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by: Mikaela Maldonado

FW104Week8.pdf FW 104

Mikaela Maldonado
GPA 4.0
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (GT-SC2)
Nicole K M Vieira; Ann L Randall ; Tyler Ryde Swarr

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About this Document

These notes include spoken materials and power points from the week of class.
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (GT-SC2)
Nicole K M Vieira; Ann L Randall ; Tyler Ryde Swarr
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mikaela Maldonado on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FW 104 at Colorado State University taught by Nicole K M Vieira; Ann L Randall ; Tyler Ryde Swarr in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (GT-SC2) in Animal Science and Zoology at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 10/17/15
339 Bull Shark life history assignment 339 Wildlife Techniques gt Marking animals I Permanent semipermanent tags collars some radio telemetry collars tattoos bands toe clipping PIT tags Bird banding Small tag in ear O Try to make the same color PIT tag O Passive integrated transponder gt Think a microchip like in dogs I Nonpermanent Dyes hair clipping toenail clipping drop off collars I Low tech tracking Mark and recapture of individuals O Small mammal trapping on a grid O Recapture or harvest of a banded bird O Allow tracking of movement I High tech radio telemetry Collars backpacks O Hiking with reception GPS collars O Allow location frequencies all the time Q Physiological information from the animal as well Doppler Radar non invasive O look at population size as a whole O not for individual based study CLICKER QUESTION GPS collars can be used to A Track movements of individual animals B Monitor heart rates C Monitor body temps D All of the above 0 v Fisheries gt An exploited population of aquatic animals I Notjust fish gt Broader view I Aquatic biota interacting with the environment gt Three interacting components I Biota Aquatic plants amp animals I Habitat On land amp in water Humans Recreation amp commercial gt Important 29 billion people rely solely on fish for protein 200 billion pounds per year jobs recreation other industries Aquaponics Aquarium Research gt The worlds largest fishery is the Peruvian Anchovies Anchoveta gt Goal of Fishery Management Gather information amp apply knowledge to Sustainable use O Commercial harvestuse O Recreational opportunity gt Fishing is one of the first activity children can do at a young age O Aquarium trade Conservation of biodiversity O Big picture so much unknown Human health O Mercury loads in fish O Over 1 part per million O Much of mercury poising comes from china and India air pollution gt Data collection Passive capture Gill nets Fish come to the trap Trap fyke nets O Calm water O Like a maze Long lines pot or catfish traps O Like tuna or mackerel O Careful about by catchsomething you don t want is caught Active capture Seining O Beach seine gt Likecorrallingfish O Purseseine gt Lake gt Commercial gt Weighted bottoms that are closed off gt Dolphins used as indicators as location for tunacausing much of dolphin by catches O Stream seines gt Go through a pool O Trawl gt Big and small gt Net behind a boat gt SSS gt lots of damage to ecosystems O electrofishing gt boat gt barge gt backpack ANG LING is what type of capture a ac ve b passive c both d nehher Passive methods for fish capture include a electrofishing b seining c gill net d all of the above Can body mass be used to age a fish false I Non capture Hydroacoustics O SONAR Creel survey O Ask anglers what they got Snorkelscuba Counting towers O Literal tower placed to count fish that cross a line gt What kind of measurements and data do we need to collect I Sicklids eat weird things like scaleseyebalsetc I Species I Age and sex I Length weight I Reproductive condition I Health and disease I Movement I Habitat use I Diet I Mortality recruitment I Scales can lead to information about scale ridges and length of fish gt Marking I Fin clipping I Tattoos I Floy tags I PIT tags I Otoliths gt Fish movement I PIT tags and reader station I TelemetryGPS gt The fishery Manager s Toolbox I Habitat I Hatcheries I Harvest I Human education Guest Speaker Fishing Northeastern Colorado gt Brown trout migrating to colder waters I Affecting other populations gt Lake trout is in the char family I Have to eat other fish to survive I Problems for coniine gt Brown trout I Spawning I About 600000 gt Rainbow trout I Bread and butter of Colorado