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Computing for Teachers

by: Kavon Reynolds

Computing for Teachers CS 255

Kavon Reynolds
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kavon Reynolds on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 255 at Northern Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/224058/cs-255-northern-michigan-university in ComputerScienence at Northern Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/15/15
FINDING THE GREATEST COMMON EACTQR For any two numbers there is always a number that is a factor of both The numbers 48 and 36 both have 4 as a factor When a number is a factor of two numbers it is called a common factor The largest number among the common factors is called the greatest common factor One method of finding the greatest common factor is to list all of the factors for the two numbers and select the greatest one We can find the greatest common factor of 20 and 30 by listing all of the factors for the number The factors of 20 l and 20 2 and 10 5 and 4 The factors of 30 l and 30 3 and 10 2 and 15 5 and 6 The greatest common factor of 20 and 30 is 10 A more convenient way of finding the greatest common factor is to use prime factorizations After the prime factorizations of two numbers have been found the greatest common factor can be built by using each prime factor the minimum number of times it occurs in each of the numbers Let s do a prime factorization of the number 20 2 2 10 2 5 Now let s do a prim factorization for the number 30 3O 3 10 2 5 The number 2 and 5 occurs once in the prime factorization of 20 2 and 5 also occurs once in the prime factorization of 30 We find the greatest common factor by finding the sum of these two numbers Punnett Squares O entlmes people wlll refer to atrart or eharaetenstre sueh as eye eolor orhalr eolor as belng genetre but what oloes the word genehe really mean7 the parents torts young are passeol from parents to offspring known olrspnng m thrs example all offspnng wlll be Bb genotype Male B B b Bb Eb Female b Bb Eb The term gmntyperefers to the genetre makeup of an organlsm In the dlagram above the genotype ofthe male ls BB and that ofthe female ls bb represents the reeessrye allele for every tralt For example B and b are both alleles for the tralt ofhalr eolor If domlnanttralt Dnminancels when one allele ean maskthe presenee of another For example brown halr B 0rd mlquot m ofthattxalt SlneeBlsd mm m m r t gene M r uth m tlne blond halr eolor m tlns rnstanee L L ease halr l r are ldentleal the male ls BB and the female ls bb offspring The rnale ean only pass on aB allele andtlne female only ab allele Thls rneans tlnat all tlne offspnng wlll have one B and one b allele and wlll be Bb genotype an olrspnng reeeryes are dlfferent Bb 1n tlns rnstanee olornrnanee wlll also be expressed beeause tlne offspnng wlll naye tlne olornrnant trart of brown ban How do you set up a Punnett square Let39s run through an example one step at atrrne w wd represents tlne reeessrye allele genotype ls Be from one anotlner So you ean aolol ner genes to tlne Punnett square along tlne yeraeal slde only Female Your Money Where Does it Go Ryan Brown CS 255 42303 You will identify sources of income distinguish between fixed and variable expenses distinguish between needs and wants and develop a personal budget Don t let opportunities pass you by Read the Volume 2 Number 3 edition of Smart Click banner to read Learn about opportunity cost money diaries and some spending choices quot Psing a Sample met Rank the budget items in order of importance Determine whether each item is a quotwantquot or a needF Figure out what percentage of the total income each item represents determine whether there is a relationship between the importance of an item and Sonny Cruz a fulltime tour guide has an annual salary of 15000 After he pays his taxes and health insurance his annual salary is 12000 This is what Sonny39s monthly budget looks like 39V Income Income after tax amp health insurance 1000 Savings interest earned Fixed Exenses HousingUtilities Telephone Transportation C redit Student Loan Savings Total Fixed Expenses 39j Variable Exenses ClothingPersonal Care Food Household Supplies MedicineHealth Supplies Entertainment I Total Variable Expenses otal Expenses omparison Total Cash Available Total Expenses Cash Balance V Discuss Rank in order of importance Determine whether each item is a quotwantquot or a quotneedF what percentage of the total income each item represents HousingUtilities need 35 Food need 1 1 Transportation need 20 Credit Student Loan need 10 MedicineHealth Supplies need 2 Telephone want 3 Savings want 7 ClothingPersonal Care want 5 Household Supplies want 2 Enteitainment want 5 omplete a Personal Budget Go ahead and fill out your personal budget form httwwwniceemiched uchildwhtm or download it here Personal Budet Form sing Your Personal Budget V Rank the budget items in order of importance d Determine whether each item is a quotwantquot or a needF Figure out what percentage of the total income each item represents determine whether there is a relationship between the importance of an item and u Ready for a Reality Check Imagine how you want to live once you39re on your own Want to know whatjobs you need to support your lifestyle Find out here Quiz yourself www 39 Go Play a Game Use what you learned on this game Moneyopolis centers around a financial planning game based on the fivestep process assessment goal setting strategy setting implementation reviewadjust The game incorporates a quotvirtual city in which you move through various financial planning centers managing money and working toward defined goals Using Metric Units and Symbols There is dimensional measurement which is measure of length width and height The basic metric unit of dimension is the meter m A meter is equal to slightly more than a yard about 10 larger One meter is equal to 109 yards or 3936 inches A larger metric unit used o en is the kilometerkm which is analogous to the English mile One kilometer is equal to 062 miles In countries where the metric system is the national standard signposts and posted speed limits are in km or km per hour For example the most common speed limit in Mexico is 100 but that is 100 kmhr or about 60 miles per hour The measure of mass in the metric system has several units that scientists use most o en The gram is the standard unit of mass in the metric or SI system It takes about 29 grams to equal one dry ounce A larger mass unit is the kilogram The kilogram is the same as 1000 grams and represents 22 pounds in mass The third type of measure is measure of volume The basic metric unit of measure for volume is the literl unit One liter being the same as 106 quarts It is basically a uid volume unit as is the smaller metric unit called the milliliterml One uid ounce is equal to about 30 ml Other metric units of volume that are more o en associated with volumes of solids is the cubic centimeter which is equal to a milliliter To a careless observer the cubic centimeter may look like a dimensional unit since it has the word quotcentimeterquot in it However it also has the word quotcubicquot which always indicates a volume unit Commonly Used Metric Units and Symbols Type of Measurement Unit Name Symbol Length width thickness etc Millimeter Centimeter Meter Kilometer mm cm In km Mass gram kilogram g kg Time second hour s h Velocity meters per second ms Velocity for cars kilometers per hour kmh Volume Liter Milliliter L mL Power Watt Kilowatt W kW Correct Usage of The Metric System 1 The short forms for metric units are called symbols and not abbreviations 2 Symbols never end with a period unless they are at the end of a sentence Correct 50mm Incorrect 50mm or 50mm 3 Symbols should be preceded by digits and a space must seperate the digits and the symbol Correct The volume is 20 mL It was given that the height is 20 mm Incorrect The volume is 20mL The mm height was given 4 Symbols are always written in the singular form Correct 50mg 100cm Incorrect 50mgs 100cms 5 The meaning of a symbol may change if you substitue a capital letter for a lower case letter Correct mLfor millilter which means 1 1000 of a liter Incorrect


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