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Week 9 China (cont)

by: Mariah Armstrong

Week 9 China (cont) HST 106

Mariah Armstrong
GPA 3.2
Asian Civilizations

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About this Document

Asian Civilizations
Class Notes
China, Asia, Asian, Civilizatins, Sui, Tang
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariah Armstrong on Friday October 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HST 106 at Arizona State University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Asian Civilizations in Global Studies at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 10/16/15
China cont 0 Wang Mang and Xin Dynasty 0 Back to Zhou and disruptions Titles Well eld system abolish in 2 years Abolishes slavery Expands monopolies Changes coinage Gov salaries according to harvest Restoration of Han External problems Huns lnternal problems Yellow River shifts course Red Eyebrows Way of Great Peace Daoists amp local notables Wang Mang killed amp eaten o lnvenUons 100 CE paper Porcelain waterpowered mills horse collar led to the use of less animals for pulling a unit lacquer distillation circulation of blood Ships Watertight compartments multiple masts rudders compass 0 Military Projects The Largest Chinese Empire Silk Road to Rome Zhang Qian journey of 139 126 BCE Control of Uighurs amp Huns Bribery silk gold amp brides Military control 0 Colonies 0 Force Huns west 89 0 Ban Zhou 0 Han Historiography Sima Qian c 14590 BCE Shiji Records of the Brand Historian Ban Gu d 92 CE and Ban Chao sister nished it when he died 0 History of the Former Han 0 Han Intellectual Life Classic of Filial Piety Lessons for Women Ban Chao 45115 Classic of Change 0 All phenomena are related Daoism and the advances of Chinese science 0 Daoism focuses on prolonging human life Fragmentation after Han o Dynasties Northern China Invasions 16 Kingdoms under 5 nations Handled trade Southern China Held refugees Nanjing Six Dynasties Rise of Manors amp decline in trade Three Kingdoms 220280 0 History recounted in Romance of the Three kingdoms novel of the 16th century CaoCao vs Liu Bei Guan Yu now Guan Di Northern China Northern Wei Dynasty 386534 0 316589 barbarians in the North 0 Exposure to Chinese civilization 0 Reliance on Chinese for government amp taxann o 493 to Luoyang wards o 486 equal eld system in devastated areas Tax labor military 0 Chinese rank system local recommendation 0 Features of Northern Wei 0 Family system retrenched aristocratic amp military families 0 Northwest as source of military power 0 Buddhism under state control to confer legitimacy Silk Road Mahayana salvation Buddhism Fa Xian 399414 to central Asia and India Southern China 0 Features of Southern China 0 Hereditary aristocracy undermine government 0 Emigrating families from north Lack of military Lack of control over military 0 Population expands south to Yangzi River Manors 2 c CE rise seedlingslabor from north 0 Religion Breakup of Monopoly of Thought Sui and Tang Buddhism introduced c 100 CE through immigrant merchant community Daoism Immortality Worldly beliefs Buddhism and Daoism for societ s dropouts o Sui Dynasty 589618 BCE Characteristics Northern Chou Dynasty mixed Ch And Bar Two Emperors 0000 0 Great Wall Chang39an Luoyang as capital Control over central asia CanaB Yellow Yangtze as economic amp cutura base manure Of cial granaries Administratin Codebasis built after Tang Loca eite eliminatedcentralized Loca of cials no longer to appoint subordinate now the government does Rule of avoidance person can39t serve in his own home district or in the same place for 3 years Recruiting by examination Fall of Suri Reverses in Korea Expense of projects Peasant insurrections


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