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Week 8 notes; BZ 310 Cell Biology

by: shivani upadhyayula

Week 8 notes; BZ 310 Cell Biology BZ 310

Marketplace > Colorado State University > Biology > BZ 310 > Week 8 notes BZ 310 Cell Biology
shivani upadhyayula
GPA 3.32
Cell Biology
Mark A Brown

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About this Document

Cell Biology
Mark A Brown
Class Notes
csu, colostate, mark brown, melissa edwards, Cell Biology, bz 310
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by shivani upadhyayula on Friday October 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BZ 310 at Colorado State University taught by Mark A Brown in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Cell Biology in Biology at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 10/16/15
enetics Intro PQEQQmMSe can m ik engrando DIOR Sher regsw if DNA d d ham 139 36ij a a zmng39 rm 0 ghrz39mi Km 11 n4 fiGEMi chromum er 8 gasket nucicmms Exam 1 chm iosc 39re m an exi m ed orm 9 uondemad mum of Ch romwnww 17 Ez39mw shalom dznfmmsame L Tmfux mom mg W B lal ed l 3m P he C i ate insmm a harm Ln m3 daze weed S de 81 mspong gie lbr low Wblew 039th gun lee controlled 50mm mlomacmn d Sm d 39 exmp h39 a 1 a H Dog expressed mg mergosgh u 539 r by aberrant expression of Smyd I nf cardiomydcyte determined disngptinn Smyd expression results 39 H quot 1 Reduction of 39 2 Absence of right ventricle 4 quot 3 Reduced ventricular trabeeulation 3 Enlarged heart ea 2 Bred 39bf Cazdicimjoajle J mn q m 2 SWIde i BOM mm as A em old to help dmil opr en39r d onrsumr D m ewmbry mung MorPhb gene S I 9 Ham C Zobox Senna ka28 is highly expressed only during development coerce Silencing of N kx28 is accomplished in part by members of the Polyeomb group of proteins PeG where methylation of histone 3 at lysine 27 induces the formation of repressive hetero chromatin Normal Cell When over expressed Singd binds ina ro riately to Its ta e1 genessnch as KILLS outenn lpeting the 7 39 39 39 0 motel j Repressive modifications such as H3 39 l may be altered to H3hi41 resulting in gene activation and ultimately tumorigenesis 39Lndu C12 3 L Q39hou IA 1 Iw Cancer Cell f ml be prech Zn adult 7 3 7 L Wexmgslofn SD Smyd fn amigo quottime J pLQeQ Chapter 10 i atore game and the eoome ale Fill he n o needed quotCFQF CL Q jlg species Genes amp Inheritance 39 Mendelian Genetics 1860s Pea plant model 39 Morgans mutants lr nBl EJ 3 D Fruit fly model mm anew mechanism for variation Alleles alternate forms of the same gene Linkage Groups packages of genes on a chromosome nggnm malt fo atoms gnaw Mnmy w mewm mei l 3 z gene 1 Jquot 5763 3mm r it mosvm Linkage group L a 3 A so DF genes 31leme 5 r r loci on the same gene that Lh Q Q POU P except For Crossing over tend 7 r to be in hET39rth toEet her Unlinked genes are genes located on dme chromosomes Patewlgomfpg V For their color Maternal gen For hair color w nastwo isles S rEWI39IQQi lies and w wwg en vs es baslms e mvgeas smmmwgmbw bt39 lhlwih bu lee Erasewmamya 12 We Imam al a pail f 723 2 gang ere a ele m m lam l im gwmmm f 5 3 Cross Aa x A3 A QMQ quota a mm s ilkwhat f3 mam A Nrwliiesdtm aKHew Wham W 39 r 7 l r r h arequot ammogethm g 1 quot Elsi 1 99 lie3 Who M v t a a Aa aa 5m g pateng Endsujdmts L5 