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CDO 335 Week Seven Notes

by: Rachel Roede

CDO 335 Week Seven Notes CDO 335

Rachel Roede
Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing
Lori Bissell

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About this Document

Here is week seven worth of lecture notes! Hope they help!
Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing
Lori Bissell
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Roede on Friday October 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CDO 335 at Central Michigan University taught by Lori Bissell in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing in Communication Disorders & Sciences at Central Michigan University.

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Date Created: 10/16/15
CDO 335 Week Seven Notes Mastication and Deglutition 0 Mastication 0 Process of preparing food for swallowing 0 Includes 39 Moving unchewed food onto grinding surface of the teeth 39 Chewing the food moving mandible 39 Mixing it with saliva in preparation for swallowing 0 Deglutition The process of swallowing A basic biological function Occurs 100 s of times a day Present in utero 1011 weeks rst trimester Dysphagia 39 Disorders of swallowing OOOOO Four stages of Swallowing Voluntarv 0 Oral Preparatory State Getting it ready to swallow 0 Oral Stage Ready to swallow just need to get it to back of mouth 0 Involuntary o Pharyngeal Stage Down pharynx o Esophageal State Down esophagus SLP s do not handle these cases Oral Preparatory State 1 0 Food is prepared for swallowing ls voluntary yet is done automatically without conscious effort 0 Table 81 pg 410 outlines all muscular activity in stage do not need to know all 0 Bolus is being formed in this stage Labial seal 0 To keep food in the mouth lips o Orbicularis Oris Muscle o Nerve Vll Facial innervation Bolus 0 Mass of chewed food formed into a ball to be swallowed 0 Can be solid or liquid bolus Mandibular Muscles V Trigeminal Nerve o Temporalis o Masseter 0 Lateral external Pterygoid o Medial internal Pterygoid Liquids don t require chewing but may spread Buccal Tension o Buccinator Muscle Vll Facial Nerve o Risorius Muscle Vll Facial Nerve keeps food from passing into spaces between the teeth and cheek Velum is depressed downrelaxed stage so air can pass to breath through nose X Vagus nerve Xl Accessory nerve keep bolus in mouth Laryngeal muscles open to still breath o Airway is open for respiration o X Vagus nerve larynx abducted Posterior Cricoarytenoid Salivary glands secrets saliva into oral cavity to help form mass of food into bolus Oral Stage 2 Begins when bolus has been chewed and is ready to be swallowed 0 Or when liquid is on tongue Lingual Peristalsis o Begins to push bolus to back of mouth 0 Xll Hypoglossal Nerve Anterior tongue elevates to hard palate Center tongue groove contains bolus and margins sides of tongue are down Bolus squeezed to back toward the Faucial PillarsArches Faucial Pillars is where swallowing re ex is at Total Transmit Time to move bolus to back of mouth is lt1 second 0 This is known as Oral Transmit Time Contact with faucial pillarsarches triggers the swallowing re ex IX Glossopharyngeal Nerve Swallowing now becomes REFLEXIVE and the pharyngeal stage has begun Pharyngeal Stage 3 0 Complex sequence of re exes Table 83 pg 414 o Begins when re ex is triggered Total transit time from faucial arches to esophagus is lt1 second 0 Pharyngeal Transit Time 0 Four movements occur simultaneously 0 Elevation and retraction of velum to close off nasal cavity X Xl levator veli palatini muscles Oral and nasal cavities are now separate 0 Pharyngeal Peristalsis Superior middle and inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscles contract the bolus down the pharynx 0 Elevation and closure of the larynx To protect from aspiration There are 4 levels of closure of the vocal foldslarynx closes from bottom up 0 True vocal folds False vocal folds o Aryepiglottic folds o Epiglottis 0 Relaxation of upper esophageal sphincter Relaxes to open in order to allow food to enter Contraction means it is closed most common position When this muscle relaxes pharyngeal stage ends Esophageal Stage 4 o Peristalsis and gravity bring food down this stage 0 Total transit time from top of esophagus to stomach is 820 seconds 0 Esophageal Transit Time Modi ed Barium Swallow Study MBS AKA video uoroscopic study 0 Diagnostic xray to examine oral oral preparatory and pharyngeal stages of the swallow Uses different consistencies of liquids and solids mixed with barium radioopaque substance SLP radiologist and doctor present at the time of xray


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