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Outdoor Rec ResourceBehavVal

by: Urban Heaney

Outdoor Rec ResourceBehavVal RE 270

Urban Heaney
GPA 3.68

Craig Rademacher

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About this Document

Craig Rademacher
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Urban Heaney on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RE 270 at Northern Michigan University taught by Craig Rademacher in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/224061/re-270-northern-michigan-university in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Northern Michigan University.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management Conservation Multiple use Mission is to sustain health Diversity and productivity of public lands range timber recreation soil conservation and watershed National Park Service Preservation single use mission is to preserve the natural and cultural resources for education and enjoyment US Fish and Wildlife Conservation Protect and enhance fish wildlife plants and their habitats for continuing benefit of US citizens Bureau of Reclamation Multiple Use To manage develop and protect water and related resources in a n environmentallyeconomically sound way USDA Forest Service Conservation Multiple Use Mission is to ensure the long term health diversity and productivity of the land LWCF Land and Water Conservation Fund It is administered by the National Park Service Funding comes from user entrance fees motorboat fuel tax 50 matching from federal government Focuses on land acquisition SCORP Report Statewide C Outdoor Plan Gila Wilderness New Mexico 1st Wilderness area Created 1924 National Conference on Outdoor Recreation was in 1924 USDA Primitive Area Survey in 1929 was an administrative effort to begin to define wilderness The wilderness society was established in 1935 1939 USDAFS makes URegulations classifies wilderness 1964 Wilderness Act National Wilderness Preservation System was made in 1964 Forest service manages most areas Park Service manages most acres Pelican Island FL 1st national wildlife refuge WrangelSt Ellis AK Largest wilderness area AK 12743349 acres Smallest area Rocks and Islands Wilderness CA 5 acres California has most wilderness areas 138 areas Michigan has 15 wilderness Areas Smallest Wilderness Area in Michigan is Huron lsland Wilderness Ways to Count Visits 0 Recreation Visits V one entry per person 0 Recreation Visitor Day RVD one entry for every 12 hours of recreation 0 Recreation Visitor RV 1 entry per person regardless of number of visits 0 Activity Occasion AO 1 entry per person participating in each recreation activity 0 Recreation Visitor Hour RVH 1 entry for every 60 minutes of recreation Ways to get this information 0 Voluntary Registration of Permits 0 Mandatory Registration of permits 0 Visual observation 0 Traffic counters DNRE 0 Department of Natural Resources and Environment 0 Responsible for stewardship of MI natural resources and for the provision of outdoor recreation opportunities 0 Current director is Rebecca Humphries 0 Wildlife view quot Fishing Hunting Snowmobiling quot Boating 4 National Parks in Michigan 0 Isle Royale National Park 0 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore o Keweenaw National Park 0 Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Largest NonProfit in US Nature Conservancy Oldest NonProfit in US Sierra Club 5 Phases of the Outdoor Recreation Experience 1 2 3 4 5 Anticipation Travel To OnSite Experience Travel From Recollection Important figures Thoreau Transcendentalist Historian Walden Pond 1845 wrote Walden Emerson Transcendentalist wrote Nature Arthur Carhart proposed one of the 1st wilderness areas in Trappers CO Frederick Olmsted Social democracy designed Central Park George Catlin Nationalism paintings are the most authentic to describe the native peoples he was one of the first people to come up with the idea of national parks in 1832 about 40 years before they were established Bob Marshall Activist Preservation Americanism gave his fortune to wilderness society climbed 42 of the 46 peaks of the Adirondacks worked with FS to define wilderness Terry Tempest Williams Born 1955 exposed to radiation voice for ecological consciousness and social change coyotes canyon Rachel Carson Wrote silent spring scientistsage champion of wildlands USFWS John Muir Hetch Hetchy Sierra Club Preservationist publicist raised by strict father and saw the light after a factory accident William Bertram was a naturalist that traveled through the Carolinas and he took notes of his travels this led to a book that he published called Bertrams travels and it became a national best seller Romanticism movement David Brower Preservation Friends of the Earth Photographer Mountain Climber 151 Executive Director of Sierra Club Sigurd Olson Survival is tied to primitive experiences Conservationist writer Thomas Moran painter Conservationist Images helped develop wildland fire science and promote first national park Yellowstone Aldo Leopold Prophet A Sand County Almanac Forest Service proposed Gila Gifford Pinchot Conservation 1st director of forest service Utilitarianism Ernest Seton Conservationist Helped with Founding of boy scouts Worked as naturalist Fought to establish reservations for Indians Bernard Fernow Conservationist 3rd chief of division of forestry Laid out framework for the USFS Ansel Adams Photographer born early 1900 s Transcendentalist Howard Zanhizer Primary author of wilderness act conservationist Devoted last of his life to national wilderness preservation association George Marsh Scientist wrote Man and Nature Stephen Mather 151 director of the National Park Service Julian Smith early leader in outdoor education Referred to as the Dean of American outdoor education Was a professor of education at MSU and director of the Outdoor Education Project of the American Association for Health Physical Education and Recreation Edward Abbey Anarchy Monkey wrench Gang Primitivism Happiness and wellbeing decrease with an individuals civilization Agrarianism Belief that the ideal mannature relationship is reflected in pastoral landscape r r Mackinac Island 151 national park in Michigan Romanticism Enthusiasm for the strange and remote solitary and mysterious Transcendentalism Emerson Thoreau There is reality beyond the physical Conservation long term wide use of natural resources Gifford Pinchot USFS Utilitarianism Marsh Man must act on moral principles as well as forces of nature have more character Preservation Muir NPS to maintain resources unchanged or intact Nationalism Attached nature appreciation to