when aging3 8n close melmlhj The probame qnhquahm a Q group amp st05 Can 1 Two are tinned Am B I mixed with 1H b s reman mm Your CHVOWSOME Case 2 Two me 1mm 7 Wanting in F2 Gem diam Since is winked 65 was the same avenge Matte Eength legmss 0 marks Cmash3 Om bean i5 i w w QFDHP Z Genetic RecombinationCrossmg Over Homotogoqs chronmsome 011 Ronni ibeiore nvaosisi 39 Unexpected combinations of genetic traits i Replication and Explains difference in linkage groups Pan3mg ate iesmi39l tcnmzygcus Generates lots of variation Pmsonate The Structure Of DNA S yomwmm Nucleos oe f mmdenosmei backbone S39end Sugar Mim kg39c x39 Mam groove 1 arwvea zia gzx 139 i r mF39Cn I 1 39quot393939 a 3 end W w h E 93 Hquot bottom one to ba acceso le Understanding DNA Watson amp Crick 39 Base Pairs Two strands of nucleotides arranged antiparallel 359131 sglgiinme G ThynfllrrEmljgfylgs eR mcg and form a ri ht hand helix air The sugarphosphate backbone is pushed outward and the bases inward P3 rimrdi n Mane A pyrimidine is always paired with a purine Complementary sequences ca f WW Nucleotides on a single strand are covalently linked 39 The two strands are held together Specific sizing spacing and turns results in major by hydrogen and minor grooves f z i bonds between Key for DNA binding proteins 1 base pairs Meyer 2 ma a 5me L9 help 3n titan dfrg DN PI nal legs 7 He g bm uni39 Q fnatrueHows Functions of NA 4 Nucfeu s 39 Tjeasiar 7 actor Encode inheritabie traits N H L Tmite m Pang dowh t 4quot 86in eazyme Junitesphot ase g 39 Gene Ear I tg iagen Direct it s own duplication 1 needed cm ujgiom Coxntain information that directs assembly of proteins 7 mevImle being swmesnzea mg SQH HQ 4 8 Pe fCDt ch DNA Supercoiling 1 t lamlt1 Luca Iranum regjut it 7 g m Fl a 7 n Rt K 32m f x a 7 2 39 if 43quotquot 42 X i a x a at H r a W 5 3 I 399 39 J 39 V f s 5 int i mavde T a w 34 z 9 V quot4 2 r r 5 per ml 3 quotquot 32 7 Superconled x 2 0 1 r N i M Q A f xi 3 i 271 y 655 521 I n C I h I 394 i r s 39239 0 C 2 f 7 Va uh 4 quot J T xv y fr 1 121 9 1 4 quot 2 23 63923 i quot 3722quot Y neg quotix5636 quot u 1 i N hmI u m39ulnrll n t DNA with Iwn Tow1 rind US 39a MILh wnh m intAll magnum qu m ils m ulnar 39 r quot Ham nl39thr and e sums of mi MIR tat 17 ml a Iiiail autumnJ nrewen rum hSai Kl pull4 mbhu 39 im rm 3919 hr W nick unwind r3593 gt Linear topatsomerase nick Ewmd resear L9 gha pa Empatal s can W95 Btu ah Q5121 3n electrophOFE Sti 39 Tqugommoa 7 Q 39 i t 7 g mimng L Qegmngibie br mucking 3 3 r r 39 l v aforth dzfgml Smmrh k Gr mplnzphom 2 erhSQ gl lt3 n O COWlsumrlom in Delta 1 7 l He bandg bet ween M Q To olsomerase p a Denaturatlon amp Renaturatlon r Relaxec the gopehm a 39 lepe l Nicks one strand of DNA allows controlled rotation of the complementary strand relaxes supercoil Essential in DNA repllcatlon and transcriptlon Prevents excessive supercoillng 9 m pg speclel A r a A F lab cbmrnon Cir ppp MP IQQW iii Eg 39 i39f ffls I121 A quot quot a 3930 Type II Nicks both strands of DNA a segment of DNA goes through the break a N s 7 1 1 3 739 39 7quot 5 339 5 3quot 539 3 5 can supercml or Elax DNA tleuntle DNA Native state Singleestranded denatured state Renatored state knots Essential to detangle DNA before mitotic a dlupllcatlon L9 Hquot SIPuQJ u C a dancile L knot fn 