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Week 8 notes - Psych 364

by: Allie S

Week 8 notes - Psych 364 Psyc 3640

Marketplace > Clemson University > Psychlogy > Psyc 3640 > Week 8 notes Psych 364
Allie S
GPA 3.46
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben

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About this Document

week 8 - Ch 5
Industrial Psychology 3640
Eric McKibben
Class Notes
IO Psych, Industrial Psych, Psychology, Clemson
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Friday October 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 3640 at Clemson University taught by Eric McKibben in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Industrial Psychology 3640 in Psychlogy at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 10/16/15
Review Expectations of behaviors within an organization What are the behaviors I expect from for o approach is we are looking for someone to fulfill expectations Looking for the KAOS Types of data used to make decisions on people s futures 0 Used to be focused on the individual but now we look at how the individual contributes to the overall organization 0 Objective Can look at visualOBJECTIVE info to quantify what you produced 0 Personnel promotions work on time help paint a picture of performance 0 Judgmental subjective evaluations want expectations and organizational goals to align Ch 5 Performance Measurement Uses for performance information Criterion data 0 Can decide What are all the little P squot and how can we manage and cultivate them 0 Employee development 0 Extra training to cultivate the desired behaviors Motivationsatisfaction o Selfevaluate and mentorleader evaluations to assess performance leads to satisfaction enough or not enough which CAN lead to motivation increase or decrease Rewards o Reward people who are performing wellpunishment for those not 0 Promotion 0 Layoff o Failing to create the desired behaviors These are the reasons for collecting data 3 types of Performance Data Objective how many x produced the facts unbiased Personnel how many missed days promotions personal issues proxy for performance Judgmental subjective evaluating performance usually by the higher ups Ideally we could capture all 3 to get a holistic view of a person to evaluate how effective a person is There SHOULD be a positive correlation between these threebut in reality there is no correlation ex someone is a sales person doing very wellbut doesn t have a degree to get promotedcompany won t promote because he has too high of a performance recordis an asshole Relationships among performance measures 0 There is a very minimal relationship between the 3 types of performance data 0 Handson performance measures 0 Employee engages in workrelated tasks 0 Include carefully constructed simulations 0 Walkthrough testing Employee describes in detail how to do a job You will work at max performance when viewed by a manager but when the manager leaves you may produce your Typical performance 0 We ANCHOR on certain values which could be erroneous 0 But we use our biases to correct and ADJUST o The numbers are what confirmsdenies these 0 Ex Anchored on the observed 10 widgets Typical performance is 4 widgets We adjust our ideas to 7 widgets from 10 knowing that it would be at least a little less 0 We desire Objective data as a gold standardquot it USUALLY does not inflate o Exceptwhen you meet your objectives but you may not be working AS hard as you would if monitored 0 Ways to capturemeasure performance 0 Electronic performance monitoring 0 Commercial Driving Fleets Improving Performance Computer Usage at Work Worker Attitudes a What steps should employers take to improve attitudes Performance Management 0 Emphasizes link between individual behavior amp organizational strategies amp goals 0 3 Components of Performance Management Definition of performance Actual measurement process Communication between supervisor amp subordinate about individual behavior amp organ expectations Perceptions of Fairness in Performance Measurement 0 Factors associated with fairness measurement Appraisal frequency positively related to fairness perceptions Joint planning with supervisor to eliminate weaknesses enhances fairness perception Supervisor s knowledge of duties of person being measured Supervisor s knowledge of actual performance of person being rated Distributive justice 0 Fairness of outcomes related to decisions How fair we perceive the outcomes what was put in x what we got out IN COMPARISON to others If we put in the same amount of outcome as another but had a different outcome unfair 0 Procedural justice 0 Fairness of process by which ratings are assigned amp a decision is made IS the process fair Ex tests if the questions are overly hardif the process of knowledge evaluation is unfair n This comes before distributive Interpersonal justice 0 Respectfulness amp personal tone of communications surrounding evaluation Theories of performance rating 0 Process model 0 Addresses various factors comprising rating process 0 Content model 0 Addresses content input to supervisory ratings 0 What is it that we are looking for What s the input 0 Rating context 0 Includes both announced purpose amp other non announced agendas surrounding ratings 0 What s the purpose How the interactions go between supervisor How we assess content Overall performance ratings 0 Influenced by 3 factors Task performance Contextual performance organizational citizenship behavior Counterproductive performance 0 Trait ratings a warning 0 Eg I am aloof abrasive Taskbased ratings 0 Effectiveness of employee in accomplishing duties 0 Most easily defended in court 0 Critical incidents method 0 Examples of critical behaviors that influence performance


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