American identity ANILCA Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act Federal legislation signed in 1980 by Carter settled Alaska land debate EcoSabotage Ansel Adams Also know as Monkey Wrenching Carrying capacity the resource capacity to sustain outdoor recreational activities without deterioration Walden Thoreau writes it in mid 1800 s Wilderness Area of over 100000 acres containing no roads useable to the public Midnight Reserves Land reserves for forest service by Grover Cleveland CCC 1933 Civil Conservation Corps goal was to put people back to work in national state and forests Yellowstone 151 national park Land Ethic Leopold said we need to treat it as we treat ourselves Echo Park 1952 David Brower What really is the purpose of a national park Sewards Folly buying Alaska Multiplier Effect The effect of one dollar spent at one point will be more than merely one dollar one dollar spent may produce the effect of 153 Peshtigo Fire of 1871 WI made awareness for policy changes WPA Works Progress Administration 1939 largest new deal agency Franklin Roosevelt created it part of construction of public buildings and roads Almost every community had a park bridge or school constructed by the agency ROS Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Expands in roads to EBM system focuses primarily of on site users has to do with experience based management Flow Theory Challenge and Skill determines how you are going to view the experience Prospect Refuge We like to be able to hide but still be able to see stuff has to do with Central Park design Antiquities Act 1906 it is passed it allows a president to set aside land that has artifacts on it as a national monument Roosevelt takes this power and creates more national monuments than any other president many of those monuments are now parks Pelican Island 1st national wildlife refuge Off the coast of Florida Eastern Wilderness Act Prior to 1973 only four eastern wilderness areas existed EWA passes and creates 16 Provided new more liberal definition of wilderness Mission 66 a 10 year national park improvement program that was geared to all the people who now wanted to come to the parks RARE Roadless Area Review and r 39 quot Political 39g39 39 Itoo fast RE 270 Important People In The Evolution Of Ideas Related To Nature Appreciation Name Role in Movement Philosophical Perspective Method of lnfl uence 18171862 Libertarianism Ralph Waldo Emerson Founder Transcendentalism Wrote Nature 18031882 George Perkins Marsh Scientist Utilitarianism Wrote Man amp Nature 18011882 Provided roots for modern philosophy and practice of conservation Henry David Thoreau Philosopher Transcendentalism Wrote Walden Believed in balance between wilderness and civilization is best for man Frederick Law Olmsted 18221903 Social Conscience Transcendentalism Believed in social democracy of public parks First Superintendent of Central Park in NYC Designed Central Park with Calvert Vaux in 1858 John Muir 18381914 Publicist amp Scientist Transcendentalism and spiritual primitivist Founder of Sierra Club Popularized wilderness Gifford Pinchot 18651946 Professional Forester Conservation Progressive conservationist who believed in utilitarianism First Director of the Forest Service Stephen Mather Publicist amp Politician Preservation and First Director of the NPS 18671930 Americanism who was instrumental in promoting and opening the national parks to the American public Aldo Leopold Prophet Primitivism amp Wrote A Sand County 18861948 Utilitarianism Almanac and developed the idea of an Land Ethic Sigurd Olsen Exemplar Primitivist Wrote Listening Point 18991982 Transcendentalist Really was the voice of modern wilderness experience and its psychological benefits Other important people to know John James Audubon Howard Zahnizer prepared to know the order of appearance of each of these people on the American wildland scene Be sure to read Chapter 3 in Ibrahim You should come RE 270 Final Exam Study Guide This document is only a guide for the Final Exam It is your responsibility to cover all lecture materials and readings for this course in preparation for the final The exam will be somewhere between 90 and 100 questions It is valued at 130 points The structure will be similar to previous exams You will have one hour and fifty minutes 1 50 to complete the exam It is comprehensive in nature and will be the most challenging of the semester Chapters 110 and 1214 The Guide Know the federal land management agencies that provide outdoor recreation opportunities What is each agency s mission what federal department are they in are they multipleuse or single use agencies Economics of outdoor recreation What is the LWCF Who manages it What is a SCORP How is it tied to funding outdoor recreation at the state and local levels Where does LWCF money come from What is its current status What are the events in the history of wilderness preservation What areGila Wilderness Pelican Island WrangelSt Elias Wilderness Act NWPS Key people and their influence in the American wildland movement Terry Tempest Williams Sigurd Olson Ansel Adams Bob Marshall Can you identify the 4 major categories of benefits associated with outdoor recreation Be able to define andor match these terms or with What doe the following terms or people have to do with the study of outdoor recreation Midnight Reserves CCC Yellowstone Land Ethic Echo Park Seward s Folly Multiplier Effect Adirondacks WPA ANILCA Central Park ROS HetchHetchy Flow Theory ProspectRefuge Antiquities Act pelican Island Eastern Wilderness Mission 66 RARE l and Act RARE ll Arousal Specialization Man and Nature Peshtigo Yosemite A sand County URegulations L20 Regulations Almanac ANCSA Type T ORRRC NLCS Can you identify the smallest oldest and biggest wilderness areas Which state has the most wilderness areas How many does Michigan have What are different ways visitor use is counted What are the methods used to collect visitor use data What is the Michigan DN RE Wh is it responsible for Who is the current director What some of the most popular outdoor recreation activities int he state What activity trends do we see with wildlife viewing hunting snowmobiling and boating How many national parks service areas does Michigan have What are their correct names must spell them correctly What is the largest nonprofitprivate organization in the US The oldest What does the role of information and education in visitor management What would be examples of Undesirable Actions in outdoor recreation How are these classified What are the 5 phases of the outdoor recreation experience


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