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Forensic Anthropology

by: Madalyn Walker

Forensic Anthropology CMJS 2093

Madalyn Walker

GPA 3.8


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madalyn Walker on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMJS 2093 at NorthWest Arkansas Community College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/224073/cmjs-2093-northwest-arkansas-community-college in Criminal Justice at NorthWest Arkansas Community College.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
1 N 1quot 4 Brian Buchanan 2152011 W 600845 Cedar Fire 2003 Article Worksheet Due 2162011 Write a summary of the article One paragraph at least 6 sentences The Cedar Fire in 2003 was responsible for fteen deaths in California It was the largest re in Califomia s history Due to the nature of the recovered remains as they were almost completely cremated in some instances forensic odontology played a vital role in identifying the victims Positive identification of some of the decedents relied on intemational interagency cooperation Name one thing that you learned from the article that it is important to forensic anthropology At least 3 sentences There can be almost no remains left to work with after a fire in some cases even the teeth can be destroyed Recent full mouth radiographs are extremely important in positively identifying a decedent Out of country dental work can present a challenge when trying to obtain dental records What information do you wish had been included in the article but wasn t And why At least 3 sentences The author mentioned that postmortem radiographs in some cases are not consistent with antemortem radiographs but doesn t divulge how to overcome this obstacle If the only radiographs of the decedent available are bytewings and duplicate copies to boot can a positive identification still be made Also if no previous radiographs are available and there is no bony material to examine who then is responsible for making the identification Did this case study give you a better idea about how forensic anthropologists and forensic odontologists work together Why or why not At least 3 sentences The few mentions of forensic anthropologists suggested that they were responsible for examining and assembling the remains in anatomical position or as much as possible Not much detail was given on how a forensic anthropologist can assist in positively identifying a victim when dental records are not available It says that they can assist in providing seX age and race but doesn t disclose what more they can do beyond that Javier Trueba I Madrid Scientific Films POSTCRANIAL BONES VERTEBRA 4 E B a 8 67539 a Lumbar vertebra Thoracic vertebra CERVICAL VERTEBRA Bifid spinous r9 process Superior THORACIC VERTEBRA 33 m m l View Lateral Ewe aw V comm Emmi fatal 39 milfu g bf l tmmmwm lair 5pm anagrams C minlrmawm tuna astme abril lainquot LUMBAR VERTEBRA Axial Lateral Warhead 5mg View mawr RIBS 12 ON EACH SIDE 24 TOTAL STERNUM Vertebral column jugular nanb nyham39pmms CLAVICLE Right Clavicle Features cmmial rtrem39ny Superior surface Posterior Merior Inferior surface Pn teri or J cmmial Posterior extremity extremity W QCIB GEIGV SCAPULA caE EDE wwwfutusearchcum Lesser x T here it HUMERUS quot Deltoid Tubemsity 012crannn F0553 Latetal Eplcondyle Medial Epimnclyle RADIUS amp ULNA radial notch of ulna guano mama39s r 8quot trochlear notch a head 01 radius carancid process radius ulna f t l process styioid precessz quot 2amp0 Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc HAND MWij39t jnjtuTmfu cnm INNOMINATE HIP SACRUM FEMUR amp PATELLA ilium femur medial Benchale tibial mberosity head nf fibula bula I tibia shinbane bular notch medial malleolus lateral malJenlus 39 I 200739 Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc FEET penial forensic Identi cation in 2663 cantor re Anthony R Cardoza DDS Abstract The Cedar Fire burned a large area of San Diego County in October 2003 By the time it was extinguished in mid November it had consumed more acres than any re in California39s his tory Fitteen people lost their lives because of the tire Forensic dentistry played a prominent role in the identiti cation of the victims n Saturday Oct 25 2003 a lost hunter lit a signal fire hoping to be escued Instead he started a mas sive wildfire When it finally was extin guished weeks later it had consumed Cedar Creek just east of the community of Ramona in San Die 0 County deep within the hills of the Cleveland National 0 2 m e 2 grew rapidly in size moving west toward Ramona Suddenly in the early evening the anta Ana winds increased and s ited direction The front of the fire increased 0 a wi h of five miles and moved rapidly toward eastern Ramona the e through the mmu les of am Barona Wll CanyonMuth Valley LakesideEucalypt Hills uth an into Scripps Ranch mov 1 up n over e 10lane Interstate 15 By Sunday night the edar Fire raged s u and throug t u ll of t he com 39es San ee north El Caion east Crest Harbison Canyon and Alpine In its first full day R Cardoza DDS marn prryate practrce of general clentrstry rn El Cayon Calif and rs a foremlc dental consultant for the San Diego County Medical Examiner tne lmp County Coroner and the California Department of Justrce rn Sacramento He currently rs tneSoutnern Regional Director of California DlT tarns a Acknowledgements The author pushes to recog e and thank the following rnclryrduals for then assrstance and support Drs John Berk Leon Dycnter Duane Spencer Norman Sperber Glenn J w d Also Mrcnael Ellano Gretchen Ceary Robert Sutton and the entrre staff of the San Diego County Medical Examrner E N AUGUST7004VOL32NOECDAOURNAL 689 being thelargest fire in California s his tory consuming more tha 30 9P victims including a fire fighter from Novato Calif Purpose of Denial Identification F nsic dental identification spe h the extensive time required for analysis it is used sparingly h no other option exists This marks medical radiograp s Forensic dental attoos and identification has ual This includes not only e mor phology of the coronal portion of the 590 CDAOURNALVOL32NOEAUGUSTZOOA tooth but also the morphology of the m 9 P proximity interproximal bony trab s f dental restora tions are added the unique combin tion for any given individual can factor into the millions T e numerous important rea sons for identifying the deceased5 A legal certification of death is necessary onsummate legal matters such as life insurance wills etc There are fami ly and personal reasons as well includ ing closure In criminal investigations 0 it is important to establish the identity of the victim in order to proceed with the criminal investigation and to iden tify the sus ec 5 laze such as the Cedar Fire In a b the bodies often are burned beyond visual recognition Personal effects are also destroyed or lost in the fire Even if the personal effects are recovered ey may no be considered reliable due to the typical calamity surround ing a fire A forensic 39 can examine the remains of the skele tal system and often can determine ag race an sex of e victim Positive identification is best per me y mination of the surviv ing dentition by the forensic odontol ogist Howeve s the E for reference Enardis elmtbstsulstarnejn ekodyard eor yargosedprl maf ieske39lstalsystan Y oorly duplicated andor are not labeled right and left for e mortem radio raph the 0 may no appear consistent This could seriously hamper the identification e ort 1n 39 Mnmi mrinn iti emphasized that good quality properly nte an ele angina ante E o eatment progress notes should be submitted as well This al ows quent to the date of the radiographs Idenl39iiculion of the Cedar Fire Vi 39ms e majority of the Cedar Fire vic tims died the first night in the Wildcat CanyonMuth Valley area This was 1 The buined skeletal iemaim are i F ure reassembled by the toiensic anthiopologist f0 examination due to the rapid movement of the fire ames and the threat of injury In addi tion the severely burned remains were very fragile which made recovery diffi cult Victims remains were examined n San Diego County there are two ure 2 The dental fragmented iemaim of F Ef e Victim in i lam mated primary forensic odontologists on call m E 392 o plet thor e two venings and ne morning exa lning eight of the 15 vi The exam39 ations in resulted in positive identifications for five of the eight victims One of the uniden burned bone Figure 2 There were no Figure 3 The mandible and maxilla have h n V ted aie now ieady for dental chaiting and iadiogiaphy Note the maxillaiy removable paitial dentuie bony socket fragments for orientation Unfort tely th onl n mortem radiographs available were four bltewing Xra hen v 0 could not be identified were almost fully cremated with no identifiable denml or bony stru ures e next dental identifications were two severely burned bodies with 39 39 The mandible and m decedent had ent major recon structive dental treatment performed in AUGUST7004VOL32NOECDAOURNAL 591 Figure 4 The resected laws of a fire Victim Note the extensive crown and biidgewoik Mexico after the last bitewing Xrays e taken but the medical ex iner 39 2 a importance of furnishing a records on fie With the following two cases the decedents had suffere ry extensive thermal damage again almost to com plete cremation Only a small portion of the cranium remained the jaws were 592 CDAOURNALVOL32NOEAUGUSTZOOA Figure 5 The dental fragmented remains of a re victim The remains were aimost fully cre mated but a crown and a threeunrtbndge remained intact almost completely missing except for select posterior molars It was fortunate mortem radi ographs furnished were complete full mouth series Identifications were com pleted for both The author s final dental identifi cation of the fire victims was one that On a se fully cremated the medical examiner investigator was able to recover some dental root fragments and a threeunit porcelain fused to metal bridge Figure 5 T v39 39 39 e dece r m i 5 3 E E E m n iner investigator spent nearly 10 weeks pursuing the leads in this case and nally was able to get the name of the decedent s en is in exico Meanwhile the author determined the bridge was a maxillary right posterior 39 th bridge w1t tee os abutments and No the pontic Figure 6 With t e name of the Mexican den tist the author contacted Leon D c tate of Baia California Mexico Dychter met with the Mexican Figure 6 The intact threeunrt bridge which was used for the identification dentist While he no longer had any of his treatment records co c 39 enough degree of confidence to com plete this case Discussion Fire often plays a role in mass dis first Authorities instructed the author to evacuate ily to a safe area The c ring author witnessed several neighboring homes burning on the hillside Several of the author s patients friends and colleagues lost their homes in the Cedar Fire It is safe to say that every one in this community was affected in some way Summqr In conclusion it is noted California is well represented with dentists experi enced in orensic odontology California has the highest number of certified forensic odontologists com pared to other states in the nation In addition we now have the California Dental Identification Team as a statewide resource To maximize the effectiveness of our forensic resources it is important for practicing dentists to keep complete patient records on file and continually update them including the radi ographs The records may be needed for postmortem dental identification To request a printed copy of this article please contact Anthony R Cardoza DDS 266B Avocado Ave El Caion Calif 92020 References 1 Los Angeles Times Dec 28 2003 p 2 Fisher MA Paradise Lost Readers Digest 102 11 February 2004 3 San Diego Union Tribune Oct 29 2003 p A1 4 San Diego Union Tribune Jan 29 2004 p B8 5 Standish SM et al Identi cation of Human Remains y Comparison Fr Radiographs A series of four cases Forensic Sci 366176572 November 1991 pen r DE Berk JK Identifying Fire Victims The East Bay Fire Storm I CalifDent Assoc 202527 1992 AUGUST2004VOL3ZNO8CDAIOURNAL 693


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