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Production of Floricultural Crops

by: Eloise Crist

Production of Floricultural Crops HS 442

Eloise Crist
GPA 3.65

John Dole

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About this Document

John Dole
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eloise Crist on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HS 442 at North Carolina State University taught by John Dole in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/224036/hs-442-north-carolina-state-university in Horticulture Technology at North Carolina State University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Field Grown Cut Flowers Soilbed Preparation u Take soil samples u Incorporate fertilizers etc u Amend soil u Beds 25 to 4 wide 100200 long u Aisles 3 u Mound beds 48 in u Posts and netting Fertilization Soil test 5 Adjust pH optimum 60 70 5 Apply general fertilizers or speci c nutrients 5 Apply prior to planting andor during ction 5 Apply nutrients 7 Granular 7 quuld lmE Dr Orgam Production systems u Row cultivation u Beds Soil samples u Divide eld into sampling units u Collect 1520 subsamples per unit u Zigzag pattem u Collect soil from surface to 6 in deep u Mix subsamples together and select sample Plant materials u Production season summer only or yearroun u Annuals summer and winter One planting Multiple plantings u Biennialsperennials u Trees shrubs vines Field Establishment Directly sown seed Transplants Divisions Bulbs corms dormant roots Containerized plants One Harvest Annuals a Plant every 24 weeks Temperature and photoperiod effects will result in variable crop times Pinching Leave 4 to 8 nodes pinch low pinch Sun ower ceosia Forest Fire Celosia siny mm 24 154 104 mm Summer Annuals One harvest per planting a Multiple to seasonlong harvest per planting Golclburst Sunflower 7 39 57m mm 24 154 104 um Multiple Harvest Annuals Multiple fall planting dates 5 Fall and spring planting 5 Direct seed and use transpl nts 5 Pinch ow covers Mulches s Larkspur bachelor buttons sweet william Woody Cuts Cut early store and force before or a er regular season Take advantage ofcultivar and microclimate variations Spacing Increasing number ofplantstt2 ofbed Increases stem length on some species Decreases yield per plant Decreases air circulation New plantings to supplemen o plantings Pinchcut back a Row covers Mulches Greenhousecold frame forcing Maximizing Space Combine winter annuals and summer annuals Combine winter annuals and rst season perennials Interplant slow growing woodies with annuals one year or perennials severa ears Plant woodies in dif cult areas Preplan Sa 39t 39 nI atIon s Cultivation and hand pulling lc 7 Black 5Muh 7 Green Dr 7 Organ Weed Control t tillage plastic gani lE byrpruducts Comments Questions Weed Control 5 Chemicals Geese guinea fowl etc Overwintering Remove annuals and fallen leaves Prune diseased parts etc a Do not cut plants back until midwinter or early spring Mulch Irrigate


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