes on the rights of the mother 0 Having a right to life does not guarantee having either a right to be given the use of or a right to be allowed continued use of another person39s bodyeven if one needs it for life itself 0 The right to life does not concern the need to be killed but rather the need to be killed unjustly 0 Women who unwillingly get pregnant have a right to kill the child justly because the child has no right to life ex people seeds and windows 0 But maybe the arguments are wrong because as a mother the woman has a special kind of responsibility for the child 0 But this is not the case unless the responsibility is assumed either explicitly or implicitly Paltrow and Flavin Pregnant and No Civil Rights 0 Newlypassed abortion laws pose a risk to all pregnant women 0 A judge ordered a critically ill woman to have a Csection to give the baby a chance even though it could kill her neither survived O A woman who fell down the stairs was arrested for attempted fetal homicide 0 Also provide justification for arresting pregnant women with depression who attempt suicide


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