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Week 8 Notes

by: Marissa Reyes-Hernandez

Week 8 Notes Chem 1407

Marissa Reyes-Hernandez
Introduction to Chemistry
Dr. Andrew Pardo

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About this Document

Week 8 lecture and notes from our chemistry class, I hope you find these helpful!!!
Introduction to Chemistry
Dr. Andrew Pardo
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marissa Reyes-Hernandez on Friday October 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Chem 1407 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Dr. Andrew Pardo in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Chemistry in Chemistry at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 10/16/15
n m o m X m erQWi OS a hmo i ions quot penduu Os mw be Q U M o w QMQoL quotWop 6amp9 QQQ9L W VIIm I nun m 451 HM us whal a ubo mrlMB MC4 Cm adrlmp and U half bubgtaan 3 am q LD Web 330 1 a C 30 Mar W w W i 9ng LgLI Tbquot l a Lm anA J deaza 7 F gt0i0 commons Nair gas Comman 9GB JR SitL I 7 meM EX I a a H 0 T h m w 3 U329 5 9 m mm U 0393 5 3 m 3 QMSMWY M H mm Z 5 30 O xm aminch quot313 W 39quot D39ngryl 0C E0900 e yquot Maw 14 W 50 LmuH ip bj 3 23 3 ngYLCJ n ngogw m we as WM may quot t M WW 397 Lb Iquot 2 quot MOZ 9 newnonsm W Mquot Pd 95mm 1cm 5 2m Pot c1013 M3 Ct c9593 I U93Cp043 JrDML 2 N 0mm 03 3 302 69 55M am A M69 3 4522 gm Osianb QWGD WWW quotquot 39 P04 MW X 2 Z W M9 5 3 I a C m 210 234 1 7 0 11901 3M9th 2 mac 0993 mg j EX 2amp2 O 5 W PbUOOg2 WQCI w PbCIZ Z 0a 1103 V M03 quotWquot a Mq I a M J 2 W 7 C 2 H a 1 Pbcvoosyj 20am a 9M1 rkiwqwog 20 all I a 0 a Shadows n Chm10f Caf m whom a Ccom 500469 094 Composth 00 nepJ Egbk rural Combw m U Ebmbna oh 39 A 6 9 A6 b ohcompoan39on M5 a A 13 C Mmfca negation daze ht Ca 0Y3 5i 2 asz A BC AILr25 31 double ap 1 10 A04 68 9 Combob o combiu readamqi prooluo39 Q3 Kamp 0r RIG Cilia15 H 39 Uic ons an 4rangt1c ud Isob qm 7 0mm LC obbmnu rod 11cher mmKhx bbboianu mm r mn AUW a 20ng PfDoioUc aw Von Ubi D PM a E2c mrb n OKicQa on mam 000501 OSv9 gudmnu OY ICQO EOYW 900MB Mic4mm b McMahon Oxidation and Reduction Formation of CaS In the reaction The reactant Ca has a charge of 0 and the product CAS contains a Ca2 ion Calcium loses two electrons meaning oxidation has taken place The reactant S has a charge of0 and the product CAS contains an S2 ion Sulfur gains two electrons meaning reduction has taken place Oxidation Reduction in Biological Systems In biological systems oxidation may involve the loss of H or The gain of O In biological systems reduction may involve the gain of H or The loss of 0 Counting Units Counting terms are used to describe specific quantities 1 dozen donuts 12 donuts 1 ream of paper 500 sheets 1 case 24 cans A Mole of Atoms A mole is a counting unit that contains The same number of particles as there are carbon atoms in 120 g of carbon 12C 602 x 1023 atoms of an element Avogadro s number A Mole of Sulfur 1 mole of sulfur contains Avogadro s number of atoms A Mole of a Compound A mole Of a covalent compound has Avogadro s number of molecules Of an ionic compound contains Avogadro s number of formula units Moles of Elements in a Formula The subscripts in a formula give the relationship of atoms in the formula and The moles of each element in 1 mole of a compound


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