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Week 9 Notes

by: Lane Paulson

Week 9 Notes ART 176

Lane Paulson
Arts and Society: Visual
Vanessa Schulman

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About this Document

Week 9 notes from Wednesday in lecture
Arts and Society: Visual
Vanessa Schulman
Class Notes
Art, art176, ISU
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lane Paulson on Friday October 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 176 at Illinois State University taught by Vanessa Schulman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Arts and Society: Visual in Art at Illinois State University.


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Date Created: 10/16/15
The Art as Collective vs Individual 0 American Regionalism O O 0 19291939 Great Depression quotRegionalistquot art re ects speci cally American subject matter and mythology New York artistic capital of US Style ranges from realistic to abstract but usually has recognizable subject matter Tends to show Midwesternrural subjects Symbol of hardship and tragedy during Great Depression Dust Bowl farms no longer producing at capacity because of dust storm Migration from middle of country to west for fertile land and new opportunities As far as politics artists are more in the middle Thomas Hart Benton Crading Wheat 1938 Most famous of regionalist painters Wheat is a reference to how a true leader advocates power to do important things that hold up the country john Steuart Curry Tornado over Kansas 1939 Idea of threat tornado and hardship how most Americans live Art shows hardships of the Great Depression but also jerry Bywaters 0n the Ranch 1941 0 Former ranch after much drought Olin Herman Travis Mayor ofHoover City c 1932 0 Reference to Herbert Hoover who was blamed by some for the stock market crash because he was president 0 Living in a shack of a wasteland Give ordinary people hope and regional pride Thomas Hart Benton Huck Funn and jim from A Social History ofthe State ofMissouri Missouri Capital Building jefferson City 1936 0 Message that you are able to start over and move elsewhere for a new life Thomas Hart Benton jamesYounger Gang Train Robbery from A Social History of the State ofMissouri Missouri Capital Building jefferson City 1936 0 Ordinary people doing crazy things like robbing banks become folk heroes Idea that outlaws will stick up for you only true heroes you can rely on bank and government want to screw you oven quotI ve traveled round this country seen lots of funny men some will rob you with a sixgun some with a fountain penquot Woody Guthrie 0 Singer from Oklahoma Idea of banksgovernment vs outlaws Abstract Expressionism O O O 0 19451991 Cold War Mid 194OSlate 19505 Abstract Expressionism movement Also called action painting New York school allover painting automatic painting Form of quotautonomousquot art Expresses artist39s feelings Jackson Pollock Going West c 1935 Student of Thomas Hart Benton Very dreamlike art not immediately recognizable Becomes most famous artist in the US even featured in LIFE Magazine 1949 First to completely get rid of brushstroke revolutionizes hierarchy of techniques Jackson Pollock Fu Fathom Five 1947 Completely abstract not representational quotOne of the unconscious motives for Pollock39s 39aIIover39 departure was the desire to achieve a more immediate denser and more decorative impactquot art critic Clement Greenberg Covers every inch of canvas 39aIIover39 art Adolph Gottlieb Frozen Sounds No 1 1951 Clyfford Still 1951 TNo 1 1951 quotThe New American Paintingquot Traveling exhibit of Abstract Expressionism Visited 8 European countries in 195859 0 Many who border Totalitarian countries Partly sponsored by US Department of State Contrasts American intellectual freedom with the restriction of freedom under Communism Art can convince people to keep democracy quotTheir individualism is uncompromisingquot


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