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Weekly Reading Response #2

by: Vivian Wei

Weekly Reading Response #2 B CORE 104/107A

Vivian Wei
University of Washington Bothell
Self and Society in Everyday Life
Dr. Christian Anderson & Dr. Amoshaun Toft

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About this Document

This weeks weekly reading response focuses on infrastructure. What are the basis of infrastructure? Is America falling behind? What can we do to fix America's infrastructure?
Self and Society in Everyday Life
Dr. Christian Anderson & Dr. Amoshaun Toft
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vivian Wei on Thursday October 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to B CORE 104/107A at University of Washington Bothell taught by Dr. Christian Anderson & Dr. Amoshaun Toft in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Self and Society in Everyday Life in Culture at University of Washington Bothell.

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Date Created: 10/15/15
Who Should We Blame America hit an economic boom postwar The society began turning into a suburban society People moved out of the big cities and into the suburban neighborhood This change established the need for mass productions of houses appliances and automobiles Living in the suburbs made it a necessity to own automobiles The increase of automobiles boosted the gas economy and soon the government noticed the need for interstate highways That was the start of America s infrastructure As we head into the 20th century our infrastructures are starting to fail on us as the designs were awed and had not been receiving the necessary care and inspections The people look to our government to fix these problems and the government look to the people for money Can this problem be eased by getting more people to ride public transportation How can we get past the stigmas that the top 1 have created for themselves What is needed for the government to start putting more emphasis on infrastructures in America How can the people help in these situations Everything is safe until an accident occurs Suddenly it becomes the center of everyone39s attention The Minnesota Bridge collapse uncovered the real problems regarding America s infrastructure Our infrastructure was not only falling apart but also falling behind The people look to the government in hopes of increasing inspections and qualities of inspections However the government continues to look to the people in hopes of channeling more money to help fix infrastructure problems when fixing the nation s infrastructure is only a matter of f1netuning 3 the economic production system Solomon As America grows so does its number of people housing and vehicles The people are not only looking to the government to fix the current infrastructures but also adding to what we already have With the increasing number of vehicles 4 million miles of roads 600000 bridges 11000 miles of transit lines Solomon is simply not enough As Solomon states The problem is the lack of roads and the traf c congestion Many could argue that this is our fault as well Over the years vehicle population has risen over 1 billion worldwide This leads us to ask the question Does individual opinions regarding social statues on public transport change the willingness of people to ride public transport Our human nature has forced us to create class systems that differentiates the top 1 from everyone else We have created this idealized belief that rich people do not ride buses because they re too good for the bus Carr But in order for us to begin xing America the people must remove themselves from their classes to understand the severity of our problem and for us to x this problem as a nation Car pollution is one of the biggest reasons as to why we hold such congestions and lack of roads With one less car on the road we will be able to start creating the change that the people has been asking from the government yet we are unable to do that due to our stubbornness and ignorant nature In conclusion infrastructure problems are not something that can be xed any time soon However it is important for people to realize the importance of having detailed and structured infrastructure regulations to ensure the safety of others Not only that but more people should take this as an incentive to attempt to break the class stigma and try out public transportation Implications may arise when government of cials feel that there is no need to increase infrastructure money because it would take another few decades for bridges and highways to deteriorate


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