I High catch rate I Grow fast gt Bigger streams I Laramie river I Brown trout 14 inches gt Green back cutthroat I State fish of CO I Past 15 years HUGE genetic controversy I threatened species on ESA gt High lakes I Stocked with cutthroats in an airplane I 95 survival I raised in hatchery gt Hanging Lake VVVV Lily lake Twin crater lakes Set a gill net for two hours Spinning mountain Issues of water loss in such lower lakes Fort Collins water is west slope water Introduced fish Artic grelining Came from Montana Mountain white fish trout Small mouth Insectivore Sockeye salmon True pacific salmon Return to where it is laid Catfish Not native to CO Missisippi and Arkansaw Spin fins No scales O All trout have scales Black bull head Native to CO Flat tail Spin in tails Hybrid fish introduced Tiger musky O Muskalounge female and a northern pike male Big Creek Lake Opportunistic feeders Walli Yellow Perch Fast reproduction limits growth Small mouth bass Bright orange iris Hybrid stripe bass White bass with a striper Blue gill Teach kids to fish Native sun fish Orange spotted sun fish 4 inches long Green Sun fish Dark greens Problematic because they don t know what they want to eat I Black croppy Highly sought after in CO I Hybrid Vigor gt 2012 West of Fort Collins I burned down to Pourder River I huge slope that rain poured silt into the river surprisingly no harm on the fish I pH changes in water caused selective harm gt 2013 100 year flood I seriously damaged fish relative to 20009 Test questions gt Hybrid vigor I Generally don t reproduce or reproduce successfully I Less energy going to repro and more energy towards flesh Increased growth gt Wildfires are the primary reason why bighorn sheep populations in northern C0 are declining F gt Population size decreases by both deaths and immigration F gt T One of the common errors in wildlife management is failure to evaluate the results of the management action gt F Native Americans drove bison off cliffs to hunt them and made them go extinct as a result gt T Elephants are listed as vulnerable on the UNIC International Union for Conservation of Nature redlist F A bear is more r selected than a rabbit A Big game includes mountain lion and black bear in CO B Furbearers some are still abundant like the beaver others were trapped out like the wolverine E non protected species the mouse in your house C smallupland game squirrel or rabbit stew C Prehistoric Pleistoncene Overkill Hypothesis A Conservation game management Era Aldo Leopold s textbook and his major in uence B Preservation Era John Muir and establishment of National Park system A Active Gear sample a known space area of water over a known time and you take the gear to the fish gt B Passive Gear Gill net gt B Passive Gear hard to define what space area of water has been sampled and fish musts come to stationary gear gt E Which of the following may lead to density INDEPENDENT effects on bighorn sheep population I A wildfire in summer VVVV VVV VV I B Overcrowding of a habitat leading to limited food resources I C Avalancche in winter I D Passing diseases via sneezing during social interactions I EA and C D Which of these wildlife techniques are NONinvasive I A Putting on a GPS collar I B Net gunning I C gastric lavage I D Scat analysis I E leg banding small birds C is referred to as the quotconservation President I A Nixon I B Clinton I C T Roosevelt I D Truman I E Obama D Which of the following data would you NOT expected to collect from a captured animal I A Sex I B Age I C Reproductive condition I D Biotic potential I E All of the above E Which of the following is an example of density dependent population factor I A Lynx start taking more snowshoe hares in years that the hare population is high I B 20 of animals die during an above average winter snowfall I C A flood removes most of the brown trout population from a river I D A growing reindeer population on an island crashes when they over exploit their lichen food resource I E A and D D Which of following wildlife marking techniques is considered to be PERMANENT I A toe nail clipping I B shaving patterns into hair I C Hair dying I D PT tagging I E GPS collars that drop off over time A Which of the following characterizes species with K selected life histories I A low reproductive rates I B high reproductive rates I C poor competitors I D No parental care of young I E Shortlived B If you have 10000 mice living in a town and they produced 24000 babies a yaer what is the rateindividualmonth B 02


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