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Solid Mechanics

by: Rowan Spinka DVM

Solid Mechanics MAE 314

Rowan Spinka DVM
GPA 3.62


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rowan Spinka DVM on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE 314 at North Carolina State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/224027/mae-314-north-carolina-state-university in Aerospace Engineering (AE) at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Pmb 742 39I he propped cantilever beam in Fig I39M 2 has 3 W8 X 40 cross section and supports a uniformly distributed loadofwo5kipslftunawmofL8fLaUsetho I secondorder integration method to solve for the reaction 39 at A and B Solve the problem using symbols wolEI em and than substitute numerical values for these quanti es b Sketch the shear and moment diagrams for this hem we 5 lapsfl ruz P7631 Pins1 a and P1154 00W In w 5 14 FL gmh39gz ggi gd QM Mg A B x k QFt 1 beam1 sao on Dex e L L 3 b1 X WL x 92Mx o RJL x Mm C T M 51vquot EALx V100 1 a L5 X EIV39 WETXY L z C Vm LL2xJ RB Em n cx C2 La R L39E Vor o WU o 3 W OV qlsa 0 Cl 418 o WL33LC 9 C 7 l 2 3 e 5 5k 2 OCLCz RBW7L Fi5sz EED beam AB 5 waL Wu T2FqoRA woL R55 V L25LJP WA AIM MAC B7lt 2MA01MARBL Z 3 A l Rt 2 2 RB iRFZSkas M 40kaTL Re15klpe ammmmmm A 39 vm Mpg MM kipR13 Prob 745 The beam AB in Fig 1774 5 supports a linearly varying load of maximum intensity we a Use the second order integration method to determine the reactions at A and B and to determine an expression for the de e ion curve ux b Determine gm expression for the maximum de ection 5 3 max ux 5 Sketch the shear diagram Vx y v00 DWMMW U xm w W z X A L 5m 8 EQHALLIhmAM E13112 beam Saab amp x e L 5 M Dk MkonarM RAx OLE L W7C C 2L 3 EIW MnmZw 4 RA 3 J W EIVamp2KE l0xcz WW We ro WI r m o o Ca C o 0 Mb Rm WL 9 21334 0 2 92quot 120 RH 202 wmlmg L W MA3 VL39 AB FEE r 39 0 M WA 3 x lt2MBoM5 MN m L MB NL2 5 7039 R Re R 53 HM ampL l Ms ML 4 7 m1 lgaEI E 333257 CDn J N mlm mDBnTl SE n 151mer mi L23 no xa x 53x 05 1 3 u 0 KW u VT Odw or uo oo owm Prob 764 Detemu39ne expressions for the slope of and the A de ection 0 at end Oerrm ng e nckc 39un Jrvar 4 Vx 71 w I A E k L R h 3 5 1 q 39 a Q f WL Vr m mzfg r Cf m Watquot X JIM 306739 ML 4 2A Fam 555 5 Zr5M 47 it 4quot W r l ff 55 1 uL h a cZo ZE MZ 7101 45 24 5139 4 fawF f 7L Lf 415139 ff


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