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J201: Media and Society Week 2

by: Bayann Alkhatib

J201: Media and Society Week 2 J201

Bayann Alkhatib
GPA 3.5
Media and Society
Gallicano T

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About this Document

In-depth description on post-modern society and its components provided with examples. Lessons mentioned include Aristotle's Virtue of Ethics, ethical work (deontological and teleological theories)...
Media and Society
Gallicano T
Class Notes
Media, Society
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bayann Alkhatib on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J201 at University of Oregon taught by Gallicano T in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Media and Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
J201 Week 2 Characteristics of Postmodern society 1 Hyperreality State of the media in which the distinction between fantasy and reality is blurred What is scripted and what isn t For example is teen moms on MTV really a reality TV show or is it scripted 2 Pastiche Respectful tribute to various aspects of one or more genres from the past For example Kill Bill is a pastiche to Karate 3 lntertextuality Phenomenon in which the meanings that audience members interpret from a text are in uenced by outside factors such as the real life identities of actors reallife identities of actors reallife events or actors of past media work For example in the movie 22 Jump Street Ice Cube plays the role of Dickson and a reference is made in the movie about his of ce l ll FIT IllEllSlJN E llJFFIEE ll l ll IKE Fl ElllilllT lillBE llF lEE Aristotle s Virtue of Ethics Developing a good character do good things so they become habtual A person can be virtuous by choosing middle ground between being de cient or excessive for example Co war cm MIDDLE GROUND Courage Reckless Jayson Blair cut corners and made up stories for New York Times Ethical Work 1 Deontological Theories Identify the moral course of action based on how ethical the means are for achieving the goal For example it is never ethical to deceive even if there are good outcomes Meaning stealing from a pharmacy to help a dying homeless man Teleological Identify the morals before the course of action based on the expected good that the decision will bring The ends justify the meansquot For example not stealing from a pharmacy to help a dying homeless man because it is illegal Immanuel Kant deontological theorist A good will is good not because of what it affects or accomplishes nor because of its tness to attain some proposal end it is a good only in itselfquot quotAn act is only moral if it s based on a virtuous intentquot You must say yes to all 3 of these questions a Is the rule you re proposing consistently universal b Would you be proud to have your actions known publicly that are based on this rule c Are you treating people with dignity and respect rather than as a means to an end Why lying is such a big deal to Immanuel Kant Lying prevents others from having the freedom to choose rationally Lying destroys our dignity If you lie then you are not a deontologistquot He came up with the Categorical Imperative A moral law that focuses on consistent decision making for everyone based on rules For example always telling the truth consistenty The decision can not involve treating people as a means to an end don t exploit people to achieve goals People must be treated with respect and dignity not as a means to an end jerem y Bentham 1 7481 832 A British philosopher who funded utilitarianism He was an advocate for Abolition of Slavery Equal rights for women Decriminalization of lesbians and gay acts VAnimal righta Utilitarianism Teeoogica Theory The act is moral of it produces good consequences The most moral act produces the greatest ratio of good to evil for anyone affected by a decision John Stuart Mill one of Bentham s students on Utilitarianism Sometimes a decision that favors the majority is not the moral one to make 0 For example decisions should not infringe on people s sovereignty over their own actions


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