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by: Taylor Martin
Taylor Martin
GPA 2.3
Classical Mythology
Joseph Kidd

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About this Document

Notes for the 8th week
Classical Mythology
Joseph Kidd
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Martin on Friday October 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1060 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Joseph Kidd in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 10/16/15
CM week 8 Orpheus and orphism Orpheus Parents Apollo and muse Calliope 0 Traveling wiseman Prophet o Healer o Magical musician o Teaches others of his pacifist way of life 0 Like many hero39sjourneys to the undenNorld o Becomes a martyr 0 His philosophy is celebrated in a mystery religion Character Jesus like Pacifist ls said to have come from the east and the Greeks gave him godly parents 0 Can hypnotist people 0 Somewhat similar to Dionysus who also comes from the east and can control people 0 Could charm animals Orpheus and his New Bride He falls in love with a women and on their wedding day she dies He refuses to accept her death and goes to the undenNorld to get her He uses his lyre to charm Cerberus and somehow gets an audience with Hades and Persephone He plays a sad tone for them and brings Hades and Persephone to tears as well as the furies Hades relents but the deal was Eurydice must follow but he can not look back As they are almost at the entrance he looks back and Hermes takes her back to the undenNorld For a while he refuses to leave the undenNorld and mourns on the shore of the river Styx for seven days but Hades does not relent Sadly he has to leave and he withdrew into himself and went into isolation He rejected women and begins to sleep with men He runs into maenads who were angry that he rejected women and they begin to throw things at him but the music stops the objects They kill the animals that were spellbound and drown out his music Able to get to him they tear him apart but the lyre and his head still play on The head and lyre float to lesbos and is discover by naiads They make an altar for it and it becomes an oracle His spirits finally goes to Hades and he is reunited with Eurydice What did the Greeks think about Orpheus 0 They believe was a real person a traveling prophet healer musician who taught the secrets of healing and salvation 0 His philosophy was written down in the quotOrphic Biblequot 0 He established a mystery religion mostly for men into which one had to be initiated the rules are still unclear but it forbade the eating of meat or shedding of bloods and thus protected all life The Heroes Some characteristics of Greek Heroes 1 unusual birth and childhood sometimes part divine 2 faces opposition from the beginning and must prove his worth 3 enemies create circumstances that lead to his achievement 4 he is helped by at least one key ally god or mortal 5 he faces difficult obstacles sometimes a series of labors to achieve 6 conflicts with divine human or monstrous opponents present him with physical sexual and spiritual challenges 7 he may have to observe unusual prohibitions and restrictions don t look back don t eat certain fruit don t be too inquisitive 8 he may fight Death itself sometimes journeying to the Underworld 9 he may be rewarded with great success resulting in marriage political power wealth spiritual enlightenment even deification 10 sometimes his good fortune reverses The Royal House of Thebes The abduction of Europa Phoenician princess by Zeus Said to give her name to Europe She is out picking flower with her handmaidens when Zeus spots her He turns into a white bull and attracts Europa She gets on his back and he runs off with her into the sea He takes her to Crete and has sex with her and she has children Her brother Cadmus hears that his sister was taken and he goes to an oracle to find out her whereabouts He tells him she is with Zeus and that they have bigger plans for him The oracle tells Cadmus to start a city To start his city he was instructed to follow a cow and that the place the cow would stop to rest is where he would build his city When he gets to the place the cow rest Cadmus comes across a dragon Cadmus slays the dragon and builds his city Harmonia Harmonia is the wife of Cadmus and the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite since she is Ares and Aphrodite child Hephaestus curses Harmonia with a necklace that will make her forever young as well as bad luck on the wearer o The necklace later goes to Semele and Jocasta Harmonia and Cadmus have a successful rule with the necklace power not taking effect yet They are transformed into snakes and transported to Elysium 1 Kings of the royal house of Thebes 2 Cadmus founder of Thebes 3 Pentheusgrandson killed by maenads 4 Labdacus grandson father of Laius Lycus Laius great uncle Zethus and Amphion great nephews of Lycus Oedipus 5 6 7 Laius Father of Oedipus 8 9 Eteocles son of Oedipus 1 O Creon brother of Jocasta Laius Laius is exiled and taken in by King Pelops who was the lover of poseidon and made King with poseidon39s help Laius betrays the guest host relationship by abducting Pelops son and raping him Pelops son then commits suicide Laius is able to escape his crime when the position as King opens up as Thebes He becomes king and marries Jocasta who inherited the cursed necklace and wants a son He goes to the Pythia to ask if he will have a son She tells him that his wife is pregnant but because of a curse out on him by Pelops his son will kill him The child is Oedipus His story is told in 3 tragedies by playwright Sophocles ca 496406 BCE o Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex o Oedipus at Colonus o Antigone What will Laius do He tries to stop destiny He decides to get rid of Oedipus he gives it to a servant and orders him to leave Oedipus in the wilderness to die The servant can39t do it and he give Oedipus to a shepherd in corian who then gives it to the king of Corinth who raises him When Oedipus is grown at a dinner party the men get drunk and start teasing Oedipus that he39s not really the King39s son He ask his father if he39s really his son and the King says yes He doesn39t believe him and goes to the Pythia who tells him he will kill his father and marry his mother so he must avoid him Thinking the Pythia is talking about the king of Corinth he leaves for Thebes Oedipus and the old man Oedipus has Altercation with an old man outside the gates of Thebes who almost runs him over and Oedipus kills him not knowing he is Laius Laius had left the city because of a curse Arrival at Thebes The city under the curse of the Sphinx she is positioned at the outside of the city and she ask all the male visitors a riddle and if they get it wrong they she eats them The riddle Oedipus has to answer goes quotWhat walks on four legs in the morning two at noon and three in the eveningquot Oedipus thinks about then give the correct answer quotA human being who crawls as an infant walks erect in maturity and leans on a staff in old agequot The Sphinx is so outraged he got it right that she kills herself Soon news spread that the king is dead and that a hero named Oedipus killed the Sphinx The queen39s brother Creon who was ruling in Laius steed decides this hero will marry his sisterJocasta fulfilling the prophecy It is a successful marriage and the have 4 children over the years The children of Oedipus and Jocasta Sons Eteocies Polynices Daughters lsmene Antigone o The sons are evil and the girls are good When the children become grown a Plague descends on the city causing infertility and the people of Thebes go to the Pythia to get answers She tells them that the murderer of King Laius is in you midst Another prophet named Tiresias tells them not to search for the murderer and they ignore him Soon little by little the truth is revealed by the servant who gave Oedipus away when he was a baby and they accuse Oedipus of blood guilt even though he didn39t know it was his father Jocasta finds out she married her son who killed her husband and she kills herself Oedipus finds her body and blames himself so much that he gouges his own eyes out Oedipus is blamed for the plagues and is exiled He leaves the city blind with his daughter lsmene He winds up at the city of Colonus when his son Polynices comes to him telling him he wants to fight his brother for the throne He tells his father that if he help him he will be a royal man again Oedipus wants no part in this and curses his son telling him that he prays that both him and his brother kill each other because they are selfish and greedy When Oedipus dies he dies in peace and he hears Zeus calling him The brothers kill each other and Antigone steps in Her husband is Creon39s son Haemon and Creon become the king again They give Oedipus and Eteocies a proper burial but Creon wants Polynices to not get a proper burial for attacking the city Antigone can39t do that to her brother and performs a burial for him behind her Creon39s back Creon find out and sentenced her to death Tiresias tell him not to do but he doesn39t listen and they Bury her alive Antigone39s fiance argues with his father and vows to never see him again Haemon is unsuccessful at saving and kills himself Creon is distraught after all this He rules the city for a while before he dies Tiresias is a blind prophet that no one ever listens to Before he became blind and a prophet one day Tirereseas is walking and see to snakes mating and he separated them and the gods turn him into a woman for interfering with nature He is a woman for many years but he runs into mating snakes again and separates them and the gods turn him back to a man The story of how he became the a blind prophet begins when one day when Zeus and Hera are arguing on which sex enjoys sex more They go to ask Tiresias since he39s been both Zeus thinks women enjoy it more and Hera thinks the opposite He agrees with Zeus and Hera is so embarrassed she blinds him To make for blinding the give him the ability to see the future The Big 3 Classical Tragedians o Aeschylus ca 525 455 BCE o Sophocles ca 496406 BCE o Euripides ca 490406 BCE


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