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Finite Element Analysis I

by: Rowan Spinka DVM

Finite Element Analysis I MAE 533

Rowan Spinka DVM
GPA 3.62


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rowan Spinka DVM on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE 533 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/224026/mae-533-north-carolina-state-university in Aerospace Engineering (AE) at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Dynamic Analysis of Duraspan Composite Bridge Deck Wesley Ballew Outline System Modeling Model Tests Modal Analysis Harmonie Response Analysis Results Conelusions Comments System Section of Bridge Deck Between Support Beams 6 a Bridge Deck Sedinn T y W lh m 1639 L k e t J Duraspan Bridge Deck Element Properties Element Prnpe Ohje TnpSu zce EismsmTyps Ex plane Eytlnrplznej 4U3EUE EztnulrnHlznej BBDEwS nu mpglane nutnulrnlrplznej G 18 Densin uuuzz rm 7 Puissun s R aiiu annnm Surlzce n3 DUES psi psi psi psi lhcuhic in m Meshing Dynamic Properties Mass Mamx Continuous Mass Damping Constant e 2 Master Degrees of Freedom sh own below Beams Ahwe Beam Nudes ANSYS Model Harmonlc Analysls Modal Analysis Frequency aximum Mode Number Hz Deflection in 1 4 08 o 01 2 4 18 o 0028 3 22 66 0 262 Harmonic Analysis Recorded Nodes F 50quot AE 5nquot x 5nquot x gm 4 Models Landing C2521 Landing Case 2 Landing Case 3 A in 1Zquotx1Zquot Tnlzl Land Amn 1n kin Frequency Response For Nodes 1 2 and 3 Model 1 Frequency Response For Nodes 4 5 and 6 Model 1 E g Node 1 lg Node 2 E Node 3 o gt Frequency Hz 045 040 A 035 E 030 N d 4 o e 5 025 6 Node 5 2 020 5 Node 6 o 015 gt39 010 005 000 Frequency Hz and 1 Frequency 23 Hz Maximum Amplitudes and 2 Frequency 23 Hz and 3 Frequency 23 Hz Displ in Displ in ZAxis 0 Z Axis XAxis XAxis Comments Natural Frequency had Maj or Effect on Amplitudes Amplitudes Remained in Proportion to Static Loading Conditions 0 Much Room for Re ned Testing 00 00006 0 0 Frequencies and Mode Shapes of A Vibrating Flat Plate Marco A Soto Suat Ege Yildizoglu 39 Motivation In Space no one can hear you scream about how little damping there is Dynamic Models of Flexible Systems are necessary but Analytical Solutions are Large Finite Element Solutions Usually Yield Comparable Results 00000000000000 1 Modeling Round 1 Kirchoff Versus Mindlin 000000 Round 2 Shell Versus Brick Round 3 Boundary Condition Battle Royale 5000 Assumptions Kirchoff 0000 De ections are small compared to thickness No transverse normal stresses The middle plane of the plate is aneutral plane Straight lines normal to middle plane remain normal after bending 060006 Analytical Solution Separation of TimeDependant and Spatial Dependant Variables For natural frequencies the Eigenvalue problem is solved for Spatial Dimensions This involves the boundary conditions and geometric and material properties 0600000000000 0 Plate Properties Plate is 1 meter long by 1 meter Wide Plate Thickness of 001 meters Material Properties for Aluminum Plate Young s Modulus73l Gpa Mass Density 2770 kgm3 Poission s Ratio033 O 0 O 0000 L gUluJJthJrJL ilt DIDWUUDU U UO H UUUOO O First Mode Shape 3 Natural Frequency 49353 Hz 3 Maximum De ection 03800 m MATLAB Results Maximum De ection 03800 In AAAAAARHA MHMH Ubi b Ddiib bbbd 7 First Mode Results Natural Frequency 49209 HZ 3 Maximum De ection 0380052m AAAAAARHA MHMH Ubi b Ddiib bbbd j Second Mode Results Natural Frequency 122 752 HZ 3 Maximum De ection 03201m Concluswns FEA Modeling of Vibration Problems is Simple and Accurate 000000 Ansys is a good tool for Visualization of Vibration modes and eigenvalue extraction 060


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