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October 13-15

by: josiepelham

October 13-15 101.0

GPA 3.89
Western Civilization I
Staci S Glover (P)

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About this Document

This week's notes. Most of the information comes directly from lecture
Western Civilization I
Staci S Glover (P)
Class Notes
Western Civ 1
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by josiepelham on Friday October 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 101.0 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Staci S Glover (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization I in History at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Date Created: 10/16/15
October 13th 15th Roman Empire 0 Conspirators of Cesar s death 0 Cassius originates plot 0 MBrutus Cesar s favorite 0 D Brutus close friend 0 Assassination brings Rome closer together 0 Avengers 0 Octavian Heir to the throne o M Lepidus General and former consul o M Antony o All form 2quot l Triumvirate go after conspirators Mark out 300 senators to execute in 43 BC Turn on each other Cassius and M Brutus are defeated by Octavian and Antony at the Battle of Philippi M Brutus and Cassius commit suicide Antony takes control of Greece Egypt and the East marries Octavian s sister Octavian takes control of the West and Gal modern day France shares with Lepidus Lepidus gets Africa attempts to seize Sicily forced to retire 2quot l Triumvirate ends in 36 BC 0 Antony is stronger than Octavian Falls in love with Cleopatra She previously had a son with Cesar Cesarean where the term Csection comes from Marries Cleopatra before he divorces Octavian s sister Octavian declares war 0 Battle of Actium 31 BC 0 Naval fleet of Antony defeated o Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide 0 Octavian forms Roman Empire 0 Pax Romana Roman peace 0 Octavian didn t want to be a dictator o Augustus Called himself 1St princeps 1St citizen 1St and greatest emperor o 27 BC Senate gives Octavian the title Augustus revered one 0 Later adopts the name Cesar King Rome has a monarchy disguised as a republic 0000000 0 0 Reduced size of the army but creates a standing army Those in charge must be loyal Praetorian Guard quotsecret service 9000 I Eventually assassinated leaders and appointed new ones No official line of succession one of Rome s biggest flaws I Senate chooses next emperor Peace 27 BC 180AD Basic law code Beautifies Rome with public works 3000 man police force 1st permanent police force Free distribution of grain to the poor Gracchi Brothers Brings pride back to Rome Julian laws instill moral virtues of family adultery illegal married women not allowed out without male escort family was prized Attempted to revamp religion Transitioned to emperor worship Dies in the year 14 AD 0 After Augustus O O O O Horace Ovid Virgil cultural creativity Mare Nostrum quotour sea Mediterranean Trade flourished Rome has first hospitals 0 Julio Claudian Dynasty we are now officially in AD 0 O Tiberius 1437 I Augustus s stepson I Declared new princeps by the senate I Excellent administration for the first 9 years I Then had a reign of terror 0 Anyone who was expected to be unloyal executed I Made huge surplus in the treasury I Senate refuses to deify him Caligula 3741 I Grandnephew of Tiberius I Original name was Gaius I Confirmed by the senate I Name means quotlittle boots I Very humane early on I Mentally imbalanced and obsessed with power I Insists he is a god I Treats senate poorly I Lives with any woman he chooses Exhausts treasury in one year Assassinated by Praetorian Guard 0 Claudius 4154 Selected by Praetorian Guard Caligula s uncle Doesn t seem like he can rule but does very well Extends full citizenship to Gaul Conquers Britain Flaw infatuated with women 4th wife is his niece Aggrippina son named Nero Plots against Claudius Nero is favored by Claudius Claudius is poisoned 0 Nero 5468 Supported by guard and the senate Selfindulgent Tyrant Kills step brother and mother because they could potentially threaten his power Blamed for the great fire in 64 He blamed the Christians 23 of the city burned St Peter and Paul are executed Rebuilds Rome Commits suicide at the age of 30 On his death bed he said quotThe world had lost a great artist 0 The Roman Forum 0 Seat of government 0 Roman roads apian way cobble stone 0 Aqueducts o Colosseum Modern 0 Circus maximus Race track chariot races 0 More Roman leaders 0 Trajan 98117 Height of empire One of the greatest emperors Improves roads harbors and aqueducts Administrator Expands imperial control over provinces Expands prosperity Empire reaches its greatest expanse Cross Dan river into Transylvania Found gold Armenia Mesopotamia and Assyria 1st Roman general to reach Indian ocean but does not make it into India Nephew Hadrian rules after his death in in 117138 0 Spanish Warrior Renaissance man jack of all trades Improves army Codification of law makes it standardized Visits all provinces and hopes to improve conditions in all of them Rebuilds Athens Reconstructs much of Rome Rebuilds Pantheon Builds treasury Pulls back Roman boarders Hadrian s wall defense boarder near modern day Scotland 135 Jewish revolt is suppressed Diaspora disperse ofJewish people Don t go back until 1949 0 Marcus Aurelius 161180 Favorite of Hadrian Coruler with Lucius Verus Philosopher king Spends last part of his life in defense of empire Plague decreased the population On death bed he appointed Bohemia Persecuted Christians His death ended the quot5 good emperors o The fall of the Roman Empire 0 Didn t happen over night 0 External factors Pressured along boarders Weakened by war disease and plague Treasury gets spent in war Corrupt leaders 0 Internal factors Political o No laws of succession instability o Corrupt rulers o Commodious 0 Low loyalty of army due to corruptness 0 Free farmer gone 0 Military is loyal to general not the state Economic 0 West consumed more than it produced 0 Low farm production unfavorable balance of trade credit dries Up 0 Commerce declines because provinces were self sufficient 0 Inflation at an alltime high 0 High taxes 0 High military presence 0 Commercial decline 0 Depreciate coinage high inflation o Inequality in wealth distribution goes up 0 Increased cost of government 0 Bureaucrats had more responsibility run daily processes of gov o Bureaucrats leave jobs unprepared people take over 0 Burden of excessive taxation 0 Anger o Widespread tax evasion Social reasons 0 Low population 0 Wars birth control plague shortage of manpower in military 0 Low civic responsibility 0 Apathetic immorality low voter turnout 0 Edward Gibbon said Christianity tore down Rome 0 Rise of Christianity 0 Disrupts Rome more than anything else 0 Starts off as a set of Judaism Monotheism creation Ten Commandments Messiah Old Testament 0 Differences Judaism refuses to recognize Jesus as the Messiah 0 Jesus not born on December 25th born in reign of Augustus in late spring 84BCE Messiah Baptized by John began his ministry Renewal and warning love compassion Sermon on the Mount 0 Meekness humility and kindness Repentance 12 disciples learner Feared by many because he was seen as revolutionary Put before Pilate on charges of treason and blasphemy Crucified and raised from the dead Was on earth for 40 more days and then ascended into heaven Born in AsiaMinor Greatest missionary Apostle to the Gentiles Founder of theology 100200 Christianity spreads rapidly 0 Peter Cephas 1st bishop at the church of Rome Petrine Doctrine result of Peter Executed at Rome 300s bishop at Rome asserts dominance over other bishops quotFirst among equals Petrine Doctrine 0 Bishop at Rome said this


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