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Week 3 Lecture Notes

by: Sonia Brosnan

Week 3 Lecture Notes J 201

Sonia Brosnan
GPA 3.8
Media and Society >2
Workneh T

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About this Document

Hey guys! Here's this weeks lecture notes, complete with the grammar review from Wednesday. Enjoy!
Media and Society >2
Workneh T
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sonia Brosnan on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J 201 at University of Oregon taught by Workneh T in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 102 views. For similar materials see Media and Society >2 in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Week 3 Lecture 2 Notes GRAMMAR REVIEW Semicolons The A list heavy lifters 0 Two sentences that are back to back without coordinating conjunctions but or yet so for and nor 0 A complex list of items in a series 3 or more items Conjunctive adverbs 0 Consequently For example However Moreover Nevertheless Therefore Not a full sentence after the conjunctive adverb D use a comma sandwich Full sentence after the conjunctive adverb D use a semicolon and comma 0 just like oaties you need punctuation on each side of conjunctive adverbs Use a comma as long as there is a subject and verb after a coordinating conjunction 0 But or yet so for and nor 0 The period always gets tucked inside the quotation marks 0 Think of a parent tucking in a child 0 Regulation lm was formally and informally in uenced in the US 0 Early Practices 0 1897 Maine adopts the rst censorship law of lms in response to a boxing match 500 penalty for showing the match The law is largely ignored 0 1907 Chicago 2nCI biggest lm market at the time empowers its chief of police to approve and deny permits for showing movies Many other cities adopted similar policies 0 1908 New York biggest lm market at the time mayor shuts down all theaters based on re safety and moral ground 0 Coalition title New York Board of Motion Picture Censorship Reviewed lms and recommended sections of lms to cut for a fee Had a nationwide impact due to its location in New York New coalition title National Review Board 0 National Review Board guarded against calls for federal censorship for a few years 0 Mutual Film Corporation vs Ohio Industrial Commission 1915 lm industry can be censored by federal government 0 Hollywood scandals in the 19205 infuriated the public Fatty Arbuckle accused of rape and manslaughter found innocent William Desmond Taylor shot in the head Wallace Reid drug overdose o 1921 More than 100 congressional bills were presented for federal oversight of lms 0 1922 Hollywood preempted federal legislation by establishing an organization called the Motion pictures producers and distributors of America MPPDA MPPDA was made up of 6 major Hollywood studios Hollywood decides to regulate itself 0 MPPDA hired William H Hays postmaster general and former head of republican national committee Asked to take the pressure off of Hollywood by appeasing the federal government essentially a PR person 15000 salary o 197 Hays created a committee of studio heads that generated a list of dos and dont39s Motion picture production code 19301968 A set of industry censorship guideline that in uenced most movies made in the us by major studios until the late 19605 Created by the MPDDA Hollywood s organization to prevent government interference o 1934 Roman Bishops of the catholic church organized the Legion of Decency with the help of Protestant and Jewish organizations Effectively engaged their members in boycotting lms deemed immoral O o In response the MPPDA created the Production Code Administration PCA to enforce the motion picture production code It was headed byJoseph Breen an in uential roman catholic smart PR move 0 MPPDA agreed to only show lms that had the PCA seal of approval Studios allowed the PCA to have the nal say in removing scenes from nal scripts and nals cuts of lms 0 Why did studios go through with the PCA Avoid federal regulations Maintain good relationships with religious groups Make plot lines formulaic and easy to write 0 19405 Challenges to the MPPC The director of quotThe Outlawquot removed footage that focused on the actresses chest but still struggled to receive the PCA seal Century Fox backed out of its commitment to show the lm Hughes created negative publicity by pretending that it was going to be released and alerting minister women39s clubs and housewives intentionally trying to target the groups that would have the most problem with it The bad publicity created a demand for the movie which was released for a week before it was censored for ve years 0 1945 Rebranding MPPDA hired Eric Johnston to replace Hays as the head of the organization Johnson renamed the organization the MPPA o 1950 Challenges to the MPPA New antimonopoly rule studios cannot own their own theater This change allowed theater owners to show any content that interested them ex foreign lms 0 1952 Burstyn vs Wilson The Supreme Court reversed its earlier ruling by giving lms free speech protection There was no longer a threat of government regulation 0 Demise of the code Increasingly movies were made without the PCA seal of approval By 1968 the code faded away and the MPPA looked in to a ratings system to replace the code 0 In uence of today39s system 0 The rating a lm receives can affect How many people go to see it Whether media will carry advertisements Whether stores like Walmart will carry it


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