3mg 7 acres 10 005 Pseudogenes Jumping Genes ahgposmg 39 Transposition Genetic rearrangement of if 39 Nonfunctional mobile genetic elements transposable homologous sequences 5 P046 elements 39 May be transcribed into i W a RNA may have i f Don rmm 35555 H RecioientDNA oio enZDNA with transposon 7 regulatory roles g i Q Q lmnecau bed Pmtexm Q 39 r r 7 Q 97 Q moor DNA after loss of l n transposon and reioiningoiends a quots mm arugula toot lmspoamns goth mowe Q Change 3 r p L leak q leak n duneme War 932th 304W 39 b C9 coede Endo a gamma at a mmcm Significance of Transposition Genetic Variation 39 Form new composite genes 7k Polymorphisms sites in the genome that differ among individuals 39 Evolutionary conservation Single nucleotide differences SNPs Single nucleotide polymorphisms Give rise to new genes Thought to occur by mutation and shared lay common decent Grange 3n or 333445 mueleetide Charge gain a genome Change En nucleotide L We t8 P25 d Poljmor phinmg Structural Polymorphisms FWquot 1quot rrrrr 7 H V c G Gene duelication leaes t0 cosy number eolymomhismi it lt3 I Deietior i SEFEC Glenna Theat f Discussion Questions How does a linkage group relate to a chromosome 39 Why are DNA strands the vital genetic encoding material only held together with hydrogen bonds Dimm ijc access How would the states of DNA supercoiled relaxed nicked impact its migration in a gel during electrophoresis Bogart a 8ean c1 mule gene L Dei ignltierh L Q themete Qxarqo39eg CWQQQlgt quot Thij anfa hm Mm omt O31 majf a bb39n 12 Mr Q defecb39u Sena W Qtn mW 0 graham deDQJW39 Rigghh WWEQMLM kapopt n l REJ DF an EDQJQ 5 W4 dQ J QJDPed L fat a En embrggaqw Canw gt Cgm anh a v Gk The P sac mph 91 l 7 Can 9n alk CUP IDme fryerr72 ea QI Cerrra Wf j Q M L Qnrmhkd a small 4 an JUN 073 8 of WQPnOdJ n f E V39vc L eurolcgam any IhmPhg C X l Reptacg Bane MFQFiQr P quot399 8n ve 3 b mHm a waf e t n 79 V W 9 77590quot uff n gigQ Retro rm 5 my 2 daljpn ex cad 9 CD 4 inkaEv39w I ghanwz 39 BthD ngw 3 WI E I Q nf 37 r L Emnedlb a Qpr39E39S S39GV x 69 Swamg 9W domb ed ammu o Dg mencjj air QQID mm WM a med 3 UC C 41g L 1Q Hm 2 P 8 Tumor guppr emar L 3mg CQWCQJ39I 0 r 3 r European L9nmon 2 Rquq haw eomme tuql ThQJLQPQuHQg 7 Ra ghorel 39 a 1 A a 3 35m Wm f 39Jgto mamp4ieloaq A Tmnsc pHorh D Tmhsllg Honx quot dfvedwt 3150 Duns rcgtef m e gt P Cf fcn Elam fnfo rmly1 he catalysed b5 Km eggmgagga n pr omwdfo 2quot wrm oW 39 94 nfhagiled 7 En i 0 L P95bndo PNH 39mmakc a ftmh9cscp him w quot3 2 11 5132 ifF390 aqueous 3n 39 I r I mow v e 539 quot39ehd f Rust gala a99b09r mp39e SWIM f I gt39 339 bnoFi 7 39 f g l quot 39 amp w 54 DI 1 Based maquot RI0FJ Pow b de m 5109 breakf g f d Hba39nda 62e39ffan33quot39og Dwa u P39 q T L5 7 allows can quotEr anycdptia n a L 39Ir a h w M 395 7 7 7 7 W b if o 1 g d3nam Qhf Stih 93p hade Mm ire if l J e 9h onpmke 39 gtFbPhop h fgb 2995 mtmg f 7 Pg whocpmtg 3w wgm yved 9 L9 Hun U k mw awd f unorq r RIOH3939LmnampcrlPhW 1WM39 b equot q Ely 4 we RN39 g E 39 L97 CD Iba Emulkemecwmgj Q 0 a J6 39 r39 777 IOrxpmgcthJ r71 7 N n 77quot quotV d 7quot 7 V r if r L9 3Dmmssuo Com gmwb undwlxadeJar f 39 39 Emma 10mg PWGM Hme ig quot lquot r5 quot u 9 Baalafall39mngan ph39m C Pr okq39nqo i WV 77 r quot741 r N W 7